Monday, December 18, 2017


pt 1 Washing the Dishes

Good Morning Homemakers, I like to do the you? My Mother used to say she wud never have a dishwasher in her house..But then Dad remodled her whole kitchen and talked her into a dish washer ..Mom was happy with it…but she thot it was kinda silly ..i dont have a dishwasher and dont have the room for one in my kitchen anyway..My friend MaryL had a bit of arthritu…s in her hands..She said she loved to get her hands into warm sudsy
dish water especially in the it was so comforting.. As a
teenager i wud pretend to be asleep when it was time to do the dishes at my house..My Aunt Eileen in the old days always ran out to the out house when it was time to do the dishes..And she stayed out there until all the workwas done..The old-time housewives had a big enamel red and white pan that they used in the sink to wash the dishes with..They wud go outside and pump
the cold water into their pan.Then they wud bring the pan in the house and heat the pan of water on the stove…When it was hot they washed the dishes..Then they wud rinse the dishes with hot water poured over the washed dishes…The first things they washed was all the drinking glasses .. Then the cups and the plates ..and serving dishes..They had to be very careful in the old days as the dishes werent plastic..So after they were washed ..they were dried with a dish towel and put in the cupboard..The dishtowels were only for the dishes..not to wash up with…We children growing up wud try to use moms dishtowels for everything..i can still hear Mom calling to us kids “Dont you dare use my dishtowelnew for that”. That…meaning about anything…So anyway after the dishes were washed then the silverware was washed..And the last thing to be washed was the cooking pans.. My mother was very orderly about her homemaking ..i cud never figure out how to use Moms new dishwasher..My sister in law wud laugh at me when we all came to Dad and Moms for a holiday dinner..”Connie why are you washing the dishes in the sink with a dishwasher right beside you”? Well i think i just missed the ritual of the women in the kitchen laughing and telling stories and washing the dishes and drying them with a white cotton dishtowel,,,Mom and Dad are both in Heaven now..i sure miss them ,,Happy Mothers Day connie

pt 3 Jims Winter Gloves

i shud be writing about Spring but its still so cold . it is warming
up..But as i was writing the last part about mending in the evening..i was
thinking of Papas winter gloves.Jim had to walk to work so he needed warm
clothes..Well we had paid quite a bit for these gloves so they had to last
the winter.. Well each nite he came home from work the gloves would be
torn in the palms …we cudnt afford new gloves..So each evening i wud sew
his gloves together again and have them ready for the next morning.. By the
time Spring came and he didnt need the gloves..i got to looking at them one
day after he had gone to work..There was nothing but stitches holding his
gloves together..It looked impossible that they cud even keep his hands
warm.Only stitches held us together..Like prayer stitches..Lil miracles of

PT 3 Wise Woman builds her House

I have had such a hard time writing for these past months..i want to write
but nothing comes to me..i want the anointing ..need that Holy Spirit
anointing..But it seems a cold wind blows on my writing..A wind that blows
so hard..Its like i feel peppered by rocks depression and fear..Wud i
want to write about this..well not hardly..But it seems Jim and i bounced
off of each other. But now there is no Jim to bounce off from..i have
wondered “What now Lord..what am i to do.”? i keep trying to accept the
fact that Jim is gone..and i try to forget him..But Jim is not forgetable
…Oh Mercy will this Love Story NEVER end?? well it never has ended and
probably never will.. And yet i cant just sit here and wait to go to
Heaven..i stopped just now to read my Bible..i think the Lord is saying
that Jim was far far more to me then just a husband..He and i some how
represented a new order or a new way of life..We represent a Godly
home,,,We have seen the Dr Dobsons message..and thank God for it but what
does it have to do with now? Our world has changed alot since Billy Graham
preached the Gospel..Oh yes i love Bill Graham… and his wifes writings
were some of my favorites.. But it seems there is a new world order
coming…And we Christians will have to begin a new life..At this point we
have to go back, to the land..We have become like John the Baptist..We cry
out to God in the wilderness.. And God calls back to us..And we get our
message from God alone..i think its like we will get our message by special
revelation.. In other words the Lord will speak to our hearts..more and
give us what we need from His hand.. There will be roots ..deep roots that
will teach us..i feel like Dixie was a root..She stayed on her farm and she
listened to the Holy Spirit..And yrs ago i had a vision ..The Lord spoke to
my heart that i was a writer..And i saw myself go over to Dixies
garden..And i laid upon it and the Lord filled me with the Words to
write..The Lord showed me to cry after WISDOM.. Every wise woman builds her
house but the foolish woman tears it down with her hands..Prov 14;1..

