Monday, December 18, 2017

Self Sufficiency

PT 3 Wise Woman builds her House

I have had such a hard time writing for these past months..i want to write
but nothing comes to me..i want the anointing ..need that Holy Spirit
anointing..But it seems a cold wind blows on my writing..A wind that blows
so hard..Its like i feel peppered by rocks depression and fear..Wud i
want to write about this..well not hardly..But it seems Jim and i bounced
off of each other. But now there is no Jim to bounce off from..i have
wondered “What now Lord..what am i to do.”? i keep trying to accept the
fact that Jim is gone..and i try to forget him..But Jim is not forgetable
…Oh Mercy will this Love Story NEVER end?? well it never has ended and
probably never will.. And yet i cant just sit here and wait to go to
Heaven..i stopped just now to read my Bible..i think the Lord is saying
that Jim was far far more to me then just a husband..He and i some how
represented a new order or a new way of life..We represent a Godly
home,,,We have seen the Dr Dobsons message..and thank God for it but what
does it have to do with now? Our world has changed alot since Billy Graham
preached the Gospel..Oh yes i love Bill Graham… and his wifes writings
were some of my favorites.. But it seems there is a new world order
coming…And we Christians will have to begin a new life..At this point we
have to go back, to the land..We have become like John the Baptist..We cry
out to God in the wilderness.. And God calls back to us..And we get our
message from God alone..i think its like we will get our message by special
revelation.. In other words the Lord will speak to our hearts..more and
give us what we need from His hand.. There will be roots ..deep roots that
will teach us..i feel like Dixie was a root..She stayed on her farm and she
listened to the Holy Spirit..And yrs ago i had a vision ..The Lord spoke to
my heart that i was a writer..And i saw myself go over to Dixies
garden..And i laid upon it and the Lord filled me with the Words to
write..The Lord showed me to cry after WISDOM.. Every wise woman builds her
house but the foolish woman tears it down with her hands..Prov 14;1..

pt 2 A wilderness of Truth

Are we going to believe in ourselves when all the world laughs at us…for  how long? Can we trust in ourselves that we will be strong as  long as we need to be,for as long as it takes,,? We as Believers often oscalate back and forth with Gods Word..Can we quit that and make a home strong  ..and stand strong…Even if we are being strong completly alone,,? Nehemiah had so many interuptions as he was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem..But he kept sending messages back to his enemies..”I cant come down to talk to  you,,i am doing a good work for the Lord”..Nehemiah knew what he was doing was a good work,,an important work for the Lord..He didnt let fear swing him one way or the other..he stayed steady on the Word of the Lord……………..i think as  Wilderness Wives and Mothers we will probably have to do more cooking from scratch …i think if we can just buy supplies and cook from what we buy we will have more of a fighting chance..i think the Wilderness Mother is a good example to us…We of course will be cooking from scratch for a different reason then the Women of the 1800s and before did,…….But we cant be at the mercy of this crazy economy we live in either.i think all  of these ideas are something to think be serious about..Maybe they are just ideas to pack away in a forgotten drawer for now..waiting for a time to use them..i dont know..But i do know things have to change in our government in a big way..and very soon…love connie

pt 1 To Thine Ownself be True

Good Morning Wilderness Mothers, Yesterday i did alot of reading and thinking.Have you all seen the movie “Heartland”? its supposed to be about the life of  Elenor Pruitt..She was a widow and moved out West with her young daughter to Homestead..This was about the end of the last century ..i  enjoy reading about women who are daring enuf to do these things..As i was thinking yesterday and writing,,i think of the words “To thine ownself be true”.And i heard a voice down deep in my soul..”Connie,,just who are you ? Do you really  enjoy your own company enuf to be able to have only the sound of your own voice to listen to for months on end?..Just who are you? Cud you make everything from scratch and actually not let your imagination run away with itself when and if your snowy roof fell in in the middle of the night? ” Welll the deal is..i wud know what to do ,,,,but wud i have the guts to do it? and i think on some much smaller scale we as wives and mothers are in that place now..We are living in such uncertainty..What is our new wilderness going to look like? When i go to the grocery store lately i feel like i have entered the fun house..only .its not fun..It all seems so unfamiliar and scarey..Someone is laughing but ,its not the common man or woman.,..who do we trust in Washington? it seems no one..And all this talk  on TV about our food being poison..It sure tastes like it is…is it really..Well if you buy all organic food then you wont be poisoned supposedly..But who can afford that ?

