Sunday, December 17, 2017

Old-Time Housewifery

pt 1 CowBoy Coffee

Dear Mothers,,i am so tired..i think i will make some right
back…When i get real tired then i move like a turtle..i cud take a long
time to make coffee if i dont hurry myself..But if i want to hurry up then
this is what i do,,i rinse out the coffee pot..and fill pot with
water…Then i plug the coffee pot in and that starts the pot of water..
Now i have to hurry to put the coffee in the basket and get the lid on
before the hot water comes shooting up the top..i have a little coffee
perculator from about the 1950s..We have really hard water.So if i use a
modern coffee pot then the tubes inside start to get filled with lime
pretty fast…then the coffee pot wont work..i shud run vinegar thru the
the pot every week but i forget to do that..So i just use the perculator so
i wont forget what i am to remember.. Back in the old days if all else
failed then i wud make “CowBoy Coffee”.. You just take a pot of any kind
that you can put on the stove..Fill this up with cold water and a Tbs of
fresh coffee grounds for every cup of water in the pot..So it wud be like 6
cups of water ..Just throw in 6 Tbs of coffee grounds..then stir it
up..Turn the burner on and bring the water to a boil and then shut it
off.. Put a lid on the top and leave it on the burner to steep for about 5
minutes..Just before you are ready to serve it throw about a half a cup of
cold water on the top to make the grounds settle to the bottom of the
pot..You may still have a few grounds floating in your cup of coffee but
that wont hurt ya..Sometimes i wud pour the CowBoy Coffee thru a tea
strainer as i poured it into each cup..that way you dont have any floaty
things in your cup of coffee.. I have a little coffee pot that is like a
camping coffee pot..But i have made CowBoy Coffee in a sauce pan before
also..i have made coffee about every way there was to make it.. Jim and i
always had coffee in the mornings way or another…I made
sure my Wildman had his CowBoy Coffee.. Love connie

pt 3 conclusion

There is alot in the first 2 writings i am not saying..But i had to write it all down to get a handle on it.. Well i feel better anyway..all is well..God is still on the throne..The other day when i wrote the Pioneer Stories  about women of faith Jill had asked me to write some more of them..i had gotten started and then i forget now  what happened..? But i got some how sent on another trail.. Some of these stories i have told before but i wanted to tell this one again for the new ladies…This story is about this Mother who became a widow and had to move her children to a home she cud afford.. Her husband had always made a nice home for his family..But then he died unexpectedly..Soon the savings was spent and Mother had to get a job taking in washings and they had to move into an old house where the rent was very low…Soon the  widow   understood why the rent was so low..The house was unfested with RATS..  At first she wud throw bread out in the yard and the rats wud swarm out of all their hiding places and Mother wud shoot the rats out in the yard as they ate the bread..But she wasnt a very good shot and ran out of bread too..When she wud see the rats in the house she cudnt scare them away as they had become very bold  against her..Later on as she prayed for answers the Lord impressed her to get a pistol and to put it in a holster so she wud have a fire arm right by her side when she saw a rat in the house..So here is this dear Mother with her dress on and an apron over it and a gun and holster on her waist.. Well to say the least she became a “sure shot” each day she took out her gun and shot rats on sight .Well the Lord was preparing her for the days ahead..One nite a drunken man came to her house and banged on the locked door ..he wanted his laundry that she had done for him…She told him to come back the next day as she and her children were in bed..She told him she had  her gun and she wud shoot him thru the door…Drunk or not this man remembered that she had a reputation for being a crack shot and he took off a runnin..Praise the Lord….The Lord used these rats to teach this mother to defend herself both spiritually and physically..One of Jills and my favorite shows is that show Jill with Sally Fields ..what was the name if it ? Matters of the Heart? or something like that.Where the widow wrestles threw life to save her home..and to keep a roof over their heads…i have thot if that show  many times and it has given me connie

pt 5 thanks i needed that

Well i am just gettin set free all over the place..i needed to tell these stroies again,,”I am a little chicken sometimes”.Love Chicken Little..This next story is a favorite of mine too..Well this pioneer mother survived an Indian Massecre.. And  anyway   there was this man who was laying out in her yard or on her property.. He was bleeding to death from being scalped..The top of his head   or his forehead  rolled  into his   face ..Because when an Indian scalped someone they wud  cut the skin off their head along with the hair.. So this brave pioneer Mother  went out and got this man and drug him into her house,,,And she goes over to her sewing basket and she gets out her needle and thread and picks the skin up and puts it where it looks right..And then sews it back up where it belonged.. The guy lived if you can believe that ? But the Mothers in the home were the Drs and they did what had to be done.. And ya know with things as they are we all may have to do some things we arent used to doing…Aunt Toot and i are always joking about me giving her an operation on my dining room table from some old time Medical Book..Toot says the pages of my Medical Book wud probably stick together and i wud forget about half of what i was sposed to do..probably true..Well i better get goin..i needed to write all of this..i feel better now connie

