Monday, December 18, 2017

Frugal Housewifery

pt 3 Jims Winter Gloves

i shud be writing about Spring but its still so cold . it is warming
up..But as i was writing the last part about mending in the evening..i was
thinking of Papas winter gloves.Jim had to walk to work so he needed warm
clothes..Well we had paid quite a bit for these gloves so they had to last
the winter.. Well each nite he came home from work the gloves would be
torn in the palms …we cudnt afford new gloves..So each evening i wud sew
his gloves together again and have them ready for the next morning.. By the
time Spring came and he didnt need the gloves..i got to looking at them one
day after he had gone to work..There was nothing but stitches holding his
gloves together..It looked impossible that they cud even keep his hands
warm.Only stitches held us together..Like prayer stitches..Lil miracles of

Pt 3 A Mountain Mother by Connie in 2002

Rubie is powerful as she lives out of the inner court.. She has fasted this world and their opinions ..she has done this by willingly taking on submittion to her husband.. She has walked willingly over to the cart and has hitched her own self up and has put blinders on her own eyes..This is true submittion ..Walking in a worldy fear of your husband is not …of God..Infact its dangerous to walk in any kind of fear..True submittion is for a woman to willingly decide to follow God and His word..She casts down her own flesh and bridles it herself..She is a woman of integrity..and strength and virtue.. She lets go of this world and submits to her husband ..and then the gifts of the spirit begin to flow like a river..She then has the freedom to cook and sew and bake her own bread…She becomes joyous in her homemaking..The gifts of inventions begin to flow..if her money has offended her then she casts it out.. if money has stopped her from flowing in her baking then she casts it out.. Maybe housewives you could tell your husbands that you want less money for groceries.. If money gets in your way and makes you too lazy to make your own bread then cast it out..The mothers of the old times were happy because they had work to do and the family depended on them ..Maybe we as mothers today need to create our own lack…We hear so much about fasting and not eating ..And yet we are so gutted with material things .so much more wicked than food… We need to fast the material things and the things of this world.and worldly opinions ..We are drowning in sea of food and money and “things”.We need to cast down this cloud over our heads of the many voices of this world..And turn to the wisdom of God…ConnieJ says often in her writings that she can hear her mothers voice so strongly at times..and her mothers voice condemns her and leaves her feeling helpless and forsaken..Well i know how she feels as i have faced this torment too as a young mom..Many of us have with the inflow of the feminist spirit.. This voice just cuts us to the quick .It is Jezabels voice…And yet the Lord tells us to listen to wisdoms voice in His word in Proverbs..But we think Well doesnt that prove i am nuts if i go around seeing an old fashioned lady who instructs me as a helper to God.?.Jezabel makes fun of us and we think nothing of it? But God sends us wisdom as the virtuous woman and we cast her out? Do we think we are in deception when we see in our minds eye Jezabel? I mean she trys to just come in and live at our house..and we let
her..But when wisdom comes we wonder about that and think it is strange..Jezabel is the strange woman ,,not wisdom….We have learned to accept the person of jezabel…We get so worried about looking ok to the world in all that we do..We worry about our reputation and are we a good testimony to others..Well Jesus never was a good testimony to the people who didnt love God.. Solomon ask God for wisdom and God gave it to him..Ya know why ? Because he wanted it above his reputation? And above the life of his enemies..He refused to hold unforgiveness in his heart ..he gave it up in order to receive wisdom..And he could care less what folks thought of him…And he became a great man because of wisdom..he built his temple with wisdom..and this is how we are to build our homes ..” with wisdom” With wisdom a house is built ..In the end Solomon became very rich materially..But he didnt put riches first..Wisdom came first..Love ConnieH

