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Titus 2 Ministry

Pt. 2

Well God was faithful and my wild man came to the Lord..He had come to the Lord about  3 months before he got out for the last 3 and a half yr sentence.,i didnt know that he had really come to the Lord..But he just kept recommiting his life to the Lord,…over and over again..Keeping up with him as i write this is as hard as keeping up with him as always..when he was alive..But yes he was a hard act to follow.,,And lately with times so hard as they are.i  am so glad to be able to give others hope..Honest hope..after living thru many impossible situations myself..i can tell Randy that i know the Lord  is healing him as he has inopperable cancer,,i believe the Lord ..i am not a new comer as i approach Randy with this hope…My  hope is real…i some how paid the price..i didnt give up..i am so comforted also ladies as i get so many emails  from ladies who tell me..”Connie your writings have changed my life..thank you for your faithfulness…” See i wasnt just waiting on Jim to change..but God was waiting on me to change,,”Wud i believe HIm that nothing was impossible with God”?? God saw you girls ,,,some  of you..He made me who i was in order to influence you for Jesus..So i wasnt just standing in order to save my own hide…but to be an influence ..Thats why it was so hard.Oooh i see now..i didnt know this 40 yrs ago.i  only looked at what i cud see..But this is why some of you suffer so much,.God is working a plan that you cannot connie

pt 3 Every Wise Woman Builds Her Home is some more of the writing.. its about when we first met Frans wife.We entered the shed{kitchen}  thru a grape arbor..The arbor brot alot of shade and the vines of the grapes went all over the front of the shed and kept things cool in the kitchen..As  you entered this kitchen it was as tho worldiness just fell off  of you and you were entering the hallow of Gods Hands..When i saw Mother working in her kitchen i felt so peaceful..Fran introduced her as his bride of many yrs..Mother was quiet and reserved..i felt like i had entered her sanctuary and interupted her prayers..This wife had moral dignity and strength..Thru her domestication she brot out the natural ways of  her husband..She was discreet and chaste..i was a young wife seeking the older Titus mother…That day the Lord showed me a part of  what all of this meant..Mother didnt need to preach to me..her life showed me what being domesticated meant..To close this up i will  tell you one more thing Fran said about his bride..He said that he bot a herd of cows to care for just so he cud give his pretty wife fresh cream for her coffee every morning..Later i was to find out that Mother taught classes on Housewifery..i didnt get to go to them as i was so busy with my big family..But i was thankful i got to meet this precious family. When i first started the Happy Housewifery Newsletter this was the first story i wrote..i didnt get this one sent out..But i think this mother had alot of influence on me as a young mother with alot to learn..Love connie

pt 2 Mothers Summer Kitchen

So Fran tells us to follow him and we went to the Summer Kitchen,,The puppies were in a box waiting for the  children to come and get them just inside the door of this lovely old kitchen,,Ok i will tell you what it looked like..You walked thru a grape arbor that was shaped like a hallway to the front door of the kitchen..The kitchen was a long old out building that was not insulated and had a dirt floor in most of it,,,This precious wife and mother was cookin up a storm in there..She had a big old wood burning stove..But then she had other stoves in the building too,..One she was making cheese on,..and it had to be kept at a certain temp..Then she had another stove too ..i dont remember what that one was for..In a corner of  her kitchen was a huge pile of  bright orange  pumpkins and gourds that she had grown in her garden.Also she had piles of fall flowers that she wud dry..Mainly the  Giant  Marigolds and Zinnias ..Over our heads was the wooden beams..Mother tied her flowers upside down so that they wud retain their colors and wud dry out ..The kitchen ceiling was awash with  colors of Fall..It was gorgeous.. She also had dried herbs  tied to the beams.. Then she had shelves of Mason jars and baskets of tomatos waiting to be canned. Also  baskets of cucumbers to be made into pickles..Well Fran introduced his lovely wife to us..And the children played with the puppies for a while.,,After Mother met us and all she told us that she was a Christian.. They had 2 teenagers a boy about 14 and his sister was about 16..The children came out of the house to see what Puppy our children was taking,..And  the teenagers so admired their mother…and their dad,,But especially their Mother.. That sure touched my heart..  

