Sunday, December 17, 2017


PT 3 Wise Woman builds her House

I have had such a hard time writing for these past months..i want to write
but nothing comes to me..i want the anointing ..need that Holy Spirit
anointing..But it seems a cold wind blows on my writing..A wind that blows
so hard..Its like i feel peppered by rocks depression and fear..Wud i
want to write about this..well not hardly..But it seems Jim and i bounced
off of each other. But now there is no Jim to bounce off from..i have
wondered “What now Lord..what am i to do.”? i keep trying to accept the
fact that Jim is gone..and i try to forget him..But Jim is not forgetable
…Oh Mercy will this Love Story NEVER end?? well it never has ended and
probably never will.. And yet i cant just sit here and wait to go to
Heaven..i stopped just now to read my Bible..i think the Lord is saying
that Jim was far far more to me then just a husband..He and i some how
represented a new order or a new way of life..We represent a Godly
home,,,We have seen the Dr Dobsons message..and thank God for it but what
does it have to do with now? Our world has changed alot since Billy Graham
preached the Gospel..Oh yes i love Bill Graham… and his wifes writings
were some of my favorites.. But it seems there is a new world order
coming…And we Christians will have to begin a new life..At this point we
have to go back, to the land..We have become like John the Baptist..We cry
out to God in the wilderness.. And God calls back to us..And we get our
message from God alone..i think its like we will get our message by special
revelation.. In other words the Lord will speak to our hearts..more and
give us what we need from His hand.. There will be roots ..deep roots that
will teach us..i feel like Dixie was a root..She stayed on her farm and she
listened to the Holy Spirit..And yrs ago i had a vision ..The Lord spoke to
my heart that i was a writer..And i saw myself go over to Dixies
garden..And i laid upon it and the Lord filled me with the Words to
write..The Lord showed me to cry after WISDOM.. Every wise woman builds her
house but the foolish woman tears it down with her hands..Prov 14;1..

Pt 3 A Mountain Mother by Connie in 2002

Rubie is powerful as she lives out of the inner court.. She has fasted this world and their opinions ..she has done this by willingly taking on submittion to her husband.. She has walked willingly over to the cart and has hitched her own self up and has put blinders on her own eyes..This is true submittion ..Walking in a worldy fear of your husband is not …of God..Infact its dangerous to walk in any kind of fear..True submittion is for a woman to willingly decide to follow God and His word..She casts down her own flesh and bridles it herself..She is a woman of integrity..and strength and virtue.. She lets go of this world and submits to her husband ..and then the gifts of the spirit begin to flow like a river..She then has the freedom to cook and sew and bake her own bread…She becomes joyous in her homemaking..The gifts of inventions begin to flow..if her money has offended her then she casts it out.. if money has stopped her from flowing in her baking then she casts it out.. Maybe housewives you could tell your husbands that you want less money for groceries.. If money gets in your way and makes you too lazy to make your own bread then cast it out..The mothers of the old times were happy because they had work to do and the family depended on them ..Maybe we as mothers today need to create our own lack…We hear so much about fasting and not eating ..And yet we are so gutted with material things .so much more wicked than food… We need to fast the material things and the things of this world.and worldly opinions ..We are drowning in sea of food and money and “things”.We need to cast down this cloud over our heads of the many voices of this world..And turn to the wisdom of God…ConnieJ says often in her writings that she can hear her mothers voice so strongly at times..and her mothers voice condemns her and leaves her feeling helpless and forsaken..Well i know how she feels as i have faced this torment too as a young mom..Many of us have with the inflow of the feminist spirit.. This voice just cuts us to the quick .It is Jezabels voice…And yet the Lord tells us to listen to wisdoms voice in His word in Proverbs..But we think Well doesnt that prove i am nuts if i go around seeing an old fashioned lady who instructs me as a helper to God.?.Jezabel makes fun of us and we think nothing of it? But God sends us wisdom as the virtuous woman and we cast her out? Do we think we are in deception when we see in our minds eye Jezabel? I mean she trys to just come in and live at our house..and we let
her..But when wisdom comes we wonder about that and think it is strange..Jezabel is the strange woman ,,not wisdom….We have learned to accept the person of jezabel…We get so worried about looking ok to the world in all that we do..We worry about our reputation and are we a good testimony to others..Well Jesus never was a good testimony to the people who didnt love God.. Solomon ask God for wisdom and God gave it to him..Ya know why ? Because he wanted it above his reputation? And above the life of his enemies..He refused to hold unforgiveness in his heart ..he gave it up in order to receive wisdom..And he could care less what folks thought of him…And he became a great man because of wisdom..he built his temple with wisdom..and this is how we are to build our homes ..” with wisdom” With wisdom a house is built ..In the end Solomon became very rich materially..But he didnt put riches first..Wisdom came first..Love ConnieH