pt 2 Frugal Housewives

And we housewives back in the 1960s wud save all of our tin cans and
jars.. You can bake a whole loaf of bread in a tall juice can.. Then if you
are in a hurry to get supper on after a full day of can just
throw away all of your bread pans {cans} and not worry about it..i have
wanted to try putting pumpkin bread in a wide mouth canning jar and bake it
like that..Then when the jar is cooled but still warmish you can screw a
canning lid on the top and store it away like this..i spose you wud use the
pint jars with the wide mouth..i can imagine that wud make some moist
bread..i used to make a peanut butter bread,,It was a quick bread,,made
with baking powder not yeast..The family liked it..i will see if i can find
a recipe for that..i wud love to make it again,,Well Ladies i will go for
now..Have a Happy Housewifery Day.. love connie

pt 2 A wilderness of Truth

Are we going to believe in ourselves when all the world laughs at us…for  how long? Can we trust in ourselves that we will be strong as  long as we need to be,for as long as it takes,,? We as Believers often oscalate back and forth with Gods Word..Can we quit that and make a home strong  ..and stand strong…Even if we are being strong completly alone,,? Nehemiah had so many interuptions as he was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem..But he kept sending messages back to his enemies..”I cant come down to talk to  you,,i am doing a good work for the Lord”..Nehemiah knew what he was doing was a good work,,an important work for the Lord..He didnt let fear swing him one way or the other..he stayed steady on the Word of the Lord……………..i think as  Wilderness Wives and Mothers we will probably have to do more cooking from scratch …i think if we can just buy supplies and cook from what we buy we will have more of a fighting chance..i think the Wilderness Mother is a good example to us…We of course will be cooking from scratch for a different reason then the Women of the 1800s and before did,…….But we cant be at the mercy of this crazy economy we live in either.i think all  of these ideas are something to think be serious about..Maybe they are just ideas to pack away in a forgotten drawer for now..waiting for a time to use them..i dont know..But i do know things have to change in our government in a big way..and very soon…love connie

pt 1 The Depression Era

Good Morning Mothers, i was thinking this morning about the Depression Era wives and mothers ..i was thinking of how Jim got saved ..After he came to the  Lord he told me that we wudnt  be getting anymore Food Stamps or any government food comodities…I remember thinking “No More Government Cheese ?” My oldest son Jimmy loves to tease me about that cheese..He says “Mom remember you had to bring that lil red wagon and walk  it 6 blocks to the Community Center  to get free cheese and butter..You had more kids then anyone else so you had to bring a wagon to get free food” Well if i only had a Billy goat i cud have hitched it up to a bigger wagon…Well we needed this free food to get by..   and i was glad to get it.. But anyway one day Jim said that we were just going to trust in the Lord for food and we did..We made a bigger garden and prayed over all the blessings we had…It was an adventure for me..i learned to live on alot less..But ya know i sure learned alot from stories of mothers during the Depression era.. And i used to think too ” Ya know Lord i  still have alot more then what the Mothers had in the Depression era..” But ya know i think its alot more then recipes that kept those Sisters of Courage on their feet..These Mothers  knew God and when the children got sick and they cudnt afford a Dr..then they wud search in prayer for an answer..The Good Old Days magazines have alot of stories in there about Mothers who hung on during the hard times..And some how i always found enuf money to get this magazine every other month..These old time saints of God.. Mothers of the Homestead used the herbs and  home remedies and prayer to keep their children healthy..The Wisdom of God was passed down from their grandmothers…Grandmother was there in the home where she was needed…She helped her young to take care of their little ones..As a young mom i had to read alot and really get back to the land..So when folks wud ask me what i wanted for my Birthday or Anniversary i wud always say a book about Herbs or Depression Era cooking.. i learned alot from reading Back to the Land books.. One friend of mine wud ask me about how to grow this or that..And i wud tell her..And she always said  i was like talking to a Garden Encyclopedia.. But dear Mothers Knowlege is power..And especially now in these hard times in our country and around the world..Love connie

The Home Bakery

Dear Kitchen Saints,

Ya know in the old days the Mothers of the Home did all of their own baking. A few times a week they made yeast bread. Many of them had large families and would make a dozen loaves a week or more. When they ran out of yeast bread for the week, they made a few batches of baking powder biscuits or cornbread. This was weekly baking.

