Monday, December 18, 2017

Kitchen Table

pt 2 A Quiet Evening Supper

 forgot to say too about the baked beans and weiners..i wud often fix Jim
a baked potatoe to go with this.. This was after the children had married
and moved away and it was just Jim and i.. And i have written many times
about the Hamburgar Gravy i made for the Wild man.. i loved to be quiet in
the evening in my kitchen and make Papas coffee and stir the Hamburgar
gravy..Once you make the Gravey you gotta stand there and stir it or it wud
burn.But it was peaceful in my kitchen as the sun went down on another day
with my Darling Jim…Often i just felt locked in to our own world..We had
lived a life that no one cud hardly understand ..A life we tried to explain
..But at the end of the day we didnt have to explain anything more for that
day..Often we turned off the phone..and watched some show on tv..i wud get
out my sewing and quietly mend something..i loved to hand seems
there is a rythum of life in hand sewing that you miss out on when you use
a sewing machine..

pt 1 A Simple Evening Supper

Dear Mothers, Jim loved a simple quiet supper.. We wud be busy all day and
maybe upset about someting.. But by the end of the day Jim wud turn the
News on TV and i knew it was time to be quiet.. So i wud go out to the
kitchen and start Supper. One meal Jim loved in the evening was Baked
Beans with Weiners…I wud get out my big cast iron skillet and put a lil
oil in it …Then throw in the whole pkg of weiners and fry them.. You cud
use the turkey weiners if you like them better..After these are fried then
i wud get out a bowl and put in 3 cans of pork n beans.. drained..To this
i wud add about a forth cup of ketchup and a half cup of brown sugar and
a good squirt of mustard..sprinkle some salt on it and some black
pepper….Stir this up good .Then put all of this into the skillet with the
hot dogs..Stir this up..then put this in the oven to bake about 20 minutes
or until it bubbles..On the top of this i wud put a slice of green pepper
and onion before i put in the oven..Jim wudnt eat an onion or green pepper
but he liked them like this..Honestly Jim wud eat this meal for supper
and as a snack later in the evening..usually we had just bread and butter
with it..Just a Simple Supper..

pt 2 Back to the Land

Dont worry about cooking the noodles too long.. i have made homemade
noodles with vegetables and i have cooked them all day and they are so good
and tender..Like if i had a beef roast for supper ,,then we wud have left
overs..So i wud just add some more the pan and cut up the
left over meat…i wud then add water to the pan and a can of tomato
soup..stir this all up..Then add the freshly cut noodles.. Just a couple
handfuls of noodles..Then i put this all in the oven to bake. This is a
delicious meal..The noodles will float to the top and brown …i wud bake
this at 350 degrees, for about 45 minutes..or until the noodles are brown..
dont forget to salt and pepper this..I use garlic too..Ya know if we
homemakers can learn some basics then we can save alot of money..Like to
learn the feel of the pie dough and how it differs from biscuit dough..I
mean for yrs i cudnt make a decent pie. i was so used to making biscuits
..and i just cudnt  understand how to make pie dough..i mean i made pies..they looked good
but oh man the crust was like cement..But one day i was watching the
cooking channel and some one on there told us the diff between pie dough
and biscuit dough..Ok here it is..When you make biscuits the dough can be
shaped into a ball.. It holds together,,But pie dough will fall
apart when you try to shape it..You will want a real flakey dough for
pies..Pie dough is very delicate..and it needs to be cold when you use
it..Pie Dough has more fat in it then biscuit dough..But ya know each cook
is different.. But just try to make a nice pie crust from just flour ,
shortening , and cold water..i have made all kinds of pie ,,,it is my
favorite desert.. ..And also learn to make muffins..Learn the secrets of
good cooking.. And when you get low on groceries..but ya still have flour
in the cupboard..and maybe some hamburgar and some potatoes then the sky is
the connie

pt 1 Back to the Land

Dear Mothers, Do you know how to make homemade noodles..? Here is how i
make them…I get out my middle sized crock bowl and i throw in about 2
cups of flour..Then i rub in about a Tbs of butter… and a lil salt..Then
i make a lil well of flour ..and into the lil well i add 3 eggs if i have
them if i dont i just add 2 eggs..And then i stir them all up..Make a dough
out of the mixture like you wud play dough? If it is too dry add a lil
water.If its too wet add a bit more of flour..But it shud feel like play
dough..You have to have your dough dry enuf so you can roll it out..Ok now
i used to roll my noodles out on my table ..i always had a plastic table
cloth on my table because i had no space to roll dough counter
space…i have some now as Mary and Brad remodled my kitchen,,But you can
buy the plastic tableclothes at the Dollar Store..Thank the Lord for the
Dollar Store..!!! Anyway to roll this dough out just sprinkle some flour on
your work space and roll your dough out with a rolling pin..Or use an old
washed out wine bottle or something like it.Wash the bottle really well and
dry it good..Then just roll the noodles out very thin,,,but not so thin you
cant get them off the table..Ok just roll your dough out and then cut
strips with a pizza cutter..Or just use a sharp knife..Have a big pan of
water on the stove and when you are ready to put the noodles in the water
…it shud be boiling ….But dont put them all in at once..Just cut some
noodles and put them in and then cut some more and put them in..Other wise
you will get them all stuck together..Boil for about 20 min or so..Just
stir them gently ..whenever ya think about it. continued