Pt 3 A Mountain Mother by Connie in 2002

Rubie is powerful as she lives out of the inner court.. She has fasted this world and their opinions ..she has done this by willingly taking on submittion to her husband.. She has walked willingly over to the cart and has hitched her own self up and has put blinders on her own eyes..This is true submittion ..Walking in a worldy fear of your husband is not …of God..Infact its dangerous to walk in any kind of fear..True submittion is for a woman to willingly decide to follow God and His word..She casts down her own flesh and bridles it herself..She is a woman of integrity..and strength and virtue.. She lets go of this world and submits to her husband ..and then the gifts of the spirit begin to flow like a river..She then has the freedom to cook and sew and bake her own bread…She becomes joyous in her homemaking..The gifts of inventions begin to flow..if her money has offended her then she casts it out.. if money has stopped her from flowing in her baking then she casts it out.. Maybe housewives you could tell your husbands that you want less money for groceries.. If money gets in your way and makes you too lazy to make your own bread then cast it out..The mothers of the old times were happy because they had work to do and the family depended on them ..Maybe we as mothers today need to create our own lack…We hear so much about fasting and not eating ..And yet we are so gutted with material things .so much more wicked than food… We need to fast the material things and the things of this world.and worldly opinions ..We are drowning in sea of food and money and “things”.We need to cast down this cloud over our heads of the many voices of this world..And turn to the wisdom of God…ConnieJ says often in her writings that she can hear her mothers voice so strongly at times..and her mothers voice condemns her and leaves her feeling helpless and forsaken..Well i know how she feels as i have faced this torment too as a young mom..Many of us have with the inflow of the feminist spirit.. This voice just cuts us to the quick .It is Jezabels voice…And yet the Lord tells us to listen to wisdoms voice in His word in Proverbs..But we think Well doesnt that prove i am nuts if i go around seeing an old fashioned lady who instructs me as a helper to God.?.Jezabel makes fun of us and we think nothing of it? But God sends us wisdom as the virtuous woman and we cast her out? Do we think we are in deception when we see in our minds eye Jezabel? I mean she trys to just come in and live at our house..and we let
her..But when wisdom comes we wonder about that and think it is strange..Jezabel is the strange woman ,,not wisdom….We have learned to accept the person of jezabel…We get so worried about looking ok to the world in all that we do..We worry about our reputation and are we a good testimony to others..Well Jesus never was a good testimony to the people who didnt love God.. Solomon ask God for wisdom and God gave it to him..Ya know why ? Because he wanted it above his reputation? And above the life of his enemies..He refused to hold unforgiveness in his heart ..he gave it up in order to receive wisdom..And he could care less what folks thought of him…And he became a great man because of wisdom..he built his temple with wisdom..and this is how we are to build our homes ..” with wisdom” With wisdom a house is built ..In the end Solomon became very rich materially..But he didnt put riches first..Wisdom came first..Love ConnieH

pt 2 Household Schedules

So you may say “When do i take the Baby to the Dr for his check ups? Well
you schedule your appoinments under special projects.. which wud be after
naps around 2;00 or 3;00 in the afternoon..This way you will have all of
your work done before you go to the Dr..And supper wont be late when Papa
gets off work and is home to eat supper..Also you as mother will have had
a short nap too,,And also schedule your grocery shopping on another day
between 2;00 and 3;00 also.. It wud be ideal to grocery shop on the same
day as you go to the Dr..But i wud be too tired for that if it was me with
my lil kids…But however you work this schedule just write it all down and
try to always make most of supper in the morning so that the evening family
meal wont be late…Also on your paper you cud make a list of 5 special
projects for each week.. Like maybe you have to go shopping for spring
clothes for the baby..Work out a day to go again between 2 and 3;00 pm..or
4;00..But this way you always have your work for the most part done..before
supper and supper is on time..Then you can just wash the supper dishes and
have the rest of the evening to be with the family ..Love connie

pt 1 Household schedules

Dear Mothers,,Thanks so much for sending in your home schedules..These are
just suggestions to give you ideas.. One schedule i went by when my
children were young and not in school yet was this one,,Get up early like
by 7;00 am. and get dressed..Eat breakfast and feed the children and get
them dressed for the day.. If husband has to go to work early pay close
attention to him…Make his lunch if he wants you too…Be sure to have
your face washed and a lil lipstick on so he will want to give you a kiss
Good-Bye..Ok so try to start your work around 8;00 in the morning..Try to
straighten up the house by spending about 10 min in each room…Dont do the
dishes yet ..Just clear the table and put dishes in to soak ..Just
straighten up the house top clean each room..dont vacuum yet..just
put things away..Then around 10;00 start the family evening meal..If you
plan on having meatloaf then now is the time to make this up and put it in
the frig all ready for when 5;00 comes for supper…Also make your dessert
and put this in the frig too..maybe make a salad and refrigerate this..Then
when you want to put supper on by 5;00..its almost all done..Like maybe
around 4;00 you cud make mashed potatoes or some kind of potatoe dish…and
you will be ready for supper at 5;00.. So now it is around 11;00 in the
morning ..So now do the dishes and sweep the kitchen floor..Then vacum and
make the beds..and tidy up for lunch.. Try to get this done by noon and
just have something simple like leftovers or a sandwich for lunch.. Then
take a nap with the children,,lay down and read to the little ones..and you
take a nap too …Or just rest and pray and read your Bible..Then around
2;00 in the afternoon do a project..such as some deeper cleaning…Make a
list of 5 things you want to do for a special cooking or cleaning
job…Something special that will take a few hours to do..For example
Monday clean out your closet and get rid of the clothes you dont wear..Then
Tues do all the baking for the week.. Wed, start your garden,,Thursday and
Friday do extra cleaning for the weekend.. But this is to be done in the
afternoon between about 2;00 and 4;00..Then about 4;00 get ready for Papa
to get home from work..Get supper on by 5;00..after supper sit with Papa
and enjoy him and the little ones..Then around 8;00 start putting the
little children to bed..Give them their bath etc..And then spend the
evening with your husband…Now these are just suggestions for a young
mother..i know you older moms dont need connie

