Monday, December 18, 2017

Cooking From Scratch

pt 2 A Quiet Evening Supper

 forgot to say too about the baked beans and weiners..i wud often fix Jim
a baked potatoe to go with this.. This was after the children had married
and moved away and it was just Jim and i.. And i have written many times
about the Hamburgar Gravy i made for the Wild man.. i loved to be quiet in
the evening in my kitchen and make Papas coffee and stir the Hamburgar
gravy..Once you make the Gravey you gotta stand there and stir it or it wud
burn.But it was peaceful in my kitchen as the sun went down on another day
with my Darling Jim…Often i just felt locked in to our own world..We had
lived a life that no one cud hardly understand ..A life we tried to explain
..But at the end of the day we didnt have to explain anything more for that
day..Often we turned off the phone..and watched some show on tv..i wud get
out my sewing and quietly mend something..i loved to hand seems
there is a rythum of life in hand sewing that you miss out on when you use
a sewing machine..

pt 2 Back to the Land

Dont worry about cooking the noodles too long.. i have made homemade
noodles with vegetables and i have cooked them all day and they are so good
and tender..Like if i had a beef roast for supper ,,then we wud have left
overs..So i wud just add some more the pan and cut up the
left over meat…i wud then add water to the pan and a can of tomato
soup..stir this all up..Then add the freshly cut noodles.. Just a couple
handfuls of noodles..Then i put this all in the oven to bake. This is a
delicious meal..The noodles will float to the top and brown …i wud bake
this at 350 degrees, for about 45 minutes..or until the noodles are brown..
dont forget to salt and pepper this..I use garlic too..Ya know if we
homemakers can learn some basics then we can save alot of money..Like to
learn the feel of the pie dough and how it differs from biscuit dough..I
mean for yrs i cudnt make a decent pie. i was so used to making biscuits
..and i just cudnt  understand how to make pie dough..i mean i made pies..they looked good
but oh man the crust was like cement..But one day i was watching the
cooking channel and some one on there told us the diff between pie dough
and biscuit dough..Ok here it is..When you make biscuits the dough can be
shaped into a ball.. It holds together,,But pie dough will fall
apart when you try to shape it..You will want a real flakey dough for
pies..Pie dough is very delicate..and it needs to be cold when you use
it..Pie Dough has more fat in it then biscuit dough..But ya know each cook
is different.. But just try to make a nice pie crust from just flour ,
shortening , and cold water..i have made all kinds of pie ,,,it is my
favorite desert.. ..And also learn to make muffins..Learn the secrets of
good cooking.. And when you get low on groceries..but ya still have flour
in the cupboard..and maybe some hamburgar and some potatoes then the sky is
the connie

pt 1 Back to the Land

Dear Mothers, Do you know how to make homemade noodles..? Here is how i
make them…I get out my middle sized crock bowl and i throw in about 2
cups of flour..Then i rub in about a Tbs of butter… and a lil salt..Then
i make a lil well of flour ..and into the lil well i add 3 eggs if i have
them if i dont i just add 2 eggs..And then i stir them all up..Make a dough
out of the mixture like you wud play dough? If it is too dry add a lil
water.If its too wet add a bit more of flour..But it shud feel like play
dough..You have to have your dough dry enuf so you can roll it out..Ok now
i used to roll my noodles out on my table ..i always had a plastic table
cloth on my table because i had no space to roll dough counter
space…i have some now as Mary and Brad remodled my kitchen,,But you can
buy the plastic tableclothes at the Dollar Store..Thank the Lord for the
Dollar Store..!!! Anyway to roll this dough out just sprinkle some flour on
your work space and roll your dough out with a rolling pin..Or use an old
washed out wine bottle or something like it.Wash the bottle really well and
dry it good..Then just roll the noodles out very thin,,,but not so thin you
cant get them off the table..Ok just roll your dough out and then cut
strips with a pizza cutter..Or just use a sharp knife..Have a big pan of
water on the stove and when you are ready to put the noodles in the water
…it shud be boiling ….But dont put them all in at once..Just cut some
noodles and put them in and then cut some more and put them in..Other wise
you will get them all stuck together..Boil for about 20 min or so..Just
stir them gently ..whenever ya think about it. continued