pt 1 Pistol Packin of the 1940s

Dear Mothers, Good Morning.. i have been listening to the 1940 Songs on the internet..”Pistol Packin Mama” by Jimmie Rogers..Lately i feel so much that times are changeing..How many times when Jim and i were apart did i think about the Depression era Mothers of the 1930s..? i read anything i cud find on  them.. The writings and recipes gave me courage ..i figured if they cud do it i cud do it too..And of course even tho i was poor i sure had more then the Depression era Mothers had..They had a drout that lasted for 3 yrs..The only gardens that survived were the ones planted by a river or some other supply of water..It seems thru the yrs the Lord has given me alot of knowlege as to how to make it during Hard Times..But then my own   personal  Hard Times have held me back.. But ya know Mothers  my deepest desire is to be JUST AS RADICAL in the next 10 yrs as i was when i was young… i think more then ever Mothers at home..we need to be listening to the Holy Spirit within us..Yesterday i had to have some Blood tests done..But i just had one done as the co pay was so high..Wudnt  ya think Medicare wud pay for it..? More and more with this medical stuff i can see we are all on our own.. We better have faith in God..And anything that comes between us and God we had better give it up..These dopey women on tv livin with this guy and that one? It warps your mind to do that stuff..To live a holy life is the way to prosperity..Wisdom is the stability of the times…Study Wisdom in Proverbs and in other parts of the Bible.

pt 1 Give Wisdom a Place

To the the Keepers at Home…Get Wisdom and keep it..ponder it in your heart..Value it as a Hidden Treasure…And She will abide with you…She is very near to you all the time….Dont allow your spirit to fly all over ..retain it..Your spirit is not supposed to be erratic..You need the meek and quiet Spirit..Grave and temperate..We shud have thankful hearts,,,Keep your heart for out of it  are the issues of life….Wisdom dwells with prudence and finds knowlege of witty inventions..Sisters we must say good things about ourselves..such as “I am the virtuous woman and my price is far above rubies..My heart is safely trusting in  the Lord..i walk by faith and not by sight..i call Wisdom my Sister and Understanding my kinswoman…Our spirits are more important then anything in this world..Because the Virtuous womans spirit is the spirit of Wisdom.She guides you and she will fill your home with riches..God can supply what you need…with any work  you do..He can pay you for being a homemaker..because there is profit in all labor..

pt 3 Every Wise Woman Builds Her Home is some more of the writing.. its about when we first met Frans wife.We entered the shed{kitchen}  thru a grape arbor..The arbor brot alot of shade and the vines of the grapes went all over the front of the shed and kept things cool in the kitchen..As  you entered this kitchen it was as tho worldiness just fell off  of you and you were entering the hallow of Gods Hands..When i saw Mother working in her kitchen i felt so peaceful..Fran introduced her as his bride of many yrs..Mother was quiet and reserved..i felt like i had entered her sanctuary and interupted her prayers..This wife had moral dignity and strength..Thru her domestication she brot out the natural ways of  her husband..She was discreet and chaste..i was a young wife seeking the older Titus mother…That day the Lord showed me a part of  what all of this meant..Mother didnt need to preach to me..her life showed me what being domesticated meant..To close this up i will  tell you one more thing Fran said about his bride..He said that he bot a herd of cows to care for just so he cud give his pretty wife fresh cream for her coffee every morning..Later i was to find out that Mother taught classes on Housewifery..i didnt get to go to them as i was so busy with my big family..But i was thankful i got to meet this precious family. When i first started the Happy Housewifery Newsletter this was the first story i wrote..i didnt get this one sent out..But i think this mother had alot of influence on me as a young mother with alot to learn..Love connie