pt 3 Housewifery Schedules

So about 7 or 7;30 we began our schooling.. But see the deal is you need to
have the house at least straightened up by the time the husband is up.. He
has his own work to think about..The Mother shud have her children under
control..They shud mind her whether the Dad is home or not..You cannot
homeschool if you cant get control of the children.. But do find a way to
control them so that you can educate them..i see Moms out running here and
there to Ladies Bible Studies and all that when the children are supposedly
being homeschooled..That wont work,,,But of course anything is better then
public school..So from 7;30 in the morning to about 11;30 we had
school..Then we had lunch and after lunch we had an hour that the children
did Science or whatever subject they didnt get done..Then an hour before
bed they had free reading and had to do book reports too..So while they
were doing school work in the mornings i did my homemaking and helped the
children with school…These schedules and all are good because it helped
me to stay on track ..Tomarrow i will write some more about schedules. Lets
write about grocery lists and menues for each week too .ok? Love connie


Well let me see..i have lost this writing about 3 times now.. Shall we try
for 4 times?? Anyway the Lord is showing me that i am still a keeper at
home..I am a Titus 2 Mother…And i have the time now to put books together and write ariticles and send them into magazines etc.. so all is well.. But what is on my heart lately that i want to write about is our homemaking schedules..Some of the young women who wrote to me about my article in Above Rubies said to me “Well what does this look like on paper..? How do you live this life??” So cud some of you stay at home Moms write down your homemaking schedules? i will write mine down too..Ok when i homeschooled it was different then when i didnt..But we always had a schedule esp when we homeschooled..Most mornings we were up at 6 in the morning.. From 6;00 until 7;00 the children got dressed and did some chores..My house was
 always a mess in the mornings ..Because i wud get so tired and i wud go to bed in the evenings..And often Jim was up with the kids ..But Jim didnt do housework except on accasions,,So i needed the house to look decent when i had devotions with the children the next morning..So i wud have one of the kids run the vacuum before school ..Also i wud have the kids make their beds and straighten their bedroom before school..Because often they sat on their beds to do school be continued..

pt 2 Frugal Housewives

And we housewives back in the 1960s wud save all of our tin cans and
jars.. You can bake a whole loaf of bread in a tall juice can.. Then if you
are in a hurry to get supper on after a full day of can just
throw away all of your bread pans {cans} and not worry about it..i have
wanted to try putting pumpkin bread in a wide mouth canning jar and bake it
like that..Then when the jar is cooled but still warmish you can screw a
canning lid on the top and store it away like this..i spose you wud use the
pint jars with the wide mouth..i can imagine that wud make some moist
bread..i used to make a peanut butter bread,,It was a quick bread,,made
with baking powder not yeast..The family liked it..i will see if i can find
a recipe for that..i wud love to make it again,,Well Ladies i will go for
now..Have a Happy Housewifery Day.. love connie

pt 1 CowBoy Coffee

Dear Mothers,,i am so tired..i think i will make some right
back…When i get real tired then i move like a turtle..i cud take a long
time to make coffee if i dont hurry myself..But if i want to hurry up then
this is what i do,,i rinse out the coffee pot..and fill pot with
water…Then i plug the coffee pot in and that starts the pot of water..
Now i have to hurry to put the coffee in the basket and get the lid on
before the hot water comes shooting up the top..i have a little coffee
perculator from about the 1950s..We have really hard water.So if i use a
modern coffee pot then the tubes inside start to get filled with lime
pretty fast…then the coffee pot wont work..i shud run vinegar thru the
the pot every week but i forget to do that..So i just use the perculator so
i wont forget what i am to remember.. Back in the old days if all else
failed then i wud make “CowBoy Coffee”.. You just take a pot of any kind
that you can put on the stove..Fill this up with cold water and a Tbs of
fresh coffee grounds for every cup of water in the pot..So it wud be like 6
cups of water ..Just throw in 6 Tbs of coffee grounds..then stir it
up..Turn the burner on and bring the water to a boil and then shut it
off.. Put a lid on the top and leave it on the burner to steep for about 5
minutes..Just before you are ready to serve it throw about a half a cup of
cold water on the top to make the grounds settle to the bottom of the
pot..You may still have a few grounds floating in your cup of coffee but
that wont hurt ya..Sometimes i wud pour the CowBoy Coffee thru a tea
strainer as i poured it into each cup..that way you dont have any floaty
things in your cup of coffee.. I have a little coffee pot that is like a
camping coffee pot..But i have made CowBoy Coffee in a sauce pan before
also..i have made coffee about every way there was to make it.. Jim and i
always had coffee in the mornings way or another…I made
sure my Wildman had his CowBoy Coffee.. Love connie

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