pt 1 Just a Visit

Good Morning Mothers,  It rained all nite here in Iowa..i hope it wont freeze now.. i like to get up early in the morning to write..Each morning my lil yellow cat Peggy Sue goes to the door and wants me to let Chance in..i tell her  “Peggy Sue ..Chance died ..I’m  sorry Peggy Sue” .. Chance was in the house part of the time and  outside too..But he was always here for breakfast..but not anymore..Peggy wants me to open the front door so she can look out the screen door and see for herself ..So i open it and let her see each morning that Chance isnt there..Miss Charlottes grandaughter Mckayla  at 14 yrs old is worried that  Peggy is loseing weight…Mckayla wants to be a Vet when  she graduates high school.. She has such a heart for  animals ..she will be a good Vet..But no me…Peggy{Piggy} isnt loseing weight..She does pull the hair out of her tail tho..and she started that when Chance got sick. ..i dont know if its dry skin or what..i do put vaseline on it and that makes her quit chewing on it..for a while anyway……………………………..Well today i am going to make Hamburgar  Vegetable Soup..i have some V8 juice that i want to use up..and some odds and ends of other vegetables ..But mainly for the vegetables i will use brocolli , carrots, potatoes , and onions.. i  may add some noodles to it also..Jill and Emily came to visit on Thursday..i ask them to pray for me as i was having such a hard time with not wanting to even go to the grocery store or eat either..And since they prayed for me i feel better,,For some reason i get eating disorders..Odd not wanting to buy connie

pt 3 Radio Broadcast H H N

Homemakers of America,,You are  on the Air…This is HHN Radio  brot to you  by  the makers of Happy Housewifery.. This is our new call in show..{not really..but i hope some day} .. The lines are open so call in and tell us about your favorite homemade soups and the breads you make to eat with them… It is about 10 degrees here in Iowa..But no snow expected…maybe a few light dustings of snow but no acumulations ….I have to go grocery shopping  later this morning,,So i want to get my soup started and my bread ready to rise.before i go…I am going to make” Papas favorite..Potatoe Soup” and just a plain bread and some dinner rolls.. For the soup i will get out my cast iron Dutch oven with the bail handle..In the bottom of the pot i will put some butter and a lil bit of olive oil..Then i will cook up some onion and some fresh garlic,,and a lil bit of ham i have left from the holidays ..When the garlic and onion is soft i will just add water to all of this and cut up a bunch of potatoes and cook this until the potatoes are done..Also add some salt and coursely ground blk pepper..If i have any celery seed or celery i will add that..I will also add a few carrots..When i used to make pt soup i wud add so much green herbs etc that my soup wud look a pale green,,i didnt like the looks of it..So i started putting diced carrots in the pot when you put in the cut up potatoes..When the soup is all done i will add cheese to the soup.. and put a lid on it and let the cheese melt..Then stir it up real good…Mary puts brocolli in her cheesey potato soup..Mary if you are listening wud you send in your  recipe  for Cheesey potatoe soup? i think i will put in brocolli too in my soup..i have to get it all at the store anyway.Well Ladies keep calling the lines are hot with recipes..We will get to your call as soon as possible..If you need a in and maybe one of the ladies will have it in their cupboard..THOT FOR TODAY..But be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only. James 1:22…Until next time…Dont forget to send in your recipes,,Signing off for now Connie Hultquist

Makin’ Noodles

Dear Mothers,

Ya know homemade noodles are so easy to make. And they are just flour and eggs salt and pepper. So if you have just these few ingredients and some meat and vegetables, you can make a meal. I used to make the noodles and add spaghetti sauce and hamburger to it. I have also made my own lasagna noodles. Once you learn to make these noodles, you will have a ball with them and they taste so much better than store bought.

So to start out with, just get a big pan of salted water to boil on the stove while you are making your noodles. OK, get out your mixing bowl and put in about 2 cups of flour. Then add enough eggs to get a dough goin’. Add a tsp of salt and some pepper. So the dough is just flour and eggs, no other liquid. So just play with this dough until it is like Play Dough. It should be that dry so you can roll it out on a floured surface. Roll this dough very thin. Now if you are having trouble getting it rolled out, just take smaller hunks of dough and roll it out. Then take a pizza cutter or knife and slice up strips. I do mine a handful at a time and put them in the already boiling water. This way the noodles have plenty of room to cook. And then cut another handful and throw them in. They will sorta float around in there. Stir them gently as to not break the strip up. Cook them for at least 45 minutes. After all the noodles are cut and in the boiling water, just turn them down and let them simmer a while.

Now you can dry these to use for later if you have too many. This is how to dry them. After they are cut, not cooked yet, just leave them on your cutting board in strips and let them dry a few days. You have to turn them over and get them really dry. After they are dried you can put them in a jar to use in a few weeks. Don’t seal the jar but put the lid on lightly. Or just make a lid out of cloth and put a canning lid around it. This way the noodles continue to dry. Also you can freeze the raw noodles in packages. And here is another noodle idea. When making the noodles, add a little tomato sauce and make the noodles red. Then I add herbs to these like basil or any Italian seasonings.