A Little Ruby

This morning I wanted to write but little Baby was cryin’ and wanting another bottle. So I held her and sang to her in my bedroom. As I was sitting there on the bed, the Lord told me to write about the vision I had last night of Mary. I saw her come in my front door with a dress on like the dress I had her wear as a little girl. I was very careful in how I dressed her, always in a feminine way. Her hair was curly as it once was. And I asked the Lord what this meant and He said this. The teachings that Mary had when she was little are coming up into her spirit. He said, in essence, “Connie, the devil has taunted you as a Christian Mother and told you that you raised Mary in holiness for nothing. But it was only that Satan attacks the truth of God.”

And as I sat in the bedroom holding sweet Olivia Rose, 3 months old, the Lord caused my eyes to see the books in my bookcase. I raised Mary out of old books of Wisdom from the 1800s. I would seek out these books to read to Mary and to teach her the deep wisdom of God. I would spend much time in prayer as I would seek out wisdom. I brought Mary to Dixie’s and she spent a lot of time with Jill. When Mary first married, she had pictures in her home of who she thought Ruby looked like. And they were pictures I loved, too. Mary knows Ruby and Ruby knows her. As I sang to Olivia Rose this morning, I sang to Wisdom and called her my sister and understanding my kinswoman. As I sang, it was as though the Holy Spirit whispered through me.

I am changed inside as I saw the Wisdom of God upon Mary. I feel that the Lord is saying that Mary will have a much deeper calling of wisdom upon her than I have ever had. Mary is a writer and she will write many books on the Wisdom of God. My mentor MaryL has told me, “You have passed down your mantel of writing to Mary.” Our Mary sent out thank you notes to all who came to her baby’s funeral. And so many have told me, “Oh, your Mary is a writer.” And she is. The writing she wrote about the soldier who fought a bloody battle for his country and his ring, is so powerful. It is about a young man who fought for his marriage or his ring. Brandon will be a mighty warrior for the Lord. Well, even now he is! He has always been a shepherd to Mary. And my writings I feel, up to now, haven’t been as good as the Lord wants them to be. But the writings on wisdom that will come out of this deep wound with Mary will produce some very spiritual writings.

Sometimes as we pray for our kids, we think the answer will come as we think in our minds. But I taught Mary when she was a child out of my own broken heart and many years of experience. I knew the wisdom of God. But this kind of wisdom doesn’t come upon a proud heart of flesh — it comes only upon the broken and contrite heart. The broken heart has to make a decision in the arena of fear and darkness. “Though he slay me yet will I trust in Him.”

Mary received the wisdom of God from me as her Mother. And now I have birthed the wisdom of God to Mary’s broken heart. “Oh, little bird with a broken wing, trust in God. Just because you find a high branch to jump from doesn’t mean you can fly. Your wing is broken and only Jesus can heal you. Only Mother’s tears can water you. Build your house upon the Rock Mother told you about. Not on the world’s sand. Mary Rose, remember the teachings of your Mother.”

God cannot melt His word into the rose’s thorn but only upon a bruised petal. He bleeds His crimson stain upon the pure white rose. We wish the petals to be pure white but they can’t be pure without the crimson stain of Christ’s blood. No matter how white the rose is, it is not truly pure without he crimson stain. And when a Mother goes to pray for the child of her heart, it seems her faith is tested. And the vision she has for her children seems to die. And it does seemingly die as it is a seed being tested. But Mother must endure the test.

Wilderness Women

Dear Mothers,

I am so tired this morning, I would have to dress up just to get shot. The new baby girl who is a one year old is so active. She is a doll baby, though. I can say that. She tries to eat everything. I turned around to look at her and she had a brown crayola hanging out of her mouth like a cigar. I only have her on Wedneday and Thursday. And it’s a good thing as I would be dead by now if it was three days a week. Today I have Olivia Rose who is 8 weeks old and she is asleep. I just haven’t had any time to write. But today should be an easier day. And tomorrow is Saturday. I love having the children but, boy, have I been busy.