Then Mother made a dessert almost each day for the family meal. Mother baked pies and cakes every few days. Cookies were not really thought of as a dessert. They were something you ate if you ran out of pie or you needed a snack. Old time Mothers would say “Well, I don’t have a dessert made yet but there is always cookies.” For mid afternoon snacks, Mother would sometimes make a coffee cake with cinnamon and apples. Then Mother made homemade noodles and crackers every week. She made the quick breads “to make do” but the yeast breads is what the family really wanted. Quick breads are made in a hurry! Baking powder and baking soda cause dough to rise quickly and also you bake them in a very hot oven and they are done in a “jiffy.”

If I was just starting out as a homemaker and didn’t know the “the feel” of different doughs, then I would start out with Bisquick from the store. Also I would buy the cornmeal mixes until you know what they are to look like. But we mothers have as much time and more than what the old time Mothers had and we can learn to be excellent bread makers and biscuit bakers. Why Not? You can take your own self through cooking school at home. Let it be fun! Some of you are so very intelligent and the cooking I am writing about is not hard. But make your home like a bakery. Learn to be excellent bakers and cooks.

I learned as a Mom to make such light baking powder biscuits they nearly flew off the plate. But only in the past 5 years have I learned to make good pie crust. I kept watching the cooking channels until I learned the secrets of good pie crust. My pie crusts would taste like cardboard. They looked good but were awful. I was making my pies just like I made biscuits and, oh, those poor pies. Pie dough takes a lot more shortening than biscuits. And after the pie dough is mixed up, it should hold its own shape for a few seconds as you make it into a ball before you add the water. Biscuit dough looks a bit like bread dough and holds its shape.

I personally love to make popovers but Jim never was very crazy about them. Popovers rise because of the beaten eggs and they are light and fluffy inside and sorta crisp on the outside. I have read recipes for bagels. But I haven’t made them.

Jill’s daughter Shelly loves to cook and often just freezes what her husband and son doesn’t eat. For some of us who don’t need to cook that much, we can sure freeze it for other meals. Such as make breads for the week and freeze it and cookies, etc.

The old time Mothers didn’t have freezers and most of their baking was daily fresh or just a few days old. Mother was up each morning fixing lunches for the children to take to school or for husband to take to work. Then after the family was off to their day’s schedules, Mother would start her baking and cooking. Mothers of large families had to be thinking all the time about the food she had to fix for the day.

I was like this, too, as I made almost everything from scratch. It was a lot of work but fun, too. I have old writings lamenting all of my work. But the Lord told me, “Connie, you don’t work that hard because you are poor but because you are wise.” The Lord taught me to be wise through a lot of lack in our home. But if you can just trust in the Lord and be happy, the family will never know that you have to bake and cook or you wouldn’t have anything to eat. Make bein’ poor a lot of fun. Makes the devil mad and that ought to make you happy.

The Romance of Thrift

Ya know some of you Mothers with large families, make the world think you enjoy being poor. Become love slaves to your husbands. Let your kitchens come alive with cooking and baking. Enjoy going to second hand stores and finding old time pots and pans and aprons. I have a pink hand mixer I found a few years ago.

The old time Mothers loved their families and they gave themselves whole heartedly to their husbands and his children. She was sold out to her family and home and she could give a hoot what the world thought of her. While the other ladies were out shopping and catting around, she was at home in love with her husband and her kitchen. It’s downright sexy to make your husband’s bread. Whoa Nellie!

And ya know in all the good Fairy Tales you read, you never hear of a haughty lazy wife whom everyone loved or admired. No, it was the Cinderellas and the Snow Whites who had good and loving hearts and loved to keep house. The ladies of yesteryear were always lovely to look at with long pretty hair and flowers in it. Flowing cotton skirts with a broom in their hands. She loves babies and her Prince Charming loves her for her womanly ways. A home graced with sexual contentment will make your bread rise. Happy bubbly bread always rises first.

The feminists of this day would have been called crabby fish wives in the old time Fairy tale books. Mostly wives with tall black hats and scraggly teeth. Instead of sweeping the floor with their dirty brooms, they ride them on dark windy nights. But the truly romantic wife is at home sewing and making soup. She doesn’t care if her husband brings home rotten apples for supper… she praises him anyway for bringing something home for supper. She is a true Pollyanna and her true Prince is Jesus Christ. And if her husband is truly poor, she takes a vow of poverty and lives only under her beloved as she sews and cooks and bakes. She does him good all the days of her life.