The lasagna noodles are just made by cutting the noodles in the size of the lasagna from the store and then make your dish as usual. Of course, boil them as I described the noodles in boiling salt water. When making the vegetable soups or stews, I used to add the noodles to the bubbling soup/stew. Your liquids have to always be boiling before you put the noodles in.

But hey, Happy Housewives, just try to learn these homemaking skills as it will save so much on your grocery bills. Also it will keep your families much more healthy and happy knowing their meals are homemade! Learn to make good cornbread, pies, muffins and cakes. Try your hand at making everything from scratch. Learn the feel of biscuit dough and how it is different then pie dough. Learn to be confident in your work place the kitchen.



Dear Mothers,

Boy am I prayin’ about bein’ on the radio! There are some obstacles that I am prayin’ about. I am just casting my cares upon Jesus. Oh, mercy, I want so much to be able to go into the home of mothers with a live message. I want Mothers at home to hear me say, “You can make it. It’s OK. All is well!”

I think my greatest burden is for the children. I know what it’s like to have heartbroken children who cry for their Daddy to come home. I taught my children to pray at the table, “Thank You, Jesus, for bringin’ my Daddy home.” I know what it is like to be broken hearted for my husband. And I know what it is like to have people who were supposed to be Christians say horrid things to me, adding insults to injuries. And it should never have been that way. And the Lord gave me victory. He gave me double blessings for all I suffered.

We as believers should be the counselor to the broken in heart. So many need a counselor in this age. My heart goes especially to young families. Oh, for them to be able to turn on the radio and hear an older mother say, “It’s OK. Jesus came to bind up the broken in heart and to set the captive free.”

The mourning and grieving that so many Mothers face alone is not the will of God. I used to cry bitter tears when I was alone and forsaken. I would pray, “Lord, you have called the older woman to encourage me — where is she?” Yes, the Lord has called the older Titus mother but she refuses to come. That isn’t Gods fault that so many of you young moms are forsaken.

As a child, when my brother and I would come home from school as children, we always called, “Mother? Mother?” when we came in the door. And we knew that Mother was there and ready to listen to our stories about school. And we knew that in a few hours a hot supper would be on the table. It’s not like that now in our country. And so many of our children’s souls are almost silent, having cried out into darkness for so long and no one answered.

We need multitudes of young mothers to come back home to the family. We need a multitude of older Mothers to call them back. And I am not the only one tryin’ to get on the radio. I bet there are many older moms who have heard this call of the Lord. But it has to be in the Lord’s time and I am waiting on Him. I am not going to worry over it. And I don’t want anyone else to worry over it, either. It will all gel and come together.

The Greatest Deception

Ya know women preachers are such a deception. They tell the truth for the most part. A deception is never a deception without truth. Because no one would be deceived by a person who told only lies. So these women stand up and preach the Word except for the Word concerning Keepers at home. How much heart does it take for a woman to preach and forget the children? The children are to be protected, loved and cared for. That is one of the main jobs of the wife and mother. How can any woman preacher preach and forget the children?

When Cain killed his brother Abel, the blood of Abel cried out to God. Think of the blood of 1.5 million babies a year who are right now crying out to God. And do you think God is standing there like a deaf man watching TV? And why do the lady preachers get away with all this deception and your money? Because the older woman has blasphemed the Word of God. She has hidden herself away to seek her own comfort. She has allowed lady preacher to take over and to be the voice of authority. And it is killing the heart of the young mothers, not to mention their children. Abortion thinking began in the church. I have heard of churches that made it mandatory for the young adult members to get fixed after a couple children.

Our world is not overpopulated. It’s just that no one wants to move to where there is no electricity or roads. So many are after the almighty $$$$$$ and they refuse to rough it. But any family with a pioneer spirit could have plenty of land to build a house on. Who needs electricity, anyway. As long as a person is warm and has food and water and a roof over their heads, then that is all they need.

I often wonder how many prophets of God and handmaidens of the Lord are dead at the dump because their mother and dad didn’t want them. Our population is getting so old. My own mother at 83 has the best of health care. Medicare and health insurance from my Dad’s pension. He had a good factory job. These jobs used to be pretty easy to come by. But now our nation takes the best of care of our old folks and kills the unborn, the new blood. But the older women in our day seem to have a window of opportunity here that they may not have coming up. We are, for the most part, safe at least and can teach the young mom what we know.