I am so happy I can stay home and not have to go out to work. I have had so many thoughts about the Lord that I haven’t been able to write down. I feel full but a bit confused as to what I should write.

I think one thing that has been a lot on my mind is the fear that seems to be out there. It seems so many are having anxiety attacks. Most of the women I know are on meds for nerves. I take them sometimes myself. But the Lord has been speaking to me lately about the discerning of spirits. A good friend of mine (we have been close for almost 40 years) just went to the hospital lately over an anxiety attack. That fear could kill us if we let it get too out of hand. We live in an era of such a feeling of doom around us. But an overcoming feeling of fear for no apparent reason is an attack of Satan.

Ya know the Lord says in His word that in the end days there would be so much deception, even the elect would be deceived. And here’s my 2 cents on that. Well, first of all, I want to say something about the prophetesses and prophets of our age. See I learned a lot from being Dixie’s friend. She was godly in the beginning and then backslid. We think if someone is helping us or the Lord uses them in our life and we are set free, then they are of God. But, see, I can play the piano by ear if I am right with God or not. I have this gift. Some women are very gifted. They are seers and visionaries. This is why when I heard the gospel message, I came to Christ so easily and believed in miracles right away. Because in my old life, I had made friends with the devil and knew him to be supernatural. The truth that set me free to receive Christ was the truth that I saw in the Word that said that Christ was the stronger power. I didn’t know that. I thought if someone tried to fight me that my first punch was supposed to nearly kill ’em. I didn’t know that Jesus was God — I thought He was just a man. But, see, I thought Satan was the king of kings on the earth. I knew I was goin’ to hell but thought I would get a special place as I was so bad. Then I read a book telling me what hell was like. YE-OW! I ran to Jesus as fast as I could. Oh Yeah! But, see, I was very spiritual but didn’t know the Lord Jesus. But just because someone is spiritual and does signs and wonders for ya is not a sign they are of God or will tell you the truth.

Now see, Jonah was like this. He was a true prophet called of God but he went the wrong way. As he was taking a boat out of town to the wrong town, he could have gotten you set free because he knew the Lord personally. I mean even though he was in rebellion. Judas walked with the disciples. He healed the sick and raised the dead, too. But He was a deceiver. And the Bible tells of many false prophets in the Word of God. And the Bible says not to believe every spirit but to test them to see if they are of God. Also the Word says that in the last days many would say “Haven’t I cast out devils and done many mighty works in your name?” And Jesus says He never knew them.

The Bible says Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get it. Wisdom, I mean. The Bible says that the every wise woman builds her house and the foolish tear it down with her hands. Then there is the parable of the wise man who built his house upon the ROCK.

And ya know at times, I get so spiritually hungry. And I turn on TV and watch the prophetesses speak. It’s like going through the dumpster to try to find something to eat. See, our country is in a famine of the true word of God. It is no longer preached. But I can listen to prophets at times and pick up on what God is saying. It’s like tryin’ to listen to a tape recorder with a ten piece band marching in front of you. But God speaks His heart to me and often I can see He has spoken to the prophetess the same thing but she is in rebellion. See, women like Joyce M and some like Gloria Copeland are true prophetesses but are in rebellion. No one could dispute that. They are gifted and have an inner voice speaking the power of God. But they are Jonahs and are going the wrong way. They are Christian feminists. God has called them to be virtuous women — to be keepers at home. How powerful they would be if they would obey God. Think of the abortions they could stop with their prayers. Think of the marriages they could save. No, I don’t have the power of God that Gloria has. But I have the TRUTH. And I am tellin’ you that in these last days, the Truth is what is gonna take you to heaven, not your power.

I am tellin’ you what. The foundation of our nation is shakin’. We must be true to God and His word at all cost. No matter what we see or hear or experience, we must stay on the marriage covenant. This is our stability and our covering. We can’t go around thinking about who should get a divorce or whatever. I am tellin’ you what. God has kept me as I have stayed in my marriage promise. And yes, even though Jim is in heaven, I am going to still honor my marriage until I die. And this has brought stability to me, even as I have had many adjustments as a widow. But, see, the Bible speaks as wisdom being a foundation. The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom.

