Saturday, February 24, 2018

Happy Days with Mister

Part of Mrs. White's front property in Vermont

Mister has spent the last few days working on our 2 acre property. He uses a "push mower" and did some of the gardening. He painted our picnic table, painted the wood posts that are around some of our little flower gardens, and made the yard look pretty.

While he has been outside, I have been indoors caring for the home.  I wash dishes, sweep floors, scrub sinks, prepare and serve meals, do laundry, hang clothes to dry, and take care of the family - especially the two grandbabies.  Mostly, I sing "Amazing Grace," and "Bringing in the Sheaves" while I work. And I hear the chirping of birds through the open windows.

This past year, I have had to be away from home.  He has missed me, and all the things I do here to make this place a home.  I have spent much of my time at hospitals and taking care of the great grandparents.  My absence has been greatly felt.  It looks like I will have to be away from this estate again sometime soon, when another new grandbaby is expected.  Hospitals and sick rooms keep calling me away.

This evening Mister said, "You have a beautiful yard, my dear."  He tells me he does all the work to make me happy.  I respond, "You have a beautiful house."  We both smile.  We are both weary from the day's chores.  We know we both work very hard here, for the family. It makes us both happy.

The other day, Mister said something special that has greatly amused me.  I was having difficulty with one of the faucets in this old 1800's house.  He keeps having to fix it for me.  This time, I asked him to please just go to the hardware store and replace it all.  He reached over to the faucet and fixed it in his own Yankee way, and said sweetly, "This is the way I live. . . You will have to learn to live this way too."  And I have been smiling ever since.  Because do you know what?  We live a charming, old fashioned life. And I love it.

Mrs. White

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