I was a stay at home mother. But I never expected to have my own car or cell phone or computer. Jim paid off the house so I can stay home now and care for children. I hope to cause the devil some damage as I stay here and do my work. And I don’t care how I do it. On the radio, on TV, or just through my email machine. But I do plan on causing some damage.

I am already in the soup and the furnace has been turned up three times hotter. In the middle of the night last night, reality hit me, that what I was asking for was my own radio show? My heart started to pound and I thought of all the reasons I couldn’t do it. Like Sanbalit asked Nehemiah, “Who do you think you are?” And the Syrian King stands around me telling me as he told Hezekiah’s people, “You will never get it done. Bigger guns than you have tired and I took them over and I will take you down.” But God delivered Nehemiah and Hezekiah. And trust me, I ain’t goin’ out to fight the King or the unbelievers in any way. I am waiting on God. And if He puts me over and gets me on the radio, it will be His doings.

I ain’t gonna cry to you all for a million dollars and then give you a free pen with my name on it? No, I ain’t gonna play that game. But I am saying that had the older Titus 2 mother been on the job, these lady preachers would never have gotten so far. For hundreds of years the lady preachers were not allowed to preach as the Mothers at home outshone them. Mother at home taught her daughters to stay home and run the homestead. And back then we didn’t have divorce and birth control as we do today.

Simple Meals

And ya know what? We live in dangerous times. Some of you Mothers who get to stay home don’t know how to cook and bake basic things. You all need to know how to make biscuits and gravy. I mean some of you would starve to death with a bit of meat and flour in front of ya. And ya know I threw out a lot of my biscuits to the birds as they were so hard no one wanted them. But I actually got good at it later on. But practice, Dear Heart, and you will become a good biscuit maker.

Get some self-rising flour. It costs a bit more them regular flour. Put 2 cups of flour in your bowl and add a fourth cup of shortening or lard, whatever. Rub the shortening into the flour with your fingers until the mixture looks like tiny peas. Make sure all the shortening is rubbed into the flour. Then add some milk about 1 cup. And stir this up and make a dough. Then flatten the dough on a floured surface. Don’t roll it with a rolling pin. Just pat it with your hands. It should be about an inch thick. Then cut the dough out with a table glass or the rim of a tin can. Bake in a hot oven for about 15 minutes. Be sure to preheat the oven to 450 degrees. This is a quick bread and needs to be baked quick and hot.

You can even take this dough and roll it out thin and put butter and sugar and cinnamon on it and slice it and bake it like cinnamon rolls. You could put nuts in this or raisins. Once you learn to make a biscuit dough, you can make a lot of things. Dumplings are made like plain biscuits that you can drop into a bubbling stew and they bake under the liquid. But do learn to make homemade noodles and from scratch pies and cakes. No, everything won’t turn out perfect but just keep practicing.

Happy Homemaking.


Chicken Broth

Ya know I see so many people using store bought chicken broth on these cooking shows … seems sorta silly to me. My friend Jill used to jar up quarts and quarts of all kinds of broth to use in recipes. Jill, if you are reading this, would you please tell about all that broth you used to make and can? Anyway, this is how ya make chicken broth.

I would make it if we were having baked whole chicken. Then I would just take the leftover baked chicken and the bones with the meat on it and just put it in a pan and cook the meat off. But you can use any chicken parts. I do make mine a little different then most people. I put the chicken carcass in a roasting pan and bake it for about 3 or 4 hours on low, about 300 degrees. I leave the lid off and it sorta thickens. So, anyway, you add enough water to cover the carcass. Then add more water as it cooks down. And then I put in a few carrots and a few stalks of celery to season it and lots of onions and garlic. Salt and black pepper and herbs. Sage is good. Well, anyway, you bake all of this in the oven. Most women cook it on top of the stove. Then when it is done, you strain it. Put a big bowl or pan in the sink and put your colander or drainer in the bowl. Then pour the hot broth through to strain out all of the bones fat, etc. and the carrots and celery, etc. So then you have a clean broth to use in any recipe. Take the good meat chunks and put them back into the broth, or just save them for a casserole. Also to strain out the fat, you can set your pan of broth out on the porch if it’s cold or in the fridge. The fat will rise and coat the top of the broth. When it is hard, just skim it off and use the fat to make biscuits or to fry potatoes in with some oil.

Now this sounds like a lot of work. But ya know in the old days, depending on the season, the Mothers were in the kitchen, anyway. So it was natural to just have something in the oven all the time, anyway. As Mother was putting away the leftover baked chicken dinner and doin’ the dishes, it was normal to just add water to the roasting pan and stick it back in the oven to make broth for another meal. As she thought of it, she added herbs, etc. Maybe she had a relish plate on the table and had odds and ends celery and carrots left over. She just threw them in her broth.