Makin’ Do

Dear Kitchen Saints,

Ya know Jim and I raised six children. And it wasn’t easy, either, as some of you know from raising your own large brood. Between Aunt Toot’s family and mine, we represented thirteen children. She had seven. And we often traded recipes or told each other where the best buys were.

Often when I would go to the store with Jim, I would pray for good buys and the Lord would show me hidden produce or something marked down. But often Jim would show me something to buy and I would say or he would say, “Well, we don’t need that — we can make that at home.” We would buy a lot of flour and yeast and things to make bread and biscuits and homemade pancakes. We would buy the old fashioned oatmeal for our family and make that instead of the expensive sugar cereals. But I would just pray silently, often alone in an aisle, and I would say to the Lord, “Lord, I am not goin’ to buy anything I can make at home with my own hands.” And I would think of the Mothers during the Depression era and ask the Lord what Wisdom would do about this or that need. I had an imaginary older Titus 2 Mother who I called Ruby that I would write to as I made out my grocery list. Ruby lived in a cabin in the woods and she had huge vegetable and herb gardens. And as I would go to the store, I would think of her and how brave she was to feed her family from what she could make with her hands. And I would pass up the paper towels and napkins as I thought I can make napkins and use cloth ones. Or I can use rags as paper towels.

If you have like six cloth napkins, just take a big safety pin and pin them together before you wash and dry them. This way they will all stay together. And you should have about three sets of them. They are super cheap at garage sales or just make some out of some scraps of material.

One thing the early mothers always had was a good set of rags. She had rags for dusting and some for cleaning the floor but never did she use her dust rag for anything but dusting. And her rag to scrub the floor was never used for anything else, either. Then the dishrag was just for dishes. And then she would have a little washcloth by the sink to wash Baby’s face and hands after a meal. Because if you wash Baby up with a dishrag, he could get a rash. But Mothers were very clean and didn’t use one rag for more than what it was to be used for. The world says to use disposables in order to just use it once and throw it away because of germs. But ya know Clorox bleach will get rid of germs — just use it on all of your rags. They even say that scientists put down some AIDS virus on a table and put bleach on it and it killed it. But anyway, the old time Mothers had a lot of rags but they kept them in order.

Old T-shirts make good dusting rags. Just cut the back out in a square. And put your dust rag on a special rack inside the sink door. Then old flannel shirts make good rags, too. Any old used clothes that will absorb well. Anything that is all cotton will make a nice rag.

Then make your napkins out of a nice print material. You will only use them for the day, anyway, and they don’t have to be real absorbent. I remember Aunt Toot telling about having some missionaries at her house and she didn’t have any napkins and they asked her for one and the kids got them some toilet paper. And ya know when ya need toilet paper, ya need toilet paper. And we had to buy that but used this also for Kleenex.

Then you do need a little pile of rags you know you will be throwing away. Like if the dog throws up or something, you will want to just throw that away. And back in the old days, we used cloth diapers and rinsed them out in the toilet and also the washrags we used to clean Baby’s bottom. You just soaked the diapers and rags, then washed them every few days. The stay at home mothers couldn’t afford such luxuries as disposable diapers. You just used them when you went on vacation and couldn’t wash diapers.

I have never bought expensive cleaning detergents. I just have Comet cleanser and bleach and vinegar to clean the house with. I use a wad of newspapers to clean the windows with a pail of water with vinegar in it. The old time Mothers used a lot of vinegar to clean with and cook with. Of course, they made their own vinegar.

But ya know we can always make it in this life, right? One way or the other? But we can’t go by this world’s system or “What will the neighbors think?” We have to have an imagination. And we can think “What would Ruby in her cabin do if she faced hard times?” We who stand here and read these writings are living proof that the Depression era Mothers made it and kept their families alive through many trials. And we have “that way” in us, too, as we are a product of the Rubies of yesteryear. Her love and prayers. We are stout hearted, too, and can spit into the wind and not have it smack us in the face.