pt 3 Every Wise Woman Builds Her Home is some more of the writing.. its about when we first met Frans wife.We entered the shed{kitchen}  thru a grape arbor..The arbor brot alot of shade and the vines of the grapes went all over the front of the shed and kept things cool in the kitchen..As  you entered this kitchen it was as tho worldiness just fell off  of you and you were entering the hallow of Gods Hands..When i saw Mother working in her kitchen i felt so peaceful..Fran introduced her as his bride of many yrs..Mother was quiet and reserved..i felt like i had entered her sanctuary and interupted her prayers..This wife had moral dignity and strength..Thru her domestication she brot out the natural ways of  her husband..She was discreet and chaste..i was a young wife seeking the older Titus mother…That day the Lord showed me a part of  what all of this meant..Mother didnt need to preach to me..her life showed me what being domesticated meant..To close this up i will  tell you one more thing Fran said about his bride..He said that he bot a herd of cows to care for just so he cud give his pretty wife fresh cream for her coffee every morning..Later i was to find out that Mother taught classes on Housewifery..i didnt get to go to them as i was so busy with my big family..But i was thankful i got to meet this precious family. When i first started the Happy Housewifery Newsletter this was the first story i wrote..i didnt get this one sent out..But i think this mother had alot of influence on me as a young mother with alot to learn..Love connie

pt 2 Mothers Summer Kitchen

So Fran tells us to follow him and we went to the Summer Kitchen,,The puppies were in a box waiting for the  children to come and get them just inside the door of this lovely old kitchen,,Ok i will tell you what it looked like..You walked thru a grape arbor that was shaped like a hallway to the front door of the kitchen..The kitchen was a long old out building that was not insulated and had a dirt floor in most of it,,,This precious wife and mother was cookin up a storm in there..She had a big old wood burning stove..But then she had other stoves in the building too,..One she was making cheese on,..and it had to be kept at a certain temp..Then she had another stove too ..i dont remember what that one was for..In a corner of  her kitchen was a huge pile of  bright orange  pumpkins and gourds that she had grown in her garden.Also she had piles of fall flowers that she wud dry..Mainly the  Giant  Marigolds and Zinnias ..Over our heads was the wooden beams..Mother tied her flowers upside down so that they wud retain their colors and wud dry out ..The kitchen ceiling was awash with  colors of Fall..It was gorgeous.. She also had dried herbs  tied to the beams.. Then she had shelves of Mason jars and baskets of tomatos waiting to be canned. Also  baskets of cucumbers to be made into pickles..Well Fran introduced his lovely wife to us..And the children played with the puppies for a while.,,After Mother met us and all she told us that she was a Christian.. They had 2 teenagers a boy about 14 and his sister was about 16..The children came out of the house to see what Puppy our children was taking,..And  the teenagers so admired their mother…and their dad,,But especially their Mother.. That sure touched my heart..  

pt 1 The Virtuous Sisters

This old story took place many yrs ago..Well i was pregnant with the Rock Star “Dan  ” and he will be 31 this Spring..My memory takes me  back to a special day in the fall..i can hear my precious children in the car playing in the backseat..No car seats then ,,so they jumped all over the car,,Papa didnt care..David wud swing on Jims neck from  the back seat,,”Hey thats my neck you are pullin on..” ..Me and Papa had promised the children a puppy for an early Christmas present,,We were chasing down an Address in the newspaper…”Free Puppies”..Finally Jim found the house …It was a lovely old white farm house nestled in a cluster of Autumn maple trees….The husband came out and we all visited a while..i was to find out that we had come for more then a puppy..i was about to meet a Virtuous woman that i was never to forget,,i dont even remember their names..i will just call the husband Fran as he looked French and his lovely wife i will call her Mother..As we visited with Fran he kept mentioning his wife…This couple was in their late 40s..i was about 31 and Jim was about 38.,,Fran told us about Mother and all the things she made especially in the fall..He showed us her garden …It was done for the summer and put away till next spring time…But then Fran wanted to show us Mothers Summer Kitchen …Oh Mercy , was a feast  for the eyes to behold..Jim had only been saved for about 3 yrs..i was seeking hard after the virtuous woman,,”Who is she i kept asking the Lord” .?.Well the Lord was about to show me one of the virtuous sisters that was to hold me in place for alot of yrs..

Makin’ Do

Last evening, just before I was about to go to bed, I got Annie’s email and then Tracy’s, asking me to write about the Depression era Mothers and what they would have done in times as we are now living. I prayed about it last night and talked to Jim about it. Jim had such a spirit of God on him as he spoke to me. We have had a hard time lately ourselves. Jim said to tell the families to just stock up on canned things for the winter. And if you have fresh produce out of your gardens, “can it.” Jim isn’t one with words. But as he spoke, I could see that the Lord was speaking through him. And as I write this morning, I can see the wisdom in what he was saying.

Frozen food is nice to have. But you can always trust the fact that you have canned goods that won’t spoil for years, in case the electricity would go out. So one thing I would do, if I were some of you with big families, is to stock up on canned vegetables, fruits, and canned evaporated milk and meats. And put this all in some sort of storage room. You can easily stack canned goods in flat boxes and store them under the beds, if you have little storage. Papa really spoke to me about this and I could tell it was more than just Jim speaking. It was as if the Lord was speaking. So I am really going to stock up on some canned things for the winter. Then I have my own canning from my garden.

Also, ya know, in the winter it’s not hard to store fresh milk for the week. When the children were all home, I got about 5 gallons of milk a week. I stored it in the winter on my porch. But, ya know, you could make some sort of box to put outside to store milk in to keep it cold this winter. Just put the box up by a backdoor or up against the house. Put a heavy lid on it and make sure the sun won’t shine on it. And even if the milk freezes, it will thaw out and is still just as good.