Anyway, after the broth is done, just put it in jars or plastic containers. Put in like 2 cups to use in place of 2 cups of store bought. Jill canned hers and I froze mine. Or like Cindy was saying, just make a chicken soup out of it right after you eat the baked chicken. But I just wrote my recipe down to let you know that you can make the chicken broth very easily.

When all my children were home, I would feed them a lot of homemade pancakes for breakfast. Then if I had some leftover batter, I put it in my yeast bread to have for supper. One meal was usually incorporated into the next meal. Leftover mashed potatoes always made potato soup for the next day. Often I would make extra mashed potatoes to use for potato pancakes for the next day. You just add an egg to the mashed potatoes, stir them up good, and then fry them in a hot skillet. I do cheat on mashed potatoes. I use the fresh potatoes but if I think I need more, I add instant. The family doesn’t know the difference. Those poor souls have eaten things they have sworn they have never eaten. Well, if it looks good and has plenty of salt in it, they like it.

The Bride and the Barbarians

Dear Mothers,

Johnny stopped by for a minute yesterday. He and David made it back from NYC almost in one piece. John told me, “Well, Dan broke my rib.” I know Chrissy was waiting for John to tell me that. Those wild and crazy brothers wrestle all the time. After Dan did that, John took Dan’s head and rubbed it on the carpet until he got a big rug burn on his forehead. I bet Dan looks perty. I asked Christine (John’s wfe) what she thought. She just looks at John in silence and shakes her head. I think it’s just one rib. PTL. I told John to put a wrap around his chest but I don’t know if he will or not. But now I know why Chrissy was calling the brothers barbarians.

Chrissy Joy had a lovely wedding. The theme was the 1950s. They had out an old record player with 45 records playing 50s songs. Her wedding gown was 1950s. A very light pink with buttercream lace. Each of the bridesmaids wore a 50s outfit. Christian sang to me on the phone one of the songs that was her favorite from the 1940s. The first part goes, “I don’t want to set the world on fire. I just want to put a flame in your heart.” Oh, I love it. I sang the first part to MaryL, age 78, on the phone, and she recognised it and sang the whole song to me. She said she used to sing that in the 40s.

Joy (Chrissy) got married at a lovely home in upstate NY. In the back of the house were woods and they had a bonfire and just sat around it. Joy said it was very relaxing. Hmmmm, a fire? I am surpised Dan didn’t jump in it and scream “Goodness Gracious. Great Baaaaaaaalllls of Fire!”

Well, anyway, it was a lovely, relaxing wedding. A lot of people wanted to come, as Joy is rather popular in NY. But she was very adamant about just having close friends and family. I think she said she just had 70 guests. This was close and personal as she wanted it. A group of her girlfriends got her and Jason a tandem bike. (Bike built for 2 riders.) Also a group of (groom) Jason’s friends are getting them plane tickets to Bali Indonesia. But I am gonna try to talk her out of that. I think that is tooo dangerous.

Well, it really sounds like they had a lovely wedding. I was hoping Danny would have come back home with them. But, actually, it would be less dangerous for Dan to live in NY. (Just kidding.) I know they all had a great time.

John’s family was coming this morning to help with mowing the lawn but it is raining. Well, it’s just 7:00 am. So maybe it will quit raining and dry up by mid morning. I am fixing Sloppy Joes and will have sliced tomatoes and corn on the cob, and sliced cucumbers. We will pick apples and tomatoes and cukes for them to take home.

I didn’t do very good with the garden this year. Too much to deal with this year. But the Lord kept it and I am getting a lot of tomatoes, anyway. I know I have basil in that weed patch out there, too, and green peppers. Well, I will have to find them. Next year, I hope I will be doing better and be more on the ball.

As I write, I turn around and look at my dining room and living room. I am tellin’ ya, it is so peaceful. It reminds me of when I went to visit my aunt and uncle’s farm in the summer. I know the angels attend me night and day.

Laying Mary at the Cross

Oh, last night, I laid in my bed and prayed for Mary. The Lord spoke to my heart. In essence, He said, “Ya know, Connie, I don’t plan on letting ya go on this. The further that evil rubber band swings back, the further it is gonna shoot forward.” I am really surprised the devil wants to play this game with me. I am assured of winning.

Brandon was in the paper for forgery. I mean, this plot thickens. But it’s good, as now more people will pray for him. He comes from a long line of Christians. All of his relatives live around here and are good stock. They are gonna pray for him and I am certainly praying. His folks range from Pentecostal to Baptist. But I know they won’t eat their own but will put a medicine of prayer on his wounds. He has been a wild cat lately. Mary couldn’t keep up with him and bailed out. But I know if he will straighten up and go back to work, she would take him back.