As the times get darker and the Lord separates the girls from the women of God, we will be called upon to keep our homes. We will be called to some bulldog tenaciousness. Some Stay-at-Home grit! We won’t leave the ship. And Nehemiah taught the believers to fight with weapons in one hand and a tool to build in the other hand, and we will do the same thing. They say the Depression era Mother helped win the war as she stayed in her kitchen. In 1940, I think, is when WW2 started. And the Mothers had to use Rations Stamps because of the food shortages. Plus they needed the food for the soldiers in the War. But these Mothers were up for it. And we will make it, too, in our world today as stay at home mothers.


Homemaking Spirit

Dear Mothers,

I have a while to write before Baby David gets here. This morning, as I prayed about what to write, I just felt like, “Oh, Lord, give me a word about homemaking to the mothers out there. They need it so much.”

First a funny story! Dan is living at Christian Joy’s in NYC for a while. Chrissy says, “Mom, Dan’s shoes smell so bad, I can’t hardly take it.” Well, ya know, if you are a punk rocker, it’s cool to stink? Well, so Christian Joy had read where you are supposed to put stinky shoes in the freezer. I said, “Well, Chrissy, won’t they stink again after they are thawed out?” She said, well, she hadn’t thought of that. “And what will it do to the food in the freezer?” I mean, this household tip should be under the heading of “Worst Household Tips for 2006.” Anyway, I can just see Dan trying to hurry to put on his block of ice shoes in the morning and run out to work.

My Mom who is 83 says if she didn’t have funny stories about my kids to laugh about, she would have died sooner. And that recent newsletter that Jen put together is so funny, I can barely stand to read it. It’s so sad, reading what I wrote about Jim, but there are funny stories in there about the kids when they were young, too. Thank God I have a sense of humor — I would die on the vine without it.

Anyway, back to business. Boy, I will tell ya, on the news? Wow, they are talking about the weather being so changed and bad. Now even the government is telling us to be prepared for all kinds of maladies. If the Bird Flu don’t get ya, a tornado or hurricane will.

I think it’s just not enough to tell you to buy extra food to store. You have to have a homemaking spirit to go along with all of this. See, I have faced the food shortages and storing food and all. But where the devil would get me the most is in FEAR. I mean you can have a lot of food but if you are fearful, you won’t cook it, anyway. See, the spirit of homemaking is the spirit of God.

It isn’t enough to say, “Well, I have decided to submit to my husband.” The spirit of submission is the spirit of Christ within you. It’s a spirtual decision to submit to your husband. The Bible says we are to do that, but not in the flesh. It is a spirtual act of obedience. Along with the obedience to the Lord and to our husbands comes the Keeper at Home.

The Bible says we as women are saved in child bearing. This means that through having children, we are saved, and all of the acts of caring for the child and the father to the child. Our spiritual life in our homes is our college of the Spirit that teaches us how to make Jesus our husband and King. We must receive in the Spirit the heart of the virtuous woman. It is not a decision to become her in the physical. The Spirit of wisdom has to come as we beg for more of Jesus in our hearts. He is the teacher of wisdom and homemaking to the married wife in the home.

We are not men and our gifts and callings in the Spirit are not like a man’s calling. We as women are set apart to do a great work for the Lord in the home. See, you can build your home in the wilderness. If the Bird Flu would come to your area, you would have to be quarantined for maybe a month. But, see, if a mother has the Spirit of the Lord concerning homemaking and submission to her husband, then she will be able to make it with her family in peace and rest.

Mother, be wise and discern the times and the seasons. Be as the ants who store their food in the harvest and they have no leader to tell them what to do. They are just wise and, through instinct, they store their food.

It’s more important that you get a spirit of homemaking and submission to your husband than to store food. Call wisdom to your home. Rebuke pride and vanity from your hearts and take on a servant’s spirit. Serve the Lord with gladness as you serve the family. Pray the Lord will protect your homes and the children and your husband. Tend to your spiritual life first.