The whole Bible speaks of the powerful women of faith as women who are keepers at home. None are preachers who stand up in church with a word from the Lord. She is not the spiritual leader as she stands and takes authority. She does take authority as she is obedient to her husband. Yes, she leads, guides, and directs the home with her prayers and intercessions. But on the outside, she learns in silence and subjection to her husband. Her husband is priest and covering of her life in the home. Jezebel stood up and ordered the prophets about. But Mary waited on God to give her beloved Joseph a dream. Elisabeth never told her husband off for not believing God. Zacharias was not a good and righteous man. And God took his voice away until John was born. And Elisabeth was the woman of faith who really saved the life of John through her faith.

True women of God are silent but deadly. God stands up for her and orders heaven and earth to attend her. She is not the strange woman who won’t go home and be a servant to her husband. She is not full of pride. She takes the secret place and hides away unto God until God calls her out. She has a place with God and doesn’t cry out for the attention of others. She has forsaken father and mother to cleave to her husband. She has abandoned herself to her husband and his seeds.

The word says that our children are not to forsake the law of their mothers. And the true mother of God would not ask her daughter to forsake her husband. And in this age of wickedness, we had better stand even more upon the marriage covenant. If your husband is truly hopeless or would harm the children, I think the Lord would cause the husband to leave. Because He says that the believer should not leave the unsaved. But too often, the wife leaves a terrible husband, only to find a boyfriend is doing worse to the children than the husband was. No. I mean, guard your children. And if husband doesn’t leave, then stand for the children and don’t let him harm them.

I want to say again that it isn’t the power we have as women — it is the TRUTH we have. I mean, the Bible says that we are to be keepers at home. So, of course, the devil is gonna try to throw us out of the house and into the lions den of the world. A mother bird thrown out of her nest will do a lot of tap dancin’, especially if there is a cat in the area. And it seems a lot of these women are like that.

Well, I have to go.



Dear Mothers,

I felt so desperate yesterday. Thanks for all of the prayers.

I am wanting to cut loose on the teachings on wisdom. One thing I was thinking of, as I was meditating on wisdom, is this. When I went out to Dixie’s and then came home, I could hold that imparting of wisdom from the wisdom in Dixie for about three days. She had a gift of wisdom and even the crumbs from under her table would be enough to hold you in your homemaking for a few days. Jill had other gifts like Dixie’s. But I don’t know if I was just spiritually inept in this area? I dunno. But Jill and Dixie would go more by the Holy Spirit’s voice, but I had to have words out of the Bible for everything. Turns out they were right. But I had to have the scriptures to back everything up. Why? I guess because I was to become a writer, a wordsmith. Dixie used to give me a pad of paper and say, “This is for you. You are a writer.” Jill even said the other day, as we were praying for Jane, “Connie, I always pray in tongues and you pray in words.”

But this gift Dixie had was more then just a desire to do housework. After being with her, I would come home and do something like go straight to the fridge and clean it out. I mean it was a spirit that came on ya that all you wanted to do is take care of the children, cook, clean, and adore your husband. It was not a normal desire. Other gifts would accompany it like a gift of inventions or knowledge. Like the spirit of wisdom taught Dixie to dress out a chicken when she hadn’t done it before. It was the difference in homemaking, like an artist that could paint a picture as opposed to one who could just draw a straight line.

This wisdom I am writing about, out of Proverbs, is a wisdom that was like a sport. I would get this wisdom on me as I would go out to plant herbs or gather them. It was like playing with a puppy or doing something so fun you couldn’t stop. You get lost in time as you are caught up in the Holy Spirit as the gift of wisdom is in operation. I went out to Dixie’s once and the kitchen looked red. She had tomatoes stacked almost to the ceiling as she was canning. And almost every one of those tomatoes was perfect and the same size and color. Jill had a perfect garden. I am talkin’ perfect. It looked like she had a name for every vegetable. Even though her children were young. Even though her husband had deserted her. These women were unbelievable.