I am believing that August won’t end without Mary and Brandon back together. Those two were a house of cards that fell little by little. But one thing that I really prayed about is what Toot said the other night. She said, “Connie, we have to look to Jesus and see what He wants to do in us personally.” The Lord showed me that have to come to Jesus alone. And then we have to follow Jesus. Not shadowed with a child but alone we must come to Jesus. I mean, the Lord had hardly heard from me that I wasn’t bringing Mary to Him. But I am also His daughter. The Lord showed me that as I put Mary and Brandon aside and follow His leading, this will turn the kids around. All I have done is wait in prayer for God to do something. But I must go on and hope my little lambs will follow me.

Ya know how, when the kids are little and they don’t want to leave Grandma’s house, and you say, “Well, I am going out to the car.” Pretty soon they will follow ya. But if ya just stand there and complain, the child thinks he has more time to play. Well, the Lord showed me that I have been like this and I need to go on to the car. So I prayed and asked the Lord where He was taking ME? And the Lord gave me a picture in my mind of four angels beside me. Each angel was calling me to a different job — each job contradicted the other one. I knew which way I was supposed to go. It was a no-brainer. But ya know? Knowing something is right and doing it is sometimes hard. But the Lord showed me that, through only having my eyes on the kids, I was running against the road the Lord wanted me on. Like God’s people in the wilderness, I am going in circles. We have to fix our eyes upon the Lord and go with Him. We have to be led of the Holy Spirit and not by the trouble in our families. By faith we take our eyes off the problem and put our eyes upon the Lord. We have to be about our Father’s business.

Satan may know that eventually we will get onto the right path. But he wants to interrupt us as much as he can. We think it is people calling us to do this and that. But the spiritual realm is calling us. The Spirit comes first and then people hear the Spirit — evil or good — and they begin to react to it. But it all starts in the spirit realm. And if Satan thinks he can use our kids to take us away from the call of God upon our lives, then he will do that. He will set us up for that.

Satan wants to be glorified and magnified to be like God. He wants the attention to be upon him. And when we mothers give him attention, then he wants some more. And the fear we have in our hearts is what he rides on. But we must lay our Issacs down. Because some of us make gods of our children. I humbly bow! “Forgive me, please, sweet Jesus.”

Actually, as we fear over our kids, we make them worse. And as long as Satan can use our kids to get us to go in the wrong direction, he will continue to make our kids worse. I am a bigger gun at this point then Mary is. And the devil wants to break me down.

Titus 2 Mother

I was prayin’ and I told the Lord, “Oh, Lord, I have been sending my writing out for 9 years now and I haven’t really accomplished much.” The Lord told me that I should look at it like this. I have hung on for 9 years and didn’t lose the ministry, which is a miracle. All I have been through in the past 9 years and still writing? It’s a miracle! Only Jesus kept me. When I first began writing, the house nearly burned down. And then you all know most of the rest. Right after we had remodeled, we had another smoke fire. Jim had put up white wall paper and had to do it all over again. I was responsible for both fires. I could barely forgive myself. But I kept writing.

I had begged the Lord for an older Titus Mother to rescue me the whole time I was raising my children. Then, when I became 50, the Lord told me I was the older Titus 2 Mother. I am like, “Didn’t we skip something here, Lord”? But at age 50, I just became who I had prayed for. Widowhood is nothing I expected, for sure! I mean, if the Titus 2 Mother loses her husband, what more is there? Well, I have truly lost almost everything. Poor Annie, I know this writing isn’t getting you out from under the bed. But, Annie, God has a perfect plan for each of us. Just because I lose so much, it doesn’t mean you will.

I need ladies who are whole and complete around me. Like Miss Violet who spoke of being organized in the Titus 2 Ministry. Oh, mercy, I could never be accused of being organized. No, I will always be the wind in some of your sails but organization is not in my blood. But, Annie, you are very organized and some of you on the group know what the heck you are doin’. No one could ever think I knew what I was doin’.

My Mother is a perfectionist and I drive her nuts. She said I am the strangest child she has ever heard of, and to think I am her daughter. But some of us have to ride on the wind. We have been pushed off the earth through many trials. And this world is no longer our home. We live somewhere between heaven and earth. If we didn’t live that way, we wouldn’t live at all. We put confidence in the holy clouds of heaven — just holy air. Because we have found out the hard way that this world has nothing to hang onto. The Spiritual becomes more real to us then the physical. The angels become our friends. And we live in a heavenly kingdom. And this physical world will pass away. But heaven will be our homes forever and ever.