pt 1 The Virtuous Sisters

This old story took place many yrs ago..Well i was pregnant with the Rock Star “Dan  ” and he will be 31 this Spring..My memory takes me  back to a special day in the fall..i can hear my precious children in the car playing in the backseat..No car seats then ,,so they jumped all over the car,,Papa didnt care..David wud swing on Jims neck from  the back seat,,”Hey thats my neck you are pullin on..” ..Me and Papa had promised the children a puppy for an early Christmas present,,We were chasing down an Address in the newspaper…”Free Puppies”..Finally Jim found the house …It was a lovely old white farm house nestled in a cluster of Autumn maple trees….The husband came out and we all visited a while..i was to find out that we had come for more then a puppy..i was about to meet a Virtuous woman that i was never to forget,,i dont even remember their names..i will just call the husband Fran as he looked French and his lovely wife i will call her Mother..As we visited with Fran he kept mentioning his wife…This couple was in their late 40s..i was about 31 and Jim was about 38.,,Fran told us about Mother and all the things she made especially in the fall..He showed us her garden …It was done for the summer and put away till next spring time…But then Fran wanted to show us Mothers Summer Kitchen …Oh Mercy , was a feast  for the eyes to behold..Jim had only been saved for about 3 yrs..i was seeking hard after the virtuous woman,,”Who is she i kept asking the Lord” .?.Well the Lord was about to show me one of the virtuous sisters that was to hold me in place for alot of yrs..


Dear Mothers,

Boy am I prayin’ about bein’ on the radio! There are some obstacles that I am prayin’ about. I am just casting my cares upon Jesus. Oh, mercy, I want so much to be able to go into the home of mothers with a live message. I want Mothers at home to hear me say, “You can make it. It’s OK. All is well!”

I think my greatest burden is for the children. I know what it’s like to have heartbroken children who cry for their Daddy to come home. I taught my children to pray at the table, “Thank You, Jesus, for bringin’ my Daddy home.” I know what it is like to be broken hearted for my husband. And I know what it is like to have people who were supposed to be Christians say horrid things to me, adding insults to injuries. And it should never have been that way. And the Lord gave me victory. He gave me double blessings for all I suffered.

We as believers should be the counselor to the broken in heart. So many need a counselor in this age. My heart goes especially to young families. Oh, for them to be able to turn on the radio and hear an older mother say, “It’s OK. Jesus came to bind up the broken in heart and to set the captive free.”

The mourning and grieving that so many Mothers face alone is not the will of God. I used to cry bitter tears when I was alone and forsaken. I would pray, “Lord, you have called the older woman to encourage me — where is she?” Yes, the Lord has called the older Titus mother but she refuses to come. That isn’t Gods fault that so many of you young moms are forsaken.

As a child, when my brother and I would come home from school as children, we always called, “Mother? Mother?” when we came in the door. And we knew that Mother was there and ready to listen to our stories about school. And we knew that in a few hours a hot supper would be on the table. It’s not like that now in our country. And so many of our children’s souls are almost silent, having cried out into darkness for so long and no one answered.

We need multitudes of young mothers to come back home to the family. We need a multitude of older Mothers to call them back. And I am not the only one tryin’ to get on the radio. I bet there are many older moms who have heard this call of the Lord. But it has to be in the Lord’s time and I am waiting on Him. I am not going to worry over it. And I don’t want anyone else to worry over it, either. It will all gel and come together.

The Greatest Deception

Ya know women preachers are such a deception. They tell the truth for the most part. A deception is never a deception without truth. Because no one would be deceived by a person who told only lies. So these women stand up and preach the Word except for the Word concerning Keepers at home. How much heart does it take for a woman to preach and forget the children? The children are to be protected, loved and cared for. That is one of the main jobs of the wife and mother. How can any woman preacher preach and forget the children?

When Cain killed his brother Abel, the blood of Abel cried out to God. Think of the blood of 1.5 million babies a year who are right now crying out to God. And do you think God is standing there like a deaf man watching TV? And why do the lady preachers get away with all this deception and your money? Because the older woman has blasphemed the Word of God. She has hidden herself away to seek her own comfort. She has allowed lady preacher to take over and to be the voice of authority. And it is killing the heart of the young mothers, not to mention their children. Abortion thinking began in the church. I have heard of churches that made it mandatory for the young adult members to get fixed after a couple children.

Our world is not overpopulated. It’s just that no one wants to move to where there is no electricity or roads. So many are after the almighty $$$$$$ and they refuse to rough it. But any family with a pioneer spirit could have plenty of land to build a house on. Who needs electricity, anyway. As long as a person is warm and has food and water and a roof over their heads, then that is all they need.