See, the world is saturated in feminism. A lot of you want a garden but can’t get to it. You condemn yourself for not having a garden. But ya know what? Feminism is an unholy smoke that is invisible. There is so much in the airwaves about feminsm. It is the religion of the hour for women. It stops us dead in our tracks sometimes. Satan is the prince of the power of the air. (Ephesians 2:2) Feminism is in the air we breathe. Unless we want to switch channels to Christ and surround ourselves with Him, then we will live in feminism.

This unholy, ungodly, devilish spirit will take you down, Girlfriend, and your family with you. It is the spirit of vanity and pride. “I don’t have to stay home and clean and do dishes. I will do what I want.” Well, have at it. But you will destroy your home. And we are in dangerous times. While you have time to read and study the word on homemaking, do it. It won’t be a lack of food that will kill some of you. But a lack of the wisdom of God.

It’s not a lazy spirit — it is a demon spirit of fear that takes a lot of you women down. You have to walk by faith. Faith is called a fight in the Bible and it says to “Walk by faith.” So Faith is something you do. It’s an action word. You do faith! So if your family is broken and hopeless, then get up in the morning and walk by faith. Say to yourself, “God is going to give me a miracle today and I am going to prepare my home for a miracle. I will make a garden and I will prepare my home for the coming hard times. I will make a pantry and get my house in order. Because the Lord will answer my prayers.” And see in the spirit of your imagination your husband coming home at 5:00 for supper and walk according to His will.

Make a supper and include a plate at the head of the table for your husband. I did this for many years, even when Jim was missing. The kids would ask questions about it and I would say, “I am believing God for your Dad to be home soon.” My children got used to seeing the plate at the head of the table and knew Mama was full of faith. And Jim was healed by the hand of the almighty God.

We must walk by faith and not sight. This world is not our home. Only faith pleases God. Faith that is active crisp and clean in Mother’s heart. Her visions are strong and bright and ready to act. She doesn’t sit and cry that her husband is gone from the family. She arises and makes a home in the darkness. Christ’s light is a lamp to her feet and light to her pathway. Only His life and light can bring her through.

For some of you, Satan has stacked the deck against you. Well, quit playin’ by his rules of depression and bondage. Arise in God and walk out your faith. You are not lost and forsaken — you are a daughter of God.

Prepare your homes for the coming hard times concerning our economy. I mean hard times are here now. Practice the skills of wisdom and homemaking. First prepare your spirit and make sure you are walking as the virtuous woman of faith. And as Daughters of Sarah who are not afraid. Then prepare your kitchens for cooking and baking. Be wise in the skills of homemaking.

Wise Homemakers

And ya know, this bad economy is a blessing for some of us. At least for the women who are still in the home. Because we should have been cookin’ and bakin’ for the family all along. It shouldn’t take an earthquake for us to make a pie. I used to tell the Lord that I had too much work to do and I didn’t want to do all that cookin’. I thought I had to cook and all because I was so poor. But the Lord would say, “Connie, I am teaching you to be wise.” Good night! Even in a good year without a hurricane, we have enough poisons and all to kill us in our foods, anyway.

I have to get goin’ but I wanted to write some tips that I used for my family of 6 children. I would cook and bake in the mornings while Jim was at work. I wanted to have plenty of time to make what I needed. I would make a bread almost every day. Either it would be a yeast bread, or cornbread, or biscuits, or some kind of a quick bread. I made up the Bisquick Mix using 5 pounds of flour. With this, I could make pancakes or any of the quick breads. White flour isn’t the best for ya. But I would put in extra eggs, fruit, sunflower seeds, and nuts, etc. if I had them on hand, to make it more nutritious. I used a lot of instant dry milk for cooking and baking. I made a lot of soups and stews. I always had rice and dried beans on hand, and oatmeal as it is nice and nutritious and cheap. Canned goods are so cheap at the store and keep well. When you buy your groceries, just pick up as much extra canned goods as you can and rotate it in the cupboard.