This is all true, whether you live in the physical or in the spiritual on this earth. And the heavenlies are very busy lately. Things are going on in the Spirit realm. The Lord knows we are living in DANGEROUS times. And He is sending angels to us all the time to protect us. Angels come down out of heaven as God calls them and they come for a reason. I feel such a peace here at home as the rain gently plays upon my windows. The cool air comes to me from my side screen door just about six feet away. But I know it is the peace that passeth understanding. It is a peace from God. But our earth and the heavenlies are not at peace. Violence is in heaven (Matthew 11:12) and the violent take it by force. What we loose in heaven is loosed on earth.

And, ya know, please, ladies, pray for me and Annie, especially. She is a young mom who has so much responsibility with her own family. Running (or trying to run) with me has got to be hard. We need folks to pray for this group. I am so glad for Artie, Kelly’s husband, that seems to have a heart for us and what we are trying to do. I sure welcome the husbands to cover us spiritually in prayer. I have always asked that all of you who are on the group to really submit to your husbands. I try to submit to Jim’s memory and to not go outside of where I think he would want me to go. I use his memory as a guide to keep myself under submission to the Lord.

But we live in hard times. We need to be doing our canning, freezing, etc.

Bread and Butter Pickles

These pickles are just housewife pickles that don’t take much thinkin’ but Jim just loved them. As I prepare to make them, I feel like I am takin’ a step in faith to re-enter my life of homemaking again. I hear the cloud of witnesses cheering me on. The angels are smiling. Oh, I have done the regular stuff like vacuuming and cooking and stuff. But nothing back to the land where my heart touches Jim’s. I used to make barrels of these pickles but I will just make a crock full for the fridge this year.

I have about 7 big cukes. So I will slice these up with the peeling on them. Also add onion slices and green peppers, and about a fourth cup of salt. So you let these sit in a bowl for a few hours with water over them. Put a plate on top to keep the cuke mixture under water. Most recipes say overnight. Then drain them and rinse them with cold water. So then make a syrup for them on a stove in a pan. I will use my big spaghetti pan.

For just these few cukes, I will make my brine with just 2 cups of white vinegar and 2 cups of sugar, then the spices. Just bring this brine to a boil and turn it off and add the cukes mixture. Push the cukes all under the brine. The spices I will use (put them in when you add the sugar) are turmeric, about a fourth tsp. And about 2 tbs of mustard seed. Some garlic and about a Tbs celery seed. Some folks add cloves and cinnamon sticks, etc. but I don’t. And they cook the pickles longer but I want mine crisp. I like mine about half cooked.

One year I ran out of cukes and used zucchini to make these pickles. Jill used to use zucchini for everything. I made an apple pie once with zucchini and gave some to Aunt Toot and she never knew the difference. Poor Aunt Toot!



Yesterday I wrote a second part to my writing about Farmers Cheese. Well, my email machine got stuck when I was sending it out. So I had to unplug it and I lost my writing. So I am going to write about Farmers Cheese again.

Farmers cheese is a homestead cheese to make at home. Other cheeses are hard to make at home. But Cottage cheese and Farmers Cheese traditionally were made at home in the old days. These cheeses got their names from the words home. Cottage meaning home or Farmers cheese meaning on the farm and not made in a factory. And most cheese starts out as cottage cheese or Farmers cheese. I mean you could make Colby cheese and Swiss cheese and all at home. But traditionally most folks didn’t, as they were too hard to make. I have never tried to make any kind except the easier kinds.

You can make cheese from cows milk or goat milk. After you make your cottage cheese, you just drain it and put it in a colander or potato strainer lined with a white thin dish towel. Then pour the cottage cheese in. And if you want an herbed cheese, then put the salt and herbs in when it is still cottage cheese. Then take the towel and swoop it up around the cheese, making a sack out of it. Squeeze the water out of it by wringing the top and squeezing the cottage cheese to get the liquid or whey out. Squeeze it out good. And then, if it is a cool day, you can clamp your sack of cheese with a big safety pin or a small rope. Make it tight and secure. Then go out and hang the sack on the clothes line for the day. If ya got cool weather, just leave it out there a few days. Not freezing weather but just a bit warmer. Then bring it in and, if it is still kinda wet, then put it back in the colander and lay a clean brick on the top for overnight in the fridge. This will squeeze the rest of the water out and it will drain good. Be sure to keep this cheese cool as you are waiting to get the water out.

