Friday, February 23, 2018

Simple Meals

the other day i made the best squash casserole ever… i had 4 sortof elderly pieces of bread which i diced up… turned some mayonnaise and some grated sharp cheddar into that… poured over that some stewed squash and onions… stirred it and topped it with a whole pack of crushed saltine crackers and a little handful of grated cheddar..

THEN i remembered that i was gonna add egg… so i cracked 2 eggie right on top and whisked them under the topping … i ened up just whisking that under the topping in every direction and then folded the topping over and in a few times.. it was pretty much all mixed up and i didn’t top it again…

it was HEAVENLY… i was impressed with myself

also.. same week i made some chicken salad… canned chicken was on sale… i drained it and added to it one lemon yogurt and some dill and pepper…. (i’ve had it like that it’s wonderful) but this time i added a little spoonful of cream chz i had that needed using up and i matched that with one tblspn of mayo…. ate it on salad… with buttery crackers…. its so good..


sometimes i just layer a casserole dish with hamburger meat,smashed in there… then slice thin rings of potato over that… then rings of onion over the potato… butter salt and pepper on top and bake



can’t beat chicken in a crock pot either add cream of mushroom soup and nuthing but it’s own juices… over rice… YUM



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