Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lola, My Inner French Girl

A re-post from March 2014:

In recent months, I have been devouring books on the secrets of French women, their life and style. I have become a Francophile

Why am I so fascinated by French women? They are, oh so, chic! 
Lola practices extreme self-care and does not feel guilty about it. She believe in dressing well and looking her best at all times. She guards her time and is not afraid to say, "Non!"

Lola has small wardrobe, preferring quality over quantity, and always looks stylish. 

Lola wears minimal makeup, preferring the au naturel look, because she focuses on excellent skin care.

Lola does not diet. She enjoys rich foods eaten in moderation. She eats a variety of foods, usually fresh, sitting down at a proper table and relishing every bite. 

Lola prefers walking and gentle exercise that she can incorporate into her daily life rather than furiously sweating and working out in a gym.

Lola's home is clutter-free and well-kept. She believes in simplicity so she can live well in all areas.

Lola is not fearful of aging, unlike our youth-obsessed culture here in America. Older women are considered beautiful, sensuous and are respected.

Lola does not worry over trivial things or what others think of her. She is confident, sassy, yet refined. 

Lola practices joi de vivre - a delight in being alive, keen, carefree enjoyment of living!

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