Simple Meals

Dear Mothers, one of the simplest meals i fixed for my family when they were all home was “Goolash” ..Long after my son Dan was out on his own he wud come home for a minute to get something and he wud say “Mom do you have any leftover Goolash in the refrigerator?” He missed his Goolash..Well its really simple to make..Just fry up a pound of hamburgar and drain it..Then put a few cups of cooked macaroni in with the hamburgar..and put in a tall can of tomato sauce and its done..There are alot of variations in making this..You cud add a can of already made chilli..Or you cud add a bunch of onions and peppers and cook these in with the frying hamburgar..Maybe add cheese at the end when it is all cooked.. Sometimes i wud add a can of mixed vegetables or tomaote soup rather then tomato sauce..Or you cud even add a can of speghetti sauce instead of the tomatoe sauce..If you had any left over Goolash you cud spread it in an oiled baking pan..And just think of the goolash as a Pizza and pour tomatoe sauce on top and add some toppings like onions and mushrooms and lay a bunch of cheese on the top…. and bake it at about 350 degrees …for about 15 minutes………Love connie

pt 1 Just a Visit

Good Morning Mothers,  It rained all nite here in Iowa..i hope it wont freeze now.. i like to get up early in the morning to write..Each morning my lil yellow cat Peggy Sue goes to the door and wants me to let Chance in..i tell her  “Peggy Sue ..Chance died ..I’m  sorry Peggy Sue” .. Chance was in the house part of the time and  outside too..But he was always here for breakfast..but not anymore..Peggy wants me to open the front door so she can look out the screen door and see for herself ..So i open it and let her see each morning that Chance isnt there..Miss Charlottes grandaughter Mckayla  at 14 yrs old is worried that  Peggy is loseing weight…Mckayla wants to be a Vet when  she graduates high school.. She has such a heart for  animals ..she will be a good Vet..But no me…Peggy{Piggy} isnt loseing weight..She does pull the hair out of her tail tho..and she started that when Chance got sick. ..i dont know if its dry skin or what..i do put vaseline on it and that makes her quit chewing on it..for a while anyway……………………………..Well today i am going to make Hamburgar  Vegetable Soup..i have some V8 juice that i want to use up..and some odds and ends of other vegetables ..But mainly for the vegetables i will use brocolli , carrots, potatoes , and onions.. i  may add some noodles to it also..Jill and Emily came to visit on Thursday..i ask them to pray for me as i was having such a hard time with not wanting to even go to the grocery store or eat either..And since they prayed for me i feel better,,For some reason i get eating disorders..Odd not wanting to buy connie

pt 3 Radio Broadcast H H N

Homemakers of America,,You are  on the Air…This is HHN Radio  brot to you  by  the makers of Happy Housewifery.. This is our new call in show..{not really..but i hope some day} .. The lines are open so call in and tell us about your favorite homemade soups and the breads you make to eat with them… It is about 10 degrees here in Iowa..But no snow expected…maybe a few light dustings of snow but no acumulations ….I have to go grocery shopping  later this morning,,So i want to get my soup started and my bread ready to rise.before i go…I am going to make” Papas favorite..Potatoe Soup” and just a plain bread and some dinner rolls.. For the soup i will get out my cast iron Dutch oven with the bail handle..In the bottom of the pot i will put some butter and a lil bit of olive oil..Then i will cook up some onion and some fresh garlic,,and a lil bit of ham i have left from the holidays ..When the garlic and onion is soft i will just add water to all of this and cut up a bunch of potatoes and cook this until the potatoes are done..Also add some salt and coursely ground blk pepper..If i have any celery seed or celery i will add that..I will also add a few carrots..When i used to make pt soup i wud add so much green herbs etc that my soup wud look a pale green,,i didnt like the looks of it..So i started putting diced carrots in the pot when you put in the cut up potatoes..When the soup is all done i will add cheese to the soup.. and put a lid on it and let the cheese melt..Then stir it up real good…Mary puts brocolli in her cheesey potato soup..Mary if you are listening wud you send in your  recipe  for Cheesey potatoe soup? i think i will put in brocolli too in my soup..i have to get it all at the store anyway.Well Ladies keep calling the lines are hot with recipes..We will get to your call as soon as possible..If you need a in and maybe one of the ladies will have it in their cupboard..THOT FOR TODAY..But be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only. James 1:22…Until next time…Dont forget to send in your recipes,,Signing off for now Connie Hultquist

Good Morning

Dear Mothers,

Well, it is snowing like crazy here in Iowa. Wanted to share also a recipe idea.