The old timers, in the winter, used to have window boxes? They opened the window and put a wooden box in the window. Like you would fit in a window air conditioner? Then the box had a door on the front. So it worked like a little refrigerator. Over the front where the door is, you could just put a curtain over it to look like the hanging curtain that is there. If at all possible, put your box on the north side of the house. My little root cellar and my only kitchen window are on the north side of my house. It’s colder on that side. You wouldn’t want to put your box where the sun would beat down on it during the day. You could certainly put some of your refrigerator items in there. It wouldn’t work as a freezer unless it gets really cold … like below zero. But this box would come in mighty handy for leftovers and for margarine or butter, ketchup, pickles, mustard, etc.

The main thing is that we need to know the state of our pantries. To keep a sharp eye as wise mothers on our storehouses. Deut. 28 says that we will be blessed in our storehouses if we obey the Lord.


Ya know, I have lived in life and death situations and my knowledge took me through, in part? But I want to talk to you seriously about courage? You can know all the right things to do but not do them because you are scared half to death? Fear will paralyze you and make you just want to sit and do nothing. You can have the idea as to what to do … what you need to do? But the fear will bind you and take your strength.

I mean, you could watch 24-7 TV news about death and destruction. But you had better not? Those folks are precious that report this stuff on Fox News. My heart goes out to them, as they seem so sincere and are, I think. But they are not believing the Lord? I mean, I am sure some are … God bless them!!! And ya know, I have watched a lot of this with Jim. But ya know, I am not going to watch it that much more. I mean, I will be polite to Jim about it. But I was praying and the Lord just impressed me like this. “You have watched it enough to discern the times and the seasons our country is in, and that is enough. ”

I mean, it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that “What comes around goes around.” What is effecting one state will effect the ones around it. Some of us are in for some hard times ahead. And yet, as Canaan has shown us, God’s word works. There are hard times up ahead to be had, but the Lord is with us and will be mighty in our midst. We must be dutiful and faithful as homemakers. But it is He that will either make or break us.

We must put Him first and cry after His presence. His life … His anointing is the key, let me tell ya. Fear will take you down quicker than starving to death. Get the fear out of your house. Turn the TV off and make a full pantry. Canaan said that Psalms 91 is what brought her through. I am going to write this chapter down and put portions of it on the wall in every room of the house. When I homeschooled the children, we memorized this chapter. But in times of fear, sometimes we forget what we have memorized. We need to have the promises of the Bible out where we can see the words. We need to hide the word of God in our hearts and speak it to our children.

My children would say something negative to me when they were young and I would say, “Don’t confess it.” And they still tease me about this and say it themselves. And yes, Mother, you may feel scared half to pieces, but don’t say it. When you open your mouth and confess fear? Then demons are loosed in your house like a virus and will go to the rest of the family. And you get a family that is running on fear? And they will run right out he door to the street. No, Mothers … don’t spread fear into your house. Speak the word of God into your home and into your children. Confess openly, “I am a mother of faith and courage. I will make a home out of nothing if I must. God will help me. He won’t destroy my home as I am faithful to Him. The old time mothers made it through the Depression era and if they did it, I can do it, too.” And ya know, those Depression era women had so much less than what we have. I mean, in the flat prairie lands, it didn’t rain for 3 years. They didn’t even have a garden to take them through. The ranchers didn’t have any rain to water the horses or cattle. But ya know, they all lived to tell it? And we will, too.

I told Jim a few days ago, “Ya know, Honey, folks are gonna be livin’ like we have all along.” Well, it didn’t hurt us any. But it sure hasn’t been that we have made it because of survival skills. I mean, the survival skills come as you decide to trust in the Lord. As you decide to not give up, no matter what. I mean, right now Jim and I are between a rock and a hard place. But Jim said last night, “I will find another job if I have to cook in a restaurant.” And wild man would walk to work, too, if he had to. That old boy is hard to keep down and is tough as a nail. He is 65 years old … but he is strong in spirit.


And ya know, if I was in one of those homeless camps I have seen on TV? I would just make a tent for my family. I think, with all the debris around, you could find a few poles or tree limbs and pound them into the ground. Then put a rope between them and hook blankets up around them. You could use one of those 5 gallon plastic containers for a toilet? They are easy to sit on and hopefully you could find a lid for it. Then make another clothes line on the outside of the tent to hang wet clothes. Then just take some sticks and build a makeshift fence to put around the tent. At least you would have some privacy and give the children a place to rest. A Mother can make a home wherever she is. Just tell the children you are camping out. The main thing is to give the children a place away from the other people to be quiet.

And, like Annie was saying, you could make a formula for the baby out of watered down milk. In the 1960s we used the canned milk to make a baby formula. All the mothers did this, back then, that didn’t breast feed. We mixed it half water and half evaporated milk. We put a Tbs Karo syrup in one daily bottle to make sure the baby didn’t get constipated. And also we started feeding our children baby cereal at 2 weeks old. Just once a day in the evening. Mix it up really fine and gooey with milk or warm wate.

Take care of the baby and keep him warm and dry and fed. Baby should be a top priority. I think the elderly would be treated first, anyway. But make sure, Mother, that your baby is cared for and the young children, especially.