But I would tell Dixie that I needed the wisdom and she would say, “Oh, Connie, you have it.” But I didn’t have it and I am still looking for it. I mean, like I said before, Dixie was about 135 pounds of wisdom and I got about 30 pounds of it. But she got this imparting of wisdom in about two weeks and I have been lookin’ for it for about twenty-one years. But Dixie gave up everything to find it. No phone, TV or anything like that. She had a radio that she listened to after supper.

But with every blessing, there is a monster there to destroy it, like I said in my last writing. Dixie’s husband, I must say, finally won out on that deal. He was an unbeliever and finally managed to destroy Dixie with his ways. She finally became discouraged and gave up a lot. Still, she fought the good fight and died knowing more of the wisdom of God than I ever got in twenty-one years. And no tellin’ if I will keep it to the end, either.

Dixie lived in the word — not especially Proverbs, like I go by. But a lot of what she said and did was out of Proverbs. Dixie’s dream, of course, was to always go deeper into the wisdom and buy her own land. But then cancer came along. Boy, did she fight that. But eventually the hospital killed her with a medical procedure that they goofed up on. They wrote Em, her daughter, a letter and told her that Dixie never died of cancer. But that they were giving her an antibiotic and a blood transfusion at the same time and this put her into an a coma and she died.

I mean you can have faith but not have a gift of it. You can be wise but not have a gift of wisdom. Wisdom has other gifts that accompany it. Wisdom is instinct in animals. It teaches the birds to fly south for the winter. It teaches a mother to nurse her baby. We are to learn wisdom from the ants. (Proverbs 6:6)

“With Wisdom a house is built” — this means spiritual and natural. Every wise woman builds her house, meaning she is wise and to prove it, she builds a house. If she is wise, she is good at what pertains to the home. She is a good mother and wife and homekeeper. Usually, a woman who loves her husband is wise in her homemaking and is a good mother. Because she is wise. Wisdom always has to do with building a home. Like Solomon built the temple with wisdom.

The strange woman is so talked about and rebuked in Proverbs because she is the opposite of wisdom. She is strange. Her feet abide not in her own home. She is an adulterer. She is feminism. She is a strange spirit. And as Solomon was taken down because of his many strange wives, the wisdom of God is choked out of us through the strange woman of Proverbs. “Strange” meaning she is not God’s daughter. This woman directly or indirectly comes at the wise woman and seeks to destroy her spirit of wisdom. She is the harlot of Revelations that drinks the blood of the saints. She is after our lives! Like my Mary who has become a harlot. She breaks my heart and nearly kills me. But this is the spirit that will take you down, either as adultery in your home, or an outside influence, one way or the other.

If we plan on getting the wisdom of God and keeping it, we need to stay away from adultery. Because this is the main spirit that will take the life of God out of you and your home. The wisdom of God will save your home. Or the spirit of adultery will destroy it. The foolish woman is foolish to begin with and this is why she runs out of the house to get a job when she doesn’t have to.

There is also much wealth in wisdom. Spiritual wealth and physical wealth. The wise woman’s price is far above rubies. And also we will attain wealth through wisdom as Solomon did. Wisdom also brings health and happiness. Happy is the woman who trusts in the Lord. Also it brings long life that satisfies.

Proverbs says to call wisdom our sister and understanding our kinswoman. Wisdom is to live with us daily and we are to train our minds to hear her, as she is a woman’s voice, as I wrote about it yesterday in the first part, as spoken of in the first 8 chapters of Proverbs. Our problem is that we have a voice in our heads, most of the time, from the world that is the voice of feminism. We have to renew our minds with the voice of wisdom in Proverbs.

Adultery is like idolatry and it causes a woman to chase other gods. She wants her husband and other men, too.

The gift of wisdom doesn’t depend upon having a husband. As in Proverbs 6:6, the ants have wisdom without any overseer. It’s good to have a husband so that he can protect you as you play out wisdom in the home. But if you don’t have wisdom, it’s not your husband’s fault unless he is in adultery, and the strange woman is coming in the home through husband. Wisdom is stronger than adultery — way far stronger, as greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Strange women took the wisest man who ever lived down.

But like Dixie always told me, “Connie, the wisdom of God is a secret.” And I would say, ya gotta dig for it. Ya gotta seek it as gold. It is your life. Seek it in Proverbs and learn to hear the voice of wisdom. Exalt her and she will preserve you.

