Monday, December 18, 2017

Housewifery Schedules

I by no means have things down pat, and my home is nowhere near perfect, but this is how I manage.  Getting up early is helpful when possible (I have trouble with this in the dark months of the year, much easier in Spring and Summer for me), so that I can have a bit of time to wake up and gather myself first of all, and then get things set up and moving before the children are up.  This way when they are up I am ready to get moving with our routine and they don’t start getting into playing while I’m “getting it together” which then will make it difficult to pull them away and get into school mode.

Anyway, I like to start with morning chores, and get the kids involved with certain things assigned to them within their ability.  It’s good for them to have good habits established and it also helps the household.   With some basic and needed chores accomplished, I can now fix my mind on school without moving all about the house.  The boys need my presence to keep them on track and make sure learning is moving along so that it doesn’t end up taking all day.

We do our learning together at the dining table until lunch time.  I will cook while they finish up the current assignment or go play if they are finished.  After lunch is eaten and cleaned up after, we will finish up any learning that is still left, or if they are done they are rewarded with free play time.

I have the boys tidy up the living room before daddy gets home, and I am doing the same in the kitchen while cooking dinner.  Before relaxing in the evening, there is a 10 minute tidy in which all need to pitch in.   This way we can enjoy some quiet time and have a smooth  morning.

Another thing I do is avoid the phone during the day.  I have a hard time to get off once I accept a friendly call.  Actually I pretty much avoid the phone all around, but there is this one friend that calls often and I do talk with her pretty often, because, well, she does most of the talking.  LOL  I end up on way too long so I just avoid answering in the early part of the day so that it is not an issue.




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