But if you have a home to live in as, thank the Lord, Tracy does? Then, yes, I would stock up on canned goods. Cookies and crackers would be good to make and keep in a dry, cool place in the house. Ya know, you could make quick breads in canning jars and store that away. You just use the wide mouthed pint or quart canning jars. Bake the bread in the jar and make sure the bread doesn’t go over the top. If it does, just slice it off the top. But while it is hot out of the oven, screw the canning lid and ring on … it will seal from the heat. Store this bread in a cool, dark place. It should last for at least a year. If you open it and it isn’t moldy and smells good, then it is good. If it has mold on it, then don’t eat it.

Tracy, if I were you, I would just bake a bunch of goodies for the freezer. If the electricity were to go off, the baked goods would still last a while.

Now as far as buying things at the store for your family storehouse. Just buy the canned things. Then stock up on the white sugar and brown. Buy as much flour as you can store safely. Buy cornmeal for cornbread and a box of oatmeal. Then make sure that you have baking powder, baking soda, and bread yeast. Go through your spices and see if you need cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger. The spices that are outdated, I save to boil in water in the winter to keep the house smelling good and to keep the moisture in the air. Make sure you have shortening and cooking oil if you can afford it.

Buy candles on sale … but make sure, Mother, to watch them. As you light them, put them up someplace away from the children. You can make a country candle holder like this. Just take an old jar and put one of the little candles in it. The glass reflects the light and makes it brighter. This way, the open flame is down in the jar. You could put some of your outdated spices in the jar, too.

Also buy some cocoa to make cocoa for the children. I still buy the big box of instant milk to cook with, and it makes a nice hot cocoa.

But Tracy, yes, just put your trust in the Lord and make a home in the wilderness. You know how to do it. I will be writing more on this later.

A Harvest Home

Oh Mercy, it’s been busy here at the house. I am up writing in the night. Well, I guess it’s 4:30 in the morning. I can feel the Holy Spirit lift me to the place of abundance in Christ and then I feel pulled back to the barrenness. I have a writing to birth and I can feel the signs of labor coming on.

The Lord, for the past few days, has spoken to me about the empty hands of the women in our country and, even now, it is harvest time. The fruit in our gardens is ready to be harvested and to be put away for the winter. And yet, many women stand about idle with empty hands and depressed hearts. The women are no longer happy at Harvest time as they were for generations before us.

Always during hard times, Mother went back to the land … back to her roots. Back to teachings on the home and back to a simplicity of keeping a home for the family. Now we say, well we don’t have to work so hard, as we have stores now to buy our produce from. And yet our food is so poison with preservatives and our country’s land is no longer good as it once was. Mother could simply save her family in her own backyard garden and with her own compost pile to give her garden fertilizer. Our land in our country has been raped repeatedly, all for the love of money. And the hormones given to the animals we eat are not safe. And yet we could, if we wanted to, grow all of our own food and preserve it.

I am not writing to bring condemnation — I am not that good at canning, myself. I know how to can and to preserve food but I have let the devil make me think I have been too busy. But I don’t want to get sidetracked but to follow the Holy Spirit on this. He has a message here and I want to find out what it is.

In our country, when the pioneers traveled West, they had to go back to the land and learn to live off the land. And then during the Depression era, folks went back to the land to survive. And for generations before the pioneers, most families lived off the land. The pioneers knew that they had to go back to the land to survive. Well, we are in a place now in our country where the times are just as rough as any that the pioneers of old ever saw. We live in a dangerous time now. We are blinded by satan, as we don’t think we have to work to keep our family in food. And yet trouble looms about us and we have a knowin’ that we should do something about it.

Lately, I have seen in my spirit Mothers with empty hands during the harvest. Sure, we lack knowledge as to how to prepare our foods for canning. Or Satan robs us of our time. We have a vague idea of how we saw our grandmothers live off the land but we don’t have any idea where to start. Or we don’t see a reason to. And yet there is such a famine in the land of the Bible truths being spoken. On TV, there is an array of witches preaching against homemaking. These women are goin’ into our spiritual storehouses and literally tearing the people of God apart. These witches have torn their own homes down and now are tearing at the temple of God.

Of course, the men have driven these women to it. Most of these witches have a hubby behind them telling them to do it. These women have not had the backbone to know the scriptures and to stand up for their authority in the home. They are puppets who are being tossed about in the wind. They have been a day late and a dollar short. They haven’t had the older Titus Mother in their lives and neither have their husbands. And they want to be free and think they find their freedom in having no responsibility to work for God. They hate the virtuous woman and they dig on her whenever they can.

But we mothers and keepers at home have a place in God that no man should boss us around in. God in Genesis gave us authority in the garden, too. And we are to take authority in the earth over the animals and the land. We are called to tend our gardens and to make a home and to have babies.

And don’t get me wrong — we must be servants of Christ and submit to our husbands. But I want to tell you a story. Back in the old days, in order to keep my kids fed, I would go to the store and buy the leftover produce that the store was going to throw away. Jim hated it and said it was a big mess, but he allowed me to get it. And through much tribulation, I saved his ornery hide and kept the family fed. I only had 100 bucks for 2 weeks to feed the 5 children I had at home. Jimmy was in the Navy. Something had to give. I had my own garden, too, but couldn’t produce enough food. I had some knowledge of gardening but sorely lacked the know how and the time to take care of it. I had weeks that the 100 bucks was almost spent for one week’s groceries. The second week, we lived on the fruits and vegetables I salvaged from the store.