Well, this writing is, um — well, moving right along. I had to stop and make lunch.

So, anyway, wisdom is a foundation. We build our homes spiritually and physically as Nehemiah built back up the walls of Jerusalem.

We will always have the woman in the strange land, foreign to God and His word, she will taunt us and try to kill us. But we fight her off with the Word of God concerning the virtuous woman. And we as wives and mothers fight to keep adultery out of our family. If a family member is in adultery, then we must deal with it. Not deny it as it will bring more deception. Ezekiel 3 says that we are to tell the truth about it so that the blood won’t be on our hands. And that we will save our own lives. Adultery will kill you spiritually, as you are worshiping another God. It will send you to hell. (I dare say, too, that there is a woman on this group, a Christian, who is in adultery. I can feel it.) But, anyway, yes, we need to deal with adultery in our families as Mothers and Wives. There is hope in this, and it can be worked out. We are to tell the truth about it and pray for the person. And the Lord will heal them and they will go and sin no more. But no one commits adultery because someone made them do it. It is a spirit and the innocent mate didn’t give it to the adulterer. But the guilty one will try to accuse the innocent.

Adultery comes as folks get into the world and begin to chase other gods. I think fornication is different if it doesn’t include married people. But a lot of Christian women divorce as they have chosen a new god. One that isn’t in the Bible. One like what Joyce portrays and not the truth of the Keepers at Home.

Many Church women get away with multiple marriages and divorces. And no one skips a beat. But when the old harlot gets sick or needs a miracle, God will wonder who she is and why she expects to be healed. Like Aunt Toot says, “Pay day comes.” A lot of harlots can get a miracle by going to church as the truly Christian women will pray for them. Of course, then the blood of the harlot is on the Christian woman. The Bible says not to fellowship with unbelievers. The wise woman will not have fellowship with darkness. But she will reprove it. She will call it out in order to give the harlot over to Satan that her flesh would be burned and her spirit will be saved.

But, no, you wives don’t need to tell an adulterous husband off. It isn’t your place. But the truth within you will begin to work on its own. God’s word works. As you know the truth, you will be set free and your husband will eventually be set free, also. But if you stand in guilt as the innocent party, then you will be feeding this demon and it will continue to try to kill you and slowly destroy you.

Truth and wisdom has to build the home. We are building temples of righteousness as women of wisdom. And, yes, we love the sinner but we can’t be stupid enough to ignore the sin. The sin will take down the whole house for generations to come. We don’t have to try to stop that wild bull of adultery. We let the truth do that as we are covenant keepers and we hold the TRUTH in our hearts. And the Truth is what will bring our families into God’s holy order.


Home Wisdom

Dear Mothers,

This morning I was watching Christian TV. They had a good teaching on wisdom. I think the preacher’s name was Keith Moore? It was good and I took notes. Of course, he spoke from the man’s point of view. Couldn’t ya just see him speaking from the teaching on wise women? If he had of quoted Proverbs 14:1, you would have heard a BOOOM that would have reached clear to the moon this morning.

Proverbs 14:1 “Every wise woman builds her house and the foolish woman tears it down with her hands.” It doesn’t say “Some wise women build up their homes and some wise women leave the home and put their children in Daycare and go out to seek their fortune in the street.” But since I think the Lord is speaking now to some about wisdom, I thought it was a good time for me to write on it.

Preacher was saying there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowlege is being aware of something and wisdom is knowing how to deal with knowledge. Wisdom means skillful. We can be skilled in homemaking but if we don’t have the knowledge of the Word, then we don’t know what to be skillful in.

The worldly church tries to get the woman out of the home to be skillful in the work place. But God calls the wise woman home to learn to be skillful. Also the wise woman can discern good from evil. She can discern the times and seasons she is in. And good night! I mean we need to learn the skills of home and how to be self sufficient. We are in dangerous times in our country. We need to learn how to somehow make it with the wisdom of God.


Emily’s Writings

I am up early here writing. I hope you all have enjoyed Emily’s writings as much as I have. Emily is going through some problems and writing about her Mother is really good for her and nice for all of us.