pt 4 Pioneer Mothers

Oh i have needed to write..i am feeling so much better..thank you all  for putting up with me..ladies i have gotten such heart breaking emails in response to my article in Above Rubies..  I mean  some of  these young moms …? God help us!! In the first place many dont even know what a Christian man is,,except that he goes to church.. And ….church…….it gets more rediculous by the day.. But anyway i wanted to tell that one story i have told a 100 times on here.. But we have many new ladies coming in and i want to share this story with them..i  think this story tells about the courage the Christians had in the Pioneer days.. Well this woman was in her 40s and she thot she was having twins..So the Dr thot he wud have to  do a C section..So when she thot the babies were coming she road her horse like 50 miles to town to have the Dr deliver the babies..But the Dr checked her and he cud tell she wasnt pregnant but she had a  huge tumor in her stomach..   Well this was before the use of pain medicine..So  the Dr went to his church to pray..The Lord led him to ask the church  to     come  to his   office and pray while he operated on this Mother…{She had like 9 children still at home to care for..So the Dr wanted to save her life.}Anyway it was Christmas Eve and the believers came and they sang Christmas Carols and they  prayed   for this woman..And the Dr operated on her and it took like a couple hrs.. And all the while this dear mother was awake? She had a knife stuck in her stomach and a tumor taken out without anything for pain..this story said that when the tumor rolled out of her it was like i think 13 or 15 pounds.. So anyway the Dr told her to stay at his home and recuporate for a week in bed then she cud  ride her horse back home..So thats what she did..And the story said this woman  lived past 80 yrs old.. she was 40 when the tumor was taken out..mercy she lived 40 yrs past that operation.. And actually it seems as i remember it she had  other babies.. Well that was one brave connie

pt 1 Pistol Packin of the 1940s

Dear Mothers, Good Morning.. i have been listening to the 1940 Songs on the internet..”Pistol Packin Mama” by Jimmie Rogers..Lately i feel so much that times are changeing..How many times when Jim and i were apart did i think about the Depression era Mothers of the 1930s..? i read anything i cud find on  them.. The writings and recipes gave me courage ..i figured if they cud do it i cud do it too..And of course even tho i was poor i sure had more then the Depression era Mothers had..They had a drout that lasted for 3 yrs..The only gardens that survived were the ones planted by a river or some other supply of water..It seems thru the yrs the Lord has given me alot of knowlege as to how to make it during Hard Times..But then my own   personal  Hard Times have held me back.. But ya know Mothers  my deepest desire is to be JUST AS RADICAL in the next 10 yrs as i was when i was young… i think more then ever Mothers at home..we need to be listening to the Holy Spirit within us..Yesterday i had to have some Blood tests done..But i just had one done as the co pay was so high..Wudnt  ya think Medicare wud pay for it..? More and more with this medical stuff i can see we are all on our own.. We better have faith in God..And anything that comes between us and God we had better give it up..These dopey women on tv livin with this guy and that one? It warps your mind to do that stuff..To live a holy life is the way to prosperity..Wisdom is the stability of the times…Study Wisdom in Proverbs and in other parts of the Bible.

pt 2 A wilderness of Truth

Are we going to believe in ourselves when all the world laughs at us…for  how long? Can we trust in ourselves that we will be strong as  long as we need to be,for as long as it takes,,? We as Believers often oscalate back and forth with Gods Word..Can we quit that and make a home strong  ..and stand strong…Even if we are being strong completly alone,,? Nehemiah had so many interuptions as he was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem..But he kept sending messages back to his enemies..”I cant come down to talk to  you,,i am doing a good work for the Lord”..Nehemiah knew what he was doing was a good work,,an important work for the Lord..He didnt let fear swing him one way or the other..he stayed steady on the Word of the Lord……………..i think as  Wilderness Wives and Mothers we will probably have to do more cooking from scratch …i think if we can just buy supplies and cook from what we buy we will have more of a fighting chance..i think the Wilderness Mother is a good example to us…We of course will be cooking from scratch for a different reason then the Women of the 1800s and before did,…….But we cant be at the mercy of this crazy economy we live in either.i think all  of these ideas are something to think be serious about..Maybe they are just ideas to pack away in a forgotten drawer for now..waiting for a time to use them..i dont know..But i do know things have to change in our government in a big way..and very soon…love connie

pt 1 To Thine Ownself be True

Good Morning Wilderness Mothers, Yesterday i did alot of reading and thinking.Have you all seen the movie “Heartland”? its supposed to be about the life of  Elenor Pruitt..She was a widow and moved out West with her young daughter to Homestead..This was about the end of the last century ..i  enjoy reading about women who are daring enuf to do these things..As i was thinking yesterday and writing,,i think of the words “To thine ownself be true”.And i heard a voice down deep in my soul..”Connie,,just who are you ? Do you really  enjoy your own company enuf to be able to have only the sound of your own voice to listen to for months on end?..Just who are you? Cud you make everything from scratch and actually not let your imagination run away with itself when and if your snowy roof fell in in the middle of the night? ” Welll the deal is..i wud know what to do ,,,,but wud i have the guts to do it? and i think on some much smaller scale we as wives and mothers are in that place now..We are living in such uncertainty..What is our new wilderness going to look like? When i go to the grocery store lately i feel like i have entered the fun house..only .its not fun..It all seems so unfamiliar and scarey..Someone is laughing but ,its not the common man or woman.,..who do we trust in Washington? it seems no one..And all this talk  on TV about our food being poison..It sure tastes like it is…is it really..Well if you buy all organic food then you wont be poisoned supposedly..But who can afford that ?

