Monday, December 18, 2017

New Grow Light

I have a grow light as of yesterday :-) . I have some trays and 8 packs from clearance sales a coupld of years ago, and I have some purchased seed starting mix and potting soil. I’m ready to roll.

If I had not bought these things on clearance (the trays and 8-packs) I would not buy them. They can be pretty costly.

You know already that you can start seedlings in egg cartons. I don’t really like to do that because they are so shallow. You can start seedlings in egg shells. Just crack them close to the top so most of the shell is intact. Rinse well. Poke a drainage hole in the other end. Fill with planting medium, plant your seed, and when it’s ready to transplant, the shell can easily be broken away.

If you do buy yogurt in single serve cups, there is a very cool way to use them as seedling starters. Keep the lid. Take a sharp knife and cut away the very bottom of the container. Put the lid on. The lid end now is the bottom of the container. Plant it, and when read to transplant, take off the lid. The whole thing will slide out into your hand, ready to put in the ground.

You can make seed pots w/brown paper bags or newspaper. Cut a rectangle, or several thicknesses of the rectangle if using newsprint (because it’s so thin it will not hold up to watering if using a single thickness) as tall as you want your pot to be PLUS enough to fold under at the bottom — like a penny roll. Tape the side and the bottom. Set in a container to help them stand upright, and plant. When it’s time to transplant, rip them open on the bottom and plant the pot.

If you buy soft drinks or water out, save the cups and cut them down to the size of the pots you want. Cut a draining hole in the bottom. You can do this with water bottles or coke bottles, as well.

Always watch for bargains at the end of the greenhouse season — usually mid- to late-June. I’ve gotten the huge bales of peat moss for as little as $2 a bale. Also, look for planting things at garage sales, though you will need to sterilize used things. Pour boiling water or bleach water over them — carefully so it doesn’t splash up and ruin your clothes. That kind of cancels out the savings from the pots :-)

Look on ebay for wholesale seed lots. I’ve gotten some amazingly cheap lettuce, mesclun, and basil seeds that way. Smaller growers can’t afford to create and send catalogs or do a lot of advertising, so ebay is a good way for them to go.

That’s my gardening bit for the day :-) I’ll let you know how my grow light works.



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