And ya know, mostly what our kids and I are going to plant is tomatoes and peppers. Tomatoes and peppers freeze so well. All you do is cut up the tomatoes and put them in plastic bags. You don’t have to cook them. Same with peppers.

Farmers around here sell fresh corn in the summer and it’s cheap, like 3 or 4 bucks a dozen. I just clean my ears of corn and boil it in a pan and then, when it is cool, I cut it off the cob and freeze it. You can then take the cleaned cobs and boil them for a few hours. Then take the cobs out and measure the water. If you have 3 cups of the corn cob water, then put in 3 cups of sugar, bring this to a boil and let it thicken, and you will have a delicious corn syrup. Just use as much sugar as you have leftover water.

Just try to fill your freezers this summer with food as it easy to come by. Then use the frozen foods first in case you have a power outage. Pack the canned stuff away to use later.

Garage sales are full of candles to be bought for a song. But ya know, I just feel I have to share this stuff about preparing for hard times in our world.

Let’s be wise and submit to our own husbands as unto the Lord. Love your husbands and children and don’t forsake the Lord. Be keepers at home and mind your own business. You don’t have to have a lot of fellowship here and there with women. Let your fellowshiip be with your children and husband. Let them be your best friends. Because true fellowship is with the Father God — get alone with Him and let Him run your life under your husband. And in this way, Dear Hearts, you will be the house set on the hill. A light in the darkness for a lost and dying world.

Get the wisdom that can only come from God so that you can give Him to your friends and loved ones. The mothers of today don’t need more of the same teachings — they need a word from the wilderness. They need the fresh manna. They must see the Mother in the home being an example of obedience to the Lord. We women must teach out of our lives of obedience to God, through the meek and quiet spirit.


Being Frugal

Dear Christmas Mothers,

Last night on the response group, we were writing about being frugal in our housekeeping.

When Jim first became a Christian, and then we had added three more children to our first three, I was to do a lot of praying about being frugal. I felt I was on a mission. To me, the Lord had called me to a high calling of motherhood and I just wanted to be able to make it without going to work.

About the first thing I did was look at my hair. Here it was, all layered up, and needed to be trimmed all the time to have just the right look. I said to heck with that. I tied a bandanna around my head and forgot about the fancy hairdo. I just decided to let my hair grow long and Jim liked it that way, anyway. Your hair can drive ya nuts sometimes and then ya want to go sink money into hair cuts, perms, etc. But I just put a scarf on my hair and that was it — I let it grow. Most men love long hair, anyway. So.

Jim got saved and, in the next 5 years we had three more children. I did a lot of praying about how I was gonna keep food on the table. And the Lord just told me to think of the Depression era Mothers and what they would have bought to keep their families going. So I let my imagination go and I just thought about these mothers.

Of course, they had big gardens and canned and dried their foods in the summer and fall. They had root cellars and stored a lot of root vegetables that they didn’t have to can or dry. Potatoes were a staple, and apples. In the fall, they would fill up their root cellars with squash and pumpkins. And these mothers had to be very watchful over their produce. If something started to rot, they used it up for that night’s supper. Some squash will last a year, but sometimes it won’t and needs to be used up pretty quick. But I would just try to think about getting staples and making meals from scratch. About once a month, I would buy a big box of instant milk.

Well, I will have to finish this later as its gettin’ busy. Wild Man is off work today.

Mother’s Sewing Basket

Ya know, in the old days, the Mothers sewed all their families’ clothes. And when a garment would get a hole in it, the holes were patched.

I raised my first 3 children in the 1970’s. And, ya know, back then the boys just had about 2 pairs of jeans “for good” that they wore each week. Little boys love to play in the floor and the knees to the jeans often wore out long before the rest of the jeans did. So I had to patch their jeans. Then, if it was a big patch, the jeans would just be for play, not for school. Then the stores came out with the iron on patches, and they were nice, and the boys could wear these patched jeans to school. But most of the mothers sewed back then and we all had to do mending. There wasn’t the garage sales, etc. like they have now, or the second hand stores. I mean, there were a few. But once you bought your children’s clothes, you took really good care of them. And we always mended socks and underwear.

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