I made a cheese once that nearly killed me. But I didn’t keep it cool. I left it hanging in my kitchen a few weeks. Oh! My gosh, I am alive to tell it? It tasted like kerosene cheese?

Well, anyway, this Farmers Cheese will get hard and you can slice it. You can even make a rind for it out of paraffin. Just pour the warm paraffin over the cheese and it will make a rind and it will last longer. If you had a lot of milk and wanted to make a lot of cheese that wouldn’t be eaten right away, I would do the paraffin thing to keep it sealed and fresh. Still keep it in a cool place. But if you are just making one batch for the family, then I wouldn’t use the paraffin.

Now there are, I am sure, websites that will tell you how to make Cottage Cheese and Farmers Cheese. I would tell you how I make cottage cheese but you wouldn’t believe me, anyway. The recipes out there are way to complicated for my blood. They put in buttermilk and do this and that. And they cut the curd in nice squares and all. I don’t do any of that.

But ya know, now is the time to gather knowledge and experiment with making cheeses. I always, as a young wife, just wanted to know how to do all of this stuff. I wanted to make cheese enough to be able to say I knew how. And I sure learned how NOT to make it. I think we need confidence as Christian Homemakers. That if our family was to fall on hard times, we would have the confidence to know we could make it, anyway.

One thing I would sure recommend for this spring is to make a perennial garden. This means to plant stuff that will come up each year without you planting it. About half of my garden is for perennials. I have rhubarb and horseradish. A strawberry patch and raspberry bushes. All of this comes up every year right on time. We also have a wild plum tree that I make jam with and other things too. Well, the Christmas Cordial. We have 2 dwarf apple trees, too. This spring, Jim and the boys will plant some grape vines.

Also I want to get some asparagus to plant and this comes up every year, too.

It’s nice to get some perennials, as they are no work hardly at all. I mean you have to thin out the berry bushes and all, but ya know, that ain’t much work. And also if you know of someone who has a big garden with the perennials, they will be thinning them out and just ask them if you can have some. I know I hate to throw my plants away. And if I had a neighbor who needed them, I would give it to her. Ya know, this is how the Country Mothers always got their perennial gardens started. One neighbor would be thinning out the strawberry patch and would save some of the roots to give away.

I also plant a lot of flower bulbs like lilies. These come up every year and you don’t have to plant them. Black Eyed Susans are fun to have. I want to plant them this year. Do they come back each year? I think they do. And, of course, all of my herbs are perennials except the basil and a few others. But like tomatoes and all the peppers, you have to plant them each year.

I am looking forward this spring to teaching John and Christine about all of the herbs in my yard and what they are used for. How to make teas out of them, etc. My little yard is like a wild life preserve. Not with animals, I hope. But I let the herbs grow wild where they please.

I especially love the herbs. I guess one of my favorites is basil. And there are many kinds of basil and I like to grow as many kinds as I can afford.

I love my roses, too, and they come up each year. My favorite is the old fashioned 7 Sister roses that bloom just outside this window I am writing by. Then after them, I guess my second favorite is my Rose Hip Bushes right outside my side door that is behind me as I write.

I love my old black screen door. I told Jim that I would never move from here. Our home is a landmark of faith. It continues to be as the devil tries to run me off from it. “Give up on your family,” he tells me. But I am stayin’ here. This old house has a story to tell and I am gonna tell it on this two bit e-machine.

As Jim and me sat in discouragement yesterday, I told Wild Man, “Ya know, years ago, as I rocked our babies in that rockin’ chair, I said, ‘Lord, are ya sure this is all I am to do?’ And He said, ‘Yes, Connie, just rock the baby and don’t go anywhere. I will publish you and tell your story all over the world.’ I said, ‘You mean the city, right?'” I never knew he really meant the world. So, yeah, I am still stayin’ here. I guess He will take care of me as He always has. And my fine brood of kids.

Oh, those kids. Lord help me. But the Lord has taken care of us even if we are stinkers.

And I want to tell this story on A. before I go — hope I have room. Oh, boy, was she a stinker when we started this group. As I said before, the ladies would email me privately or call me long distance crying that A. took ’em off the Response group for not writing. Oh, ho, they would get so insulted. I got mad at them and, for spite, gave the whole group to A. to let her run it as she pleased. And she has done a Bang up good job, too. I couldn’t have made it this far or gone as far as I have without her. And B., too, and each of you regulars play such a part in keeping this circus running. I am only a writer. Not an organizer at all. Not computer minded at all. And I know out of this group is coming some very fine writers and teachers. My girls are the best. And one of these days, Mary and Christian Joy will be helping me run this thing. The Lord is good and knows what He is doin’. All is well.

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