I am trying to fast for the radio show and have given up eating meat for a time. Last evening I fried up a big pan of vegetables in my cast iron skillet. It was onions and green peppers and a package of frozen vegetables. This consisted of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. Anyway, after they were done, I put in some leftover spaghetti with sauce on it. No meat, of course. Christine, John’s wife, has fixed this before and it is very good. I would call it a vegetable spaghetti. Of course, now Wild Man had to have meat. So this isn’t a meal you would fix a man usually. But I do try to just stay with the fruits and veggies for now.

I am tryin’ to stay away from worldly foods. I think we have missed something when we have read the story of Daniel and his fast. Daniel didn’t eat the king’s food. Or the food of the world. He ate the simple foods that he was used to eating coming from a godly Jewish household. Daniel didn’t bow to idols. Not in his physical body or in his spirit.

I get teased a lot about not being worldly. But there is power in hiding away unto God. When you do go out in the world, you can discern spirits easier. Women are more easily deceived, I think. It’s because they aren’t made for the world and are geared to be sheltered. They are so anxious to please people. This is why they do so well in the work force as they please people so well and have servant spirits. They are called by God to be helpers of men. Of course, the world takes advantage of them. They knock the queen off her throne and get her to give her gifts to the world. She gives her strength to other women and her ways to destroy kings. In her pride, she refuses to care for the baby. She wants to please the world and not God. And the world causes her to cast her princess and her prince to the world to be taught and raised by unbelievers.

Mother is called to be keeper at home. But she cannot cast the idol of pride down. She has been too long in the world and the world becomes her authority. But the wages of sin is death. Death to the family and God’s will.


Baked Apples and Potatoes

Dear Mothers,

It is still pretty cold here in Iowa. It is warming up, though, today and it is about 5 above. PTL.

When the children were all home and I was tryin’ to warm up the house on cold days, I would use the oven a lot. I would load the oven with potatoes to bake and also I would bake apples at the same time. Just take your apples and core them out with a knife. So they are still together with a hole through the middle or through the core. Set the apples in a buttered pan and put butter in the hole and brown sugar and cinnamon. The potatoes and apples will be done about the same time, I suppose. Put the oven temp at about 350 for about an hour? Just check them with a fork to see if they are soft, then they are done.

We also made fried apples. Just take out your fryin’ pan and put some butter and oil in it and brown sugar, then just fry the apples. I would use about a half stick of butter or margarine and about a cup of brown sugar. Might need to add a bit of water. That way you have plenty of syrup as we used the syrup for pancakes. I would make pancakes and then set the fried apples on the top and some syrup for each family member.


Makin’ Noodles

Dear Mothers,

Ya know homemade noodles are so easy to make. And they are just flour and eggs salt and pepper. So if you have just these few ingredients and some meat and vegetables, you can make a meal. I used to make the noodles and add spaghetti sauce and hamburger to it. I have also made my own lasagna noodles. Once you learn to make these noodles, you will have a ball with them and they taste so much better than store bought.

So to start out with, just get a big pan of salted water to boil on the stove while you are making your noodles. OK, get out your mixing bowl and put in about 2 cups of flour. Then add enough eggs to get a dough goin’. Add a tsp of salt and some pepper. So the dough is just flour and eggs, no other liquid. So just play with this dough until it is like Play Dough. It should be that dry so you can roll it out on a floured surface. Roll this dough very thin. Now if you are having trouble getting it rolled out, just take smaller hunks of dough and roll it out. Then take a pizza cutter or knife and slice up strips. I do mine a handful at a time and put them in the already boiling water. This way the noodles have plenty of room to cook. And then cut another handful and throw them in. They will sorta float around in there. Stir them gently as to not break the strip up. Cook them for at least 45 minutes. After all the noodles are cut and in the boiling water, just turn them down and let them simmer a while.

Now you can dry these to use for later if you have too many. This is how to dry them. After they are cut, not cooked yet, just leave them on your cutting board in strips and let them dry a few days. You have to turn them over and get them really dry. After they are dried you can put them in a jar to use in a few weeks. Don’t seal the jar but put the lid on lightly. Or just make a lid out of cloth and put a canning lid around it. This way the noodles continue to dry. Also you can freeze the raw noodles in packages. And here is another noodle idea. When making the noodles, add a little tomato sauce and make the noodles red. Then I add herbs to these like basil or any Italian seasonings.

The lasagna noodles are just made by cutting the noodles in the size of the lasagna from the store and then make your dish as usual. Of course, boil them as I described the noodles in boiling salt water. When making the vegetable soups or stews, I used to add the noodles to the bubbling soup/stew. Your liquids have to always be boiling before you put the noodles in.

But hey, Happy Housewives, just try to learn these homemaking skills as it will save so much on your grocery bills. Also it will keep your families much more healthy and happy knowing their meals are homemade! Learn to make good cornbread, pies, muffins and cakes. Try your hand at making everything from scratch. Learn the feel of biscuit dough and how it is different then pie dough. Learn to be confident in your work place the kitchen.


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