Ladies Home Companion 1800s pt 1

This old book is my favorite ..or one of my most favorite books..i just looked it up on the net..It is one of the first books  of the modern Ladies Home Journal that we  are familiar with today..i got this book in about 1988 or so..This book oh man alive …what a spirit it has on it..This book taught me so much..Well here is how i got it..I love Antique Stores..Well Wildman and i were out spending some time alone together and we were in this one  Antique Shop..Well i saw this book i am telling you about..I mean when i saw this book ?..inside i went balistic..i picked the book up and i prayed like a hound dog that i cud get this book..But it was 18 BUCKS..So i held the book and i tried to eat it with my eyes.. i tried to read it as fast as i cud..i mean the book is about 2 inches thick..Jim is watching me,,,from about 20 feet away..I saw him out of the corner of my eye..I knew he wud tell me its time to go..So i began reading even faster..Hoping that some how i cud get this book inside me..Jim comes up beside me…”Are you trying to read the whole book while we are here?” I said “Oh yes i am” …”How much is it”? i said “its 18 dollars”…Well we didnt even discuss it any further..But when i got home i tried to write down as much of it as i cud remember..

pt 1 The Depression Era

Good Morning Mothers, i was thinking this morning about the Depression Era wives and mothers ..i was thinking of how Jim got saved ..After he came to the  Lord he told me that we wudnt  be getting anymore Food Stamps or any government food comodities…I remember thinking “No More Government Cheese ?” My oldest son Jimmy loves to tease me about that cheese..He says “Mom remember you had to bring that lil red wagon and walk  it 6 blocks to the Community Center  to get free cheese and butter..You had more kids then anyone else so you had to bring a wagon to get free food” Well if i only had a Billy goat i cud have hitched it up to a bigger wagon…Well we needed this free food to get by..   and i was glad to get it.. But anyway one day Jim said that we were just going to trust in the Lord for food and we did..We made a bigger garden and prayed over all the blessings we had…It was an adventure for me..i learned to live on alot less..But ya know i sure learned alot from stories of mothers during the Depression era.. And i used to think too ” Ya know Lord i  still have alot more then what the Mothers had in the Depression era..” But ya know i think its alot more then recipes that kept those Sisters of Courage on their feet..These Mothers  knew God and when the children got sick and they cudnt afford a Dr..then they wud search in prayer for an answer..The Good Old Days magazines have alot of stories in there about Mothers who hung on during the hard times..And some how i always found enuf money to get this magazine every other month..These old time saints of God.. Mothers of the Homestead used the herbs and  home remedies and prayer to keep their children healthy..The Wisdom of God was passed down from their grandmothers…Grandmother was there in the home where she was needed…She helped her young to take care of their little ones..As a young mom i had to read alot and really get back to the land..So when folks wud ask me what i wanted for my Birthday or Anniversary i wud always say a book about Herbs or Depression Era cooking.. i learned alot from reading Back to the Land books.. One friend of mine wud ask me about how to grow this or that..And i wud tell her..And she always said  i was like talking to a Garden Encyclopedia.. But dear Mothers Knowlege is power..And especially now in these hard times in our country and around the world..Love connie

Pt 2 Whisteling in the Dark

And ya know Caroline did alot of Whistleing in the dark.Who she was when
things were really dark and no one was watching was who Caroline really
was..She cud have skipped meals and who wud blame her..She cud have been
very lonely in the cabin all day when the children were at school and Pa
was out hunting,,But Caroline was doing right or Laura wud have picked up
on it..A true writer writes whats in their heart or not at all..Caroline
was faithful…and thats how she kept herself from getting killed by
Indians..or whoever..She was strong in her spirit…She knew her purpose
and she stayed focused..She knew she was valuable and she protected herself
so she cud protect her family..She wud have had to trust in God to have
made it as well as she did……………And ya know yrs ago in about the
early 1970s i read a story i think in Readers Digest,,cant rememner..But it
was about this man who had just lost his job and he found some how the old
writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder..Her books were popular i think in the
1930s but some how lost their popularity..They didnt rise again until
prolly the late 1960s..and 70s..The 1930s was the time of the Depression
era.,,,in October of 1929…the Stock Market crashed..But anyway this man
who had lost his job really took hold of Lauras forgotten writings,,,And he
said these writings gave him courage to keep going..Anyway soon after this
in the 1970s someone got a vision for a TV Show called “Little House on the
Praire”…Ma continues to speak far into the years…Did she ever
consider that lil Laura was watching her at every turn and that she wud
write about her some day ? Did Caroline know in her heart that Laura wud be
a famous writer,,? No i dont imagine she did..But Caroline was faithful to
God and to her family ..And she did the right thing when it was hard or
when it was easy..Love connie
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