I often wonder how many prophets of God and handmaidens of the Lord are dead at the dump because their mother and dad didn’t want them. Our population is getting so old. My own mother at 83 has the best of health care. Medicare and health insurance from my Dad’s pension. He had a good factory job. These jobs used to be pretty easy to come by. But now our nation takes the best of care of our old folks and kills the unborn, the new blood. But the older women in our day seem to have a window of opportunity here that they may not have coming up. We are, for the most part, safe at least and can teach the young mom what we know.

I was a stay at home mother. But I never expected to have my own car or cell phone or computer. Jim paid off the house so I can stay home now and care for children. I hope to cause the devil some damage as I stay here and do my work. And I don’t care how I do it. On the radio, on TV, or just through my email machine. But I do plan on causing some damage.

I am already in the soup and the furnace has been turned up three times hotter. In the middle of the night last night, reality hit me, that what I was asking for was my own radio show? My heart started to pound and I thought of all the reasons I couldn’t do it. Like Sanbalit asked Nehemiah, “Who do you think you are?” And the Syrian King stands around me telling me as he told Hezekiah’s people, “You will never get it done. Bigger guns than you have tired and I took them over and I will take you down.” But God delivered Nehemiah and Hezekiah. And trust me, I ain’t goin’ out to fight the King or the unbelievers in any way. I am waiting on God. And if He puts me over and gets me on the radio, it will be His doings.

I ain’t gonna cry to you all for a million dollars and then give you a free pen with my name on it? No, I ain’t gonna play that game. But I am saying that had the older Titus 2 mother been on the job, these lady preachers would never have gotten so far. For hundreds of years the lady preachers were not allowed to preach as the Mothers at home outshone them. Mother at home taught her daughters to stay home and run the homestead. And back then we didn’t have divorce and birth control as we do today.

Simple Meals

And ya know what? We live in dangerous times. Some of you Mothers who get to stay home don’t know how to cook and bake basic things. You all need to know how to make biscuits and gravy. I mean some of you would starve to death with a bit of meat and flour in front of ya. And ya know I threw out a lot of my biscuits to the birds as they were so hard no one wanted them. But I actually got good at it later on. But practice, Dear Heart, and you will become a good biscuit maker.

Get some self-rising flour. It costs a bit more them regular flour. Put 2 cups of flour in your bowl and add a fourth cup of shortening or lard, whatever. Rub the shortening into the flour with your fingers until the mixture looks like tiny peas. Make sure all the shortening is rubbed into the flour. Then add some milk about 1 cup. And stir this up and make a dough. Then flatten the dough on a floured surface. Don’t roll it with a rolling pin. Just pat it with your hands. It should be about an inch thick. Then cut the dough out with a table glass or the rim of a tin can. Bake in a hot oven for about 15 minutes. Be sure to preheat the oven to 450 degrees. This is a quick bread and needs to be baked quick and hot.

You can even take this dough and roll it out thin and put butter and sugar and cinnamon on it and slice it and bake it like cinnamon rolls. You could put nuts in this or raisins. Once you learn to make a biscuit dough, you can make a lot of things. Dumplings are made like plain biscuits that you can drop into a bubbling stew and they bake under the liquid. But do learn to make homemade noodles and from scratch pies and cakes. No, everything won’t turn out perfect but just keep practicing.

Happy Homemaking.



Today I am answering Alaine’s email response. Alaine is a young wife and mom of four children. She has been delivered of feminism lately and from the spirit of Lady Preacher. She has given her OK for me to share her life a bit. And, Alaine, maybe you could write a testimony that we could send to the letters group? Anyway, I want to share her life as I think, to some degree, all of us women fight the spirit of Jezebel. We are not really fighting women in the flesh but we are fighting demons of witchcraft in the spirit realm. Everything starts out in the Spirit first.

Satan has always been after the godly seed. Satan comes after the Marys, the ones who carry seeds of Christ. In the Bible, in practically every book, the devil is trying to kill the believer and their seeds. We as godly mothers evangelize through spiritual seeds and through our bodies of flesh. So, of course, we know that God doesn’t want any true Godly mother to be on any form of birth control. The devil’s crowd don’t care how many seeds they plant. But it is so called “common sense” for the Christian mother to use birth control. Where would we be if Mary, Jesus’ mother, used birth control? Or Elisabeth or any of the great mothers in the Word of God? Satan wants us Christian mothers to think we have no place in God until we tie our tubes and begin to act like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. As if we have no place of power in our role as Marys.

