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A Beautiful- Clean- House in Just 30 Days

Sunday Tea-Time

The biggest hindrance to cleaning is clutter and owning too much stuff. Many of us have too many clothes, movies, CDs, paperwork, books, etc. Once and for all, we can be rid of all the excess! Here is the plan:

In 30 days (they do not have to be consecutive), we will attack one item a day. It should take no longer than 2 hours each.

All you have to do is print this out and put it into your binder, or tape it to the fridge. Attack one item at a time. Then cross it off the list. If you are feeling energetic and have a free day, do a hard job. If you are ill and have too many errands, then choose an easy job.

I realize this won't be easy. But I will be doing it right along with you. I remember how I used to clean my bedroom as a teenager. Every so often, I would put everything in the hall (with the exception of my furniture), and sort and clean and sweep. Then I would put things back. It was neat and tidy. I have always been able to do this with my own things... that is, until I had a large family, and started homeschooling, helping with home-businesses, etc. Things just tend to pile up. No one has the energy to sort, or toss things anymore. Then it gets to be overwhelming. There is always one way to tell if you have too much stuff - it takes you longer and longer to clean your house!

Before we get started - just remember this - My house is very, very old. It is in need of major repairs. The rooms need to be painted, and our furniture is very humble. (smiles). The point is not to have a perfect, new house, but a clean and tidy house. 

Are you ready? Here is the list:

1. Go through the filing cabinet and toss everything you no longer need. (Generally, anything 3 years or older)

2. Sort all movies, DVDs and videos. (Toss, Give Away or Put Away)

3. Organize kitchen cabinets and drawers - throw out duplicates or things no longer needed.

4. Sort through your own clothes. (Toss, Give Away or Put Away).

5. Have all your children sort their clothes. Supervise this.

6. Sort your husband's clothes (with his permission, of course.)

7. Mend Tears and Rips in blankets, pillows and sheets.

8. Wash (or air out) all curtains, iron and hang them back up. (Start early in the morning.)

9. Sort books. (Toss, Give Away or Put Away).

10. Clean out your closet.

11. Have your children clean out their closets. (Supervise).

12. Vacuum or sweep the entire house, including baseboards.

13. Wash all floors.

14. Dust all light fixtures, clean doorknobs and light switches.

15. Clean your front entryway - inside and outside.

16. Wash the inside and outside of your oven, toaster, and microwave.

17. Wash the inside and outside of your refrigerator.

18. Scrub and polish sinks and bathtubs.

19. Clean out all junk drawers.

20. Sort all your mail, catalogs, magazines, and papers. Then set up a new system to keep it under control.

21. Scrub kitchen counters, clean the walls and cabinets.

22. Wash all windows, mirrors, and picture frames.

23. Dust and polish all the furniture. (Include chair and table legs)

24. Organize your desk, computer area and bookcases.

25. Clean off your bureau, and end-tables.

26. Supervise and help the entire family clean out the garage or storage room.

27. Wash and air out all bedding. (If you are not already doing this weekly.)

28. Make sure all shoes and coats are properly hung up or put away.

29. Clean the inside and outside area of your back door.

30.  Dust walls and window blinds.  Remove cobwebs.

Continue with this list each month to keep your house orderly and clean.


PS - Amy (15) wanted me to add something to the list. She said we should remove tape from the ceiling. (She tapes crepe paper to the ceiling at every celebration and birthday). But I told her that I didn't think anyone else did this, so it wouldn't need to be on the list. (smiles)

Mrs. White

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