But no, I never stood up to Jim and told him off. I had to be submissive and quiet. I had a clearer vision of what we needed to keep the family from going under. And Jim has bailed me out many times in our marriage, as he has had wisdom where I lacked it. But ya know, we mothers and wives are held responsible to God to do what He has called us to do. If the husband is interrupting this calling, then you need to know that and fight in the spiritual realm against this. Don’t let a man make a slave out of you.

When a queen is taken off her throne to work in the street, then this breaks the Lord’s heart. We are the weaker vessels and are to be homebound and to do the work of home. If you are told to go get a job and to leave your home and place of protection, then, of course, you must go. But look at Esther. She didn’t just say, “Well, my husband wants to slaughter the children of God, so I guess I will submit.” No … Esther had a place with God. She knew God on her own and knew enough to follow the Spirit of the Lord. And yet she had a heart of reverence towards her husband. The King loved Esther. The king could have killed all the Jews and slept the next night without interruption. He had no heart for the Jews. But he loved Esther and wanted to make her happy.

A lot of men are as hard as a nail, and especially in this age. Well, they don’t know any better and have never seen a virtuous woman. So, yes, you submit to them and have gentle loving hearts towards your husbands. But God has called YOU to be the keeper at home. And you need to walk that out.

You have no place else to go. The work at the house is all yours, Darlin’. I don’t care how much education you have. If you have children and a husband, you need to stay home and take care of the children.

Ok, this is just basic Bible teaching. And women knew this as basic Bible teaching for many generations before us. But now we live in a time where witches are ruling. Ya know, any woman of dignity would know to feel compassion towards these witches. They are like flies on a dead horse. They breed more flies and fill the air with a binding controlling spirit. And all of this lady preachin’ may sound good at church? But when ya get back home to the kids … is it preaching that will help you to care for the children? No, it’s a preaching that leads to abortion and neglect of the children. It’s a preaching that is causing divorce and child neglect. And yet we women who know the Lord should have compassion on these women, as they are poor and must work in the street. They have been pushed out of the home by men who have made slaves out of them.

Many men are like Esther’s husband. They could tell you to go get an abortion and never think a thing about it. But a woman is to soften a man and teach him her ministry as Keeper at Home. She shows him her worth as she makes a home out of almost nothing. And you can make a home out of nothing. I did. I had 6 children and went on welfare to care for them. Heck, they didn’t know it. They had food and I made a place for them to be warm and cared for.

And oh, lately, they tell me that on the news, another Mother forgot about her baby in the car and went to work and the baby died. I can hardly bear this news. And these women say they are Christians. I don’t know about this woman, but many do say that. We live in a wicked generation. But as women of dignity, we must walk as Mothers in Israel. We must pray for these women and stand as examples of Godliness before them. Forgive them as they know not what they do.

This unholy preaching in the land, done by abused orphan children that have never known a virtuous woman, is a cancer in the Body of Believers. It is eating at the foundation of the temple of God. But we as Godly Mothers must take courage and strength unto ourselves. We must see all of this for what it is … it is totally a lack of teaching on the home. And this lack of teaching has promoted an evil that is like an unholy fire that is out of control.

Our only hope is in God … we must pray and throw our hopelessness as a country over on Him. And ya know, many of us will have to be examples that don’t maybe have a heart for it. Jim makes enough money now to keep us going. I don’t have to have a garden. But I desire to be an example to those about me. I cannot use my liberty to squander the life of the young women about me. As a Titus 2 Mother, I want to live a life pleasing to God as an example of a keeper at home. I am called as the older woman to act out my place as Keeper at home.

In the early years, God called me as Esther. I couldn’t do much back then as a wife forsaken. Yet God told me that I would give my sisters spiritual tools to fight with as Esther gave her people. The King, on her behalf, gave the Jewish people weapons to fight their enemies. So many of you don’t understand that I love the body of Christ. But those who feed His sheep are the ones who love Him. The Mothers among you that give you the spiritual tools to fight the enemies of your homes are the Mothers who love you.

Many of you older Mothers are called to be Titus 2 Mothers. It’s a hell of job, let me tell ya. I walk out on a battlefield every time I come to this e machine. The wounded lay about me and I stand silent in their presence. Surely, they think I don’t care, like Kelly and some of you Mothers who suffer so. I don’t read all of your emails. I can’t or I could never go on. I know, mainly, what they say as I have been there and done that. I am thankful for many of you who minister to the broken hearted on this group. And yet, in this battlefield, I am called to keep on going and to write. The Lord tells me that the written word is more mighty than the sword. I am called to write and to live my life on the battlefield with you. I don’t have to be there now and the Lord told me I could leave. But my heart has been pierced by His sword. I am wounded, too, as I have been chosen to suffer for Him. To suffer and, yes, to lead you to victory. I know how to be abased and to how abound.

A woman of dignity and honor will always sacrifice her own life for those about her. She gains many crowns for herself and she gathers them up to throw at the Master’s feet. She stands strong in a wicked and perverse generation. She does not bow her knee to the gods about her. For her King is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who is Christ Jesus.