Mary is our example. Mary didn’t care what anyone thought of her. She was a woman of prayer and knew that the Son of God would be born soon and to a virgin. And when the angel spoke to Mary she was ready to believe God for a miracle. She had confidence in God and confidence in herself as His child. She didn’t go back to church and have a deacons meeting to see what they thought about it. She just waited on the Lord and waited for her husband (to be) Joseph to have the dream from the Lord. Then, long story short, they ran outta town. Mary was a revolutionist — she was a very free thinker. She knew how to submit to her Joseph but no one owned her mind but God. She was a Joan of Arc on a mission.

I wish I had enough faith to believe for a supernatural birth as she did. She believed it when the Lord overshadowed her, and she conceived a supernatural seed from God. That’s beyond me! But I do believe that many of you will live to see the day that many women of God will conceive a baby supernaturally. This should be normal in the body of Christ. Sarah conceived supernaturally and so did Elisabeth and others in the Word. When Naomi’s daughters-in-law wanted to go with her? Naomi said that she had no more sons to give them. Naomi didn’t say she was too old to conceive a seed and bear a son … because Sarah was her mother of faith. But Naomi said she couldn’t bear anymore children as she had no husband. I think it was a normal thing in Bible times for women of God to bear children up to 60 years old. Because of the scriptures about the widows marrying again and bearing children if they are under 60.

See, our college of the Spirit is taught to us through childbearing. We are saved from the deceptions of this world through childbearing. We learn the gifts of the Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit through our place as Keepers at Home. And God knows (and I hope you all know) that I have learned everything I write THE HARD WAY! Well, I know you all know I didn’t learn it at church.

I understood the Covenant of Marriage. And I let this cover me and keep me in His will. I let this marriage promise lock me in a prison the first years of my marriage. But then later, as I was faithful, my marriage covenant took me to a joyful place where I was set on a pedestal by my dear husband. But in the prison, I learned how to be set free to enter the palace and to be a queen.

It is God who exalts us or publishes us.

Lady Preachers

And ya know, Alaine, I knew I had such a call on my life from God when I was a young mom. Out in the garden, I would preach to the trees. It would just come up out of me — then I would rebuke it in Jesus name. And I would tell Christians about it. That I rebuked the spirit of preaching in me. And they thought I was quenching the Holy Spirit wihin me. My own mentors would tell me that I was a lady preacher and there was nothing I could do about it. Many thought I would be free now to become a lady preacher since Jim died. No. Heck no. If God had wanted me to be a lady preacher, I would have been one, with or without Jim. But I could see early on that I could do a lot more damage to the devil by being a Titus 2 Mother.

The plan of Satan is to discourage, and to cause fear, to the Mother in her Home. Because Satan knows that God is raising up an army of children right now that will be mighty warriors for Him. I mean, we are in an all out war in our country. The heavenlies are ablaze right now with spiritual activity. It suffers violence and the violent take it by force. There is a part in the Bible where it tells the writer to mark the people who are not grieved and do not sigh while the temple is being torn down. And the ones who did not grieve and sigh were killed.

See, these lady preachers are a curse to the church and to God’s people. It’s not enough that the Mothers have left the home and the child predators have taken over. Now the Mother has left the body of Christ.

The Spirit of Christ cries with deep intercessions for the Mothers to come back home. He cries for them to quit killing their babies through abortion. How many John the Baptists are dead at the dump? Put there by Christian Mothers? The Holy Spirit bays and vomits grief for these children that are His. He knew them in their Mothers’ wombs. He knew them. He talked to them. He made them. They were not just flesh but they were His own. How can our hearts as Mothers not do something about this? Well, it’s because our hearts have become hardened.

Lady Preacher ain’t worried about abortion or your marriage covenant. Lady Preacher is up there being seen and flaunting her new clothes. I often think, had these women been wise, what wonderful Titus 2 mothers they would be. But, see, the hidden woman that God uses for His glory is a woman of dignity and honor. She doesn’t have to be seen. She is like Mary. She knows the times and the seasons of the earth. She knows the heart of God. She is the same on stage or alone in her house. Because Jesus is her confidence and not the applause of man.

