January 19, 2018 | This is the day we sweep the floor, so early on Friday morning.

Virtuous Sisters

Our group was formed to discuss the writings of Connie Hultquist. Members support and encourage one another as we endeavor to live in Godly submission to our husbands and Jesus Christ. We chat, share recipes and homemaking ideas, celebrate with those who are celebrating and mourn with those who sorrow. Because of the intimacy of the group, we sometimes share sensitive information of the "What we say here stays here" variety, so membership is kept to a small number and is by invitation only.

Sometimes our conversations are just too good to keep to ourselves and we find ways to share them freely with others.

Virtuous Voices

Some of our discussions are posted in the Virtuous Voices blog. Navigate posts by categories, such as "Homemaking" and "Gardening," or topics — autumn, winter, video, etc. If you find that one particular author is a favorite, find her name on the sidebar and click the link to see a page listing all her posts.

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Housewifery Planet

Several members of Virtuous Sisters have their own blogs around the web. Happy Housewifery gathers their blogs' RSS feeds and displays them all in one central location.

Visit Housewifery Planet to scroll through the latest headlines and see what everybody's been up to.

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A collaborative effort by group members, compiled and edited by Jen, each issue contains favorite writings by Connie, as well as recipes and a collection of different writings from the members of Virtuous Sisters.

Our newsletters are available for download in PDF format. Please feel free to print off copies and share them with your friends.

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We hope you are as blessed by what we offer here as we are in the offering. Enjoy your stay and come back to see us real soon.

About Happy Housewifery

Happy Housewifery teaches wives and mothers how to make Godly homes and encourages them to love their husbands and children in trying and difficult circumstances.

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Help & Support

Connie's Virtuous Sisters group is intended to draw in the hidden woman that is hurting and full of sorrow.

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Get in touch

If you have questions or concerns and would like to reach Connie, you can send her an email using our contact form.

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