Friday, February 23, 2018

Simple Meals

One I like to make is a casserole….
You can use chopped up pork or chicken, or sausage.
Anyway in a bowl mix a package of frozen hash browns, one can of cream of chicken, half a bag of frozen corn, about 2 cups of sour cream and about 2 cups of shredded cheese. Add the spices you like, I use chives, salt n pepper and cavenders*.
Add the already cooked meat to the hash brown mix and stir it all together well. Spread in a 9×13 pan…
Prepare a box of stove top stuffing and then spread over the top of your casserole.
Bake at 350 for about 30-40 minutes.
It’s soooooo good! Super filling and totally fattening! Also great left over! I make it all the time, I prefer it with pork. If you use sausage then don’t add any salt :-)
*Cavenders is a spice blend. You can get it anywhere. It’s fantastic on fried potatoes or just about anything. It’s in a yellow container, look for it with the other spices at the store :-) I use it on everything! We also use a lot of garlic, Bella Loves garlic! :-)

Also a really easy,really yummy dip…
Two packages cream cheese
One pound of sausage
Two cans of rotel
Fry up the sausage and set aside
On low heat melt the cream cheese while stirring constantly.
Once it’s all melted add the rotel and sausage. It’s done! Serve with tortilla chips! We LOVE this dip around here!
Note: I buy the original rotel and it’s pretty spicy! If you’re brave then you can get mild or hot. But just a warning the original is defiantly spicy enough :-)
This dip is great for an easy fix for a get together. Enjoy :-)


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