Ya know, a lot of times, I write on here and I think it was good. And no one comments on it and I feel so lonely, needing a shoulder to lean on or to communicate with. But I know the Lord tests me. “Connie, will you write alone in your house with no one caring one way or the other. Or do you need to be petted all the time to write?” God don’t need me if all I do is write for applause. He has enough of those women. And ya know, Alaine, I really tested God on this writing I do. For the first four years, I wrote on the e-machine and never paid my internet bill. Finally, when Jim saw that this writing was from God, he started paying it. Someone kept paying for the bill. I called the company and told them it was a mistake but they wouldn’t listen to me. They would say, “Who is this?” I would say, “Connie.” And they would say, “Connie is paying the bill.” I really believe it was a mix up in their billing but they never figured it out. I tried to tell ’em. And I gave up this writing a half a hundred times. I wanted to take this e-machine and throw it out the window. I had finally learned how to be God’s hidden woman and what did God do? He calls me to write on the internet. That nearly killed me. Talk about crying. I cried my heart out but wanted to be in His will.

Prison to Palace

But ya know, Alaine, if Sharon White didn’t write my books for me I wouldn’t ever get one published. My goal in life isn’t to make some money. The push and shove of my life is to write the truth out for the wife and mother at home. If this writing makes me popular, or whatever, then fine. But it is more likely it will get me killed. But my heart wants to write out the truth.

I suffered like a dog as a young wife and mother. I had the Roman soldiers constantly about me, slashing my heart with a sword. One time an aunt of mine took me out for lunch. I was pregnant with David, my miracle child. She said to me, as I sat quietly waiting to be served, “Look a the shape you are in — it is a disgrace.” I was so hurt and I never forgot it. I had to hold back hot tears through the whole meal. And every time I got pregnant, the comments were so cruel from the older women around me. When I brought John home from the hospital, my aunt met me at the door with “What are you gonna do with it?” I had barley any pictures of Johnny. I was so poor and Jim was in prison. The neighbors hated me because Jim was always in the newspaper. They were afraid of me and tried to get me out of the neighborhood. The city sued us because our sidewalk wasn’t shoveled and a lady barely sprained her ankle. The fight went on for five years.

I had so little encouragement. At night, I slept with my Bible and with study books all around in my blankets. I put the Word of God upon my wall and woke up to it each morning. I was too grieved to eat much and weighed from 95 to 100 pounds and was 5 foot 8 inches tall. This was my Bible college days and this is how I learned what I write. I learned that God can bring you through anything as long as your confidence is not in the arm of flesh but in the heart of Jesus. I literally climbed out of my prison one Bible verse at a time and landed in the Lord’s palace. I learned to be the virtuous woman, the woman of power. I hung onto the hem of His garment and drew virtue out of Him.

What these lady preachers preach is pure poison. They have some truth and tell you how to get out of the mundane problems of the world. But a woman’s true place in the home where she learns the deeper truths will never be told to you by Lady Preacher. She knows not the deep things of God. She lives on the crust of the land. But the deep delivering power of God is taught by the experiences of the home. And only as the marriage covenant is not broken.

Jesus went willingly to the cross to die. And some of us as wives must take a key and lock our own selves away in a prison to learn of God. Some of you feel like you are already in a prison. Don’t fight this prison but wait upon God as Joseph did. If you will die with Jesus, you will also reign with Him. There is much to learn in the furnace of affliction. And even more to learn as VICTORY IN JESUS COMES.

God gave me more then double happy days for all that I suffered. He is true to His word. But, Alaine, I think it’s all a choice in where ya want to end up in God. Will we be like Mary and be poor revolutionist — or will we be like Joyce M who gets her glory here on earth?

I suffered enough, I guess, that money don’t mean much to me anymore. I ache so much in my soul for the life of the Christian Mother in her Home. I guess I just can’t stand to think that anyone would have to go through what I went through with no truth to uphold them. But you stand Lady Preacher up against the true virtuous woman and the virtuous woman’s power is so much greater. As the days come to a close, the lady preacher knows her day is short. Now she is attacking openly the virtuous woman from the pulpit. It’s sad, for sure.

Feminism is an unholy fire and only the truth will protect us. We must rebuke these spirits from our homes by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimonies. And most important is that we don’t love our own lives unto death.

Keepers At Home

Dear Mothers,

I was sorta busy yesterday so didn’t get to read all of the emails. And this morning I have to leave at about 8:15. So I will only be able to write a bit. But was it you, Alaine, yesterday that was saying that all women are not called to be Keepers at Home? I wanted to comment