And ya know, I am mainly just an ol’ huntin’ dog lookin’ for a place on the front porch to rest? I am so much slower on the draw than I used to be and Jim runs circles around me. But I will tell ya one thing, “Before I leave this world, I plan to kick the hell out of it, one way or the other.” Mostly by smartin’ off on the email, probably. But the Lord does do things to keep me awake, like He has my trick skirts fall off … or up? And then the racoons falling from the kitchen ceiling certainly keeps me awake. But ya know, it is in my heart to make a dent in this world before I go. To leave my footprints in the sand.

Someday my Christian grandchildren will say to me, “Where were you, Grandma, when 1.5 million babies were being murdered each year?” I mean, generations of children are being murdered in front of us. But I believe that God’s true word of the Bible would bring our country back to sanity. It’s gonna take a lot more than a walk on Washington. Man, this murder started in the heart of the unbelievers and now has entered the church … it’s the wickedness of the hearts of the believers that keeps abortion going. And, of course, this wickedness is causing such a disregard for the live children. It has to stop and wont stop when a law is passed. Judgment must begin at the house of God. The heart of the believers has to be cleansed. And when the believers take a stand, then satan’s blood bath will be over.

But God is calling holy women who will be obedient to all things concerning home and family. He calls us to come back to the land and to make gardens and homes for our families. We have done all to stand and we must stand. We must cultivate a place, a spark of energy that God can use to be an example of His word.

In the old days, as I would sit and rock the baby, I would say, “Lord, I love you and want to do something for you. Are You sure that this is all I am to do? Just care for the baby and make a home for Jim and the children?” I couldn’t understand that this small act of obedience would mean anything to God. Yet God told me that He would multiply my obedience to Him and take it much further than I could understand. Oh, and I didn’t understand it. And I often lamented to the Lord, as I prayed and rocked the baby … I cried out, “Lord, what do you have for me to do?” And, of course, He had called me to rock the baby and to do as I was doing. I didn’t understand that at the time. So many around me told me to do something important like get a job? Thank God I had enough sense to just stay put and care for the family.

And when God called me to write, I thought it was the end of the world. I cried out to God, as my children were gone and I was alone and barren. But I went to the battlefield because He called me to go. And I went for 7 years. And now God has given me my Rose in the desert to care for. My little baby Rose brings so much joy to my heart. I was tested as the Lord called me to serve Him in my barrenness. I had to say with Job, “Tho He slay me yet will I trust in Him.”

As I raised my children as a young mom, I was always hidden. And my company was from Hidden women. I gave my testimony rarely, even after 18 years after Jim was healed. I gave it maybe twice a year … if that? I didn’t know my neighbors — I lived secluded with my family. And for the Lord to call me to the arena to give my testimony was surely something I hated. And yet I was called unto Him to do what He asked me to do. And now I go willingly without always a prompting from Him. He is my husband and I am learning to know His heart. My prayers have been etched in His heart and now I am holding still for Him to carve His word in my heart.

One voice of truth could save our nation. A voice of truth and the energy around it to create a place for the Lord to dwell. Let His voice enter your hearts, dear Wives and Mothers. Let us call Him to our inner temples. Let us give Him a place.


And I see in my spirit wastelands and a wilderness. And in the midst, I see a few homes here and there across the barren lands. Homes set on a hill and tiny lights sparkling in the darkness. Homes made by wise mothers who have discerned the times and have prepared their homes for the coming darkness.

For a few years, they are witnessing to the neighbors and teaching them to have gardens and full pantries. But then the time comes that no man knows. And each of the little houses in the darkness must turn off their lights and close the door for the last time. And as in the days of Noah, the time of teaching is over — the door is closed.

And mother looks out the window and sees the suffering families on her porch crying for a bit of spiritual and physical food … it breaks her heart but she must not open the door again. Her time of teaching is over and now her own obedience will save her home. She saved the ones she could … she made hay while the Son shined but now this time is over. The angel of death has passed over her house and couldn’t touch her, as she was trusting in the Blood of Jesus.

In this age, dear hearts, I believe that we have a block of time that we can gain knowledge and wisdom as to how to make a home that is somewhat self sufficient. Use this time to read and to learn how to make a home and a garden. Gather knowledge and wisdom now while you can. Because ya know, hard times — even harder times — are coming? Don’t go out to work and leave the children. Find out a way to keep them with you. Use this time to glean enough knowledge that you can say that you are not afraid of the future.

Let quietness and confidence be your strength.

Wisdom is the stability of the times. Wisdom is the wise woman who builds a house.

Let your home be a light house until the days come that you must turn off the light for the last time.

Obey the Lord in your calling as Keeper at Home.

A Homestead Pantry

Good Morning.

Yesterday I was writing about homesteading and going back to the land. One thing I was trying to caution my readers about is not biting off more than they can chew.

I know one time, I read an article in Crowned with Silver about a dear Mother who nearly died from overwork. She had these dreams of moving to a farm with her large homeschooling family. Cooking from scratch and having goats and chickens. Well, she wasn’t prepared for any of this and way overdid it. She and her children got the flu and, because of being so stressed, it took a long time for them to all get well again. Her garden was way too large and she couldn’t care for it. So, of course, the city women mocked her and told her that she could never make a go of it on the land.