When Em said that her Mom canned 800 quarts of food a year, this was true. I remember Dixie saying that she filled her canner twice a day in the fall when the food was ready to be canned. Her canner held 8 quarts. She made a lot of grape jam from her grape vines. She had a huge apple tree and made a lot of applesauce. Then she had a freezer that she filled with apple pie filling for winter pies. Then, of course, she always had a huge garden and canned her vegetables and fruits. She tried to make everything they ate and hated to go to the grocery store. But if she did have to have store things, she took the labels off, as she didn’t want to have store advertisements in her house.

Like Em said, she hated worldliness. She had been out in the world before she was saved and so wanted nothing more of it. She had a wild life before she knew the Lord. A very hard life and that was enough. Emily, if you want to tell any of that, you can, as a lot of the ladies could relate.

I remember when the spirit of wisdom first came to Dixie. And, oh, I would sit at her feet to hear her speak of the wisdom of God. Well, if you had heard her, you would have loved it, too.

Emily was always fascinated by her Mother, even as she got older. Dixie would just go about her business and talk about Wisdom as her sister. You always felt when you talked to Dixie you were talking to her Sister Wisdom, too. She always talked about how we need to cry after the Wisdom of God. I used to tell her, “Dixie, this stuff is dynamite. So many women need to hear this.”

And she would say to me, “Connie, the feminists would laugh their heads off at you if you were to tell this to them.”

I would say, “Yeah, but not every woman would laugh.”

I mean if Emily and I weren’t here to tell you about all of this, you never would have heard it from Dixie. And I was always the writer. Dixie would give me paper and say, “You are the writer, Connie.” And Now I guess Emily is a writer, too — a good one.

Emily, you are like Laura writing about your mother. Ya know, this is why Laura began writing, is because she missed Pa and Ma so much, and her sisters and the baby boy who died. Dixie and Em loved to read the Little House on the Prairie books. Emily was brought up on them and all the cook books and song books, take offs of Laura’s books. Dixie used to tell us girls, “Connie, there is wisdom for today in those books.” And there sure is.

But Dixie was a forerunner. She was the head goose who led the rest of us in a “V”. She cut the wind for a lot of us to follow.

And the thing with learning wisdom is that one can never learn it all from one who has the wisdom of God. You have to learn the wisdom by experience, right Emily? We can pick up a taste for it or an inspiration. But we have to get the true wisdom from God. Just Him and us.

I am such a Word person. I was brought up in my faith in a little Baptist church. And those Baptists are pretty stiff but stay a lot on the Word of God. So when Dixie started talkin’ about Wisdom, I really prayed about it. Dixie had more Spirit than I had. So the wisdom didn’t come to me as quickly. So I was always in the Lord’s face about it and in the Word of God.

And you all should study it, too, as I did. Because if you don’t, then the devil will come to try to take it out of your heart. And if you stand there and say, “Well, Connie said this and that” — well, no, only the Word of God can rebuke the devil. You have to know on your own why you are the wise woman who builds her home.

Ya know, deception is out there as thick as mud. But I tell ya, I am almost never confused anymore about what I believe. Because I know the wisdom of God concerning being a keeper at home. That is a basis for truth.

But, no, this stuff with women preachers and all will be the ruin of ya. Women are not to take authority over men. Not in the home or any place. And especially not in the church of Christ.

I save myself more grief just because I know this. The Lord takes me to the craziest meetings to show me stuff. I mean stuff that is like a circus side show. And everyone is always going to these meetings where women prophesy. Now why do we need so much prophesy? And it isn’t prophesy for the whole family. It’s this prophesy for the wifes gifts to be used outside the home. Nothing about the home or the children. Just about women being like movie stars. What a bunch of junk!

But all of this religious garbage being preached by these so called women preachers are making way for more deception. And the most godly people are falling for this deception! But as the teachings are lost concerning home and family, the stage is set for horrid deception. I wonder if this is the deception in the end times that will deceive the very elect. I feel it could be.

Walk in holiness and don’t divorce your husband. Stand for the family. Take care of the children. Your salvation is in taking care of your family. This is your holy covering.

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