Well, ya know, slow and steady wins the race. If you have a small garden in town and can’t keep up with it, then don’t try to go to the country and plow up a big garden and add animals to care for to the work. Judge yourselves by what you have done with your small garden in the city. If you have outgrown your city garden, then you are ready to get a bigger garden.

I say all of this to say again, “Make hay while the sun shines.” Prepare yourselves now for the coming harder times ahead. Do what you can to learn survival skills. At different times in my marriage over the past 40 years, I have had to do many things to survive and to keep my family from going under. I was prepared with knowledge and I was glad I was.

Ok, now let’s say I have my Homestead and I am preparing to move in about a month. Again, it is the spring, like now. I would want to stock my pantry so that I would only have to go to town once a month. I will be busy with gardening and children and won’t have time to leave the Homestead more than once a month. So this is basically what I would buy.

I would buy a lot of canned vegetables, fruits, and meats. I am shooting for total self sufficiency but I am not there yet. I will be canning tomatoes out of my garden in the fall. Until then, I will need some canned items. So I will buy as many canned items as I can until I learn, gradually, to replace them all with homemade. So I will buy the canned items that I think I could grow in my garden. Such as canned green beans, peas, and corn, etc.

Ok, Papa’s coffee … a big can! I am imagining that I have big shelves in my Homestead Pantry. I would use large glass jars to store macaroni, rice, dried beans, oatmeal, cornmeal, and bread flour. This way, you always know at a glance if you need more beans or whatever. You just can’t beat the big tight lidded glass jars for storage.

Then, of course, you need other baking supplies like shortening, yeast, baking powder and soda for biscuits. And if ya can’t make biscuits, learn now as they come in mighty handy for a big family supper of gravy and biscuits. Now, for me, I use the gravy mixes from Aldies. We don’t eat a lot of meat and so I need these mixes to put in soups, etc. for flavor. I can make my own soup stock and can it, too. And eventually, if I needed to, I could again.

I will bring a bottle of ketchup to my homestead but will make many jars of it the coming fall with my homegrown tomatoes. Then, of course, you will need big bins in your pantry to store potatoes. I would also buy a lot of canned milk and instant milk. I would buy maybe 6 gallons of fresh milk for the month and can some of this to last the month. I have canned milk before and I know how.

So this is basically it. Jim is up and I need to go fix breakfast.

I would have a freezer and extra fridge my first year of homesteading if I could swing it. As ya need eggs and meat before you get your flock of chickens established. But eventually, I would want to can the meat and have a dugout for cold things.

A First Year Homestead

Dear Pioneer Sisters,

Here are some ideas to start out with, when or if you were to move to a cabin in the woods. This is what I would do if I knew I had to eventually be totally self sufficient and I had a family to care for.

Ok. It’s spring, as it is now May 13th. And say I was to move in about a month. I would begin digging up some of my perennials in my yard here and bring them to my cabin to plant. I would make a small homestead garden there, too. Since it is my first year, I would plant just tomatoes and green peppers, cucumbers, some lettuce, and radishes, and a good crop of onions. For the first year, I wouldn’t plant a lot, as I would want to get chickens and a chicken house made before winter.

Around here, it is fairly easy to get potatoes cheap, and carrots. And you can buy fresh corn on the cob practically for a song. So I wouldn’t worry, my first spring, about plowing up a corn field or a potato field. Carrots are another fresh vegetable that I can buy cheap. Carrots will last practically forever in the fridge and they don’t need to be canned or frozen. Just keep a close eye on them and, if one gets rotten, throw it out before it rots them all. I would buy a few bushels of apples for the first year and store them in a cool place for the winter. But the first spring I would plant apple trees and other fruit trees on my land.

That first year, I wouldn’t worry over potatoes and carrots or corn, as they are easy around here to come by, and would be too much work for that first year. Also I wouldn’t plant a lot of beans to mess with the first year. I mean, enough beans to have for summer meals and peas, too. But going to the Homestead the first year, I would just buy the dried beans and split peas and lentils, etc. They are easily stored in jars and nothing to worry about. I mean, if one of the Sisters shares her garden beans, then Praise God and can them up for winter. But the first year is gonna be hard, and dried beans will get ya through.

I couldn’t live without my herbs and I would be haulin’ all of those to my cabin.

What I am tryin’ to say is that first year of planting will be a lot of work without overdoing it. Then, as you are established, then begin planting more in your garden the next spring.

Then I would get a goat and learn to milk her and care for her in the spring. Even if the family don’t drink it straight up, you can cook with it and make cheese and soap, maybe next year. But the main thing is knowledge and learning to care for a goat and milk her. I wouldn’t force the goat milk on my children if they didn’t like it. I would mix it half and half with store bought until they got used to it. If they are young, they will adapt pretty fast, but older children wouldn’t. Papa ain’t gonna drink no goat milk. I mean maybe in 20 years but I ain’t gonna hold my breath at that.

So in the spring and summer, the goat and the chickens will provide a lot of food. But when the cold weather comes, the chickens won’t lay eggs as much. But eggs are easily stored, too, in the fridge. I have seen directions for storing eggs and it all sounds very complicated to me. But eggs will last in the fridge for months on end. If an egg is good you will know it and if it ain’t, you will know that, too. Just break the egg open in a bowl before you cook it and you will know if it is good or not. My brother had chickens and kept eggs in the fridge for over 6 months and used them to feed his pregnant cats. And when he broke the eggs open, they were as good and fresh as ever. Cats won’t eat rotten eggs, believe me. You can get real complicated recipes for storing eggs in lime water or a bucket of lard … whatever. But to me they stay just as fresh in the fridge. I mean, providing you have electricity. And that first year, I would for sure have electricity until I got the hang of the other stuff.

Also, I would make certain I had a good mother cat about the farmstead. A female cat is a good mouser and I would have a lot of ’em about the farm. Keep her away from the baby chicks and the chickens until they are grown up and can fend for themselves. And I would also have a good Lassie dog to chase wild animals away from my garden, at night especially. You may need two dogs. Well, they will surely earn their keep if they aren’t lazy. But most Lassie dogs are good with the children and will protect the garden, hopefully. I would have a house cat, too, as to keep the mice and other critters out of the house.

And, ya know, a homestead is a real woman killer? You take a wife and mother who homeschools and wants to do a good job of it and then she tries to live without electricity and all that first year? She will be dead as a door nail in the first 6 months. And long before your first year of homesteading, you need to get a lot of back to the land books and gather knowledge and wisdom first.

For some of you … you may not get to a homestead for a few years. Practice now for the time to come. Learn to plant herbs and use them for medicine and cooking. Start now and see what you can do this spring. Use the land you have now and see how many things you can grow and preserve for the winter. I mean, women think all this knowledge will come to them once they get to the homestead … and it won’t. The greatest preparation for the homestead life is knowledge.

For me, I have some land here and we own this house. This is my little homestead for now. I know how to make goat milk soap and cheese, as my milk man used to give me fresh goat milk when the children were young. He used to give me goose eggs, too, and I cooked with them. So I know all about goat milk but I have never raised a goat. In the old books, they call goats a poor man’s cow. I would rather have a cow, but I would start out with a goat.

And as you get into another year of homesteading, you could add more of a garden and learn to can and preserve all of your food. And then maybe, as the years go on, you may get off the grid altogether and learn to get along without electricity. You will have to dig a root cellar to keep things cool in the spring and summer. Or if you have a nearby cave, you can put food in there. I have read about using a window box for a fridge in the winter. Just open the kitchen window halfway and put a box in there with a door on the front. It would look like an air conditioner with a door on the front? Anyway, you could keep milk and butter and eggs in there if you were without a fridge. I mean, you could store it all outside in the winter in a small shed, but it would be easier or handier to have a window box in the kitchen.

I used to write to Wanda who was homesteading in Alaska. She would keep her gallons of milk in a cold stream by her cabin. A bear ate some of the milk, plastic gallon jug and all. Some of my letters fell in the river out of a plane one time. I lost track of Wanda years ago, as I started my email writing. I am gonna pray her back, though. God only knows I couldn’t find her, otherwise. She wouldn’t know which end of a computer to plug in, even if she had electricity. She could barely get her battery operated radio to work. She had seven children and worked like a dog. But she was my age and just had one child left at home. So she had a lot of knowledge and this kept her goin’. She couldn’t tie her dogs outside, as a wolf would eat them. Dang, if I didn’t lose track of Wanda. She could have told us some things, for sure. Please pray that I will find her again.

Ya know, as I write today, I feel the presence of angels. I feel that this writing may help someone along the way … maybe even many years from today.

I wonder often, when I see street people, “Could they have made it with knowledge?” My older children tell me they see whole families living on the streets of NYC.


Ya know, a few days ago we were out garage saling. And we came to an area of huge new houses. Two income families with maybe one child. Then we passed new apartment buildings. No place for a garden or clothesline … no place to live or have a dog. I said, “Oh, Papa, these poor families are just existing and have so little. They aren’t learning anything.” These poor folks are paying for a lifestyle and not a life. They have run with the herd and bought the lie and will run off the cliff with the rest of the herd. And it’s got to be ok, as all of their friends are doing it.

How off the wall do you have to be to think our country is doing good, and all we need is better schools and education and the right president to put us back on target? I mean, I am no rocket scientist … just a poor housewife, really … but I can tell things ain’t goin’ all that good in my country. I don’t get this opinion just from watching Fox News (which ain’t all that good.) But I have folks in dire straits around me. Oh, I wish I didn’t.

And, ya know, Christian Joy has told me that, as she sees street kids, she tells them of her Dad and Mom who have made it on practically nothing and they can, too. It takes a pioneer spirit and, boy, we need to develop this in our souls. We need to grow some spines of steel and teach ourselves to just flat out make it, one way or the other.

Our nation’s homes were formed from the prayers and the tears of the Pioneer Mothers who came here with nothing. And if they made it, so can I. By golly … so can I. And you can too, dear Mothers.

I need to write more about buying things for your Homestead Pantry for that first year. But I will have to get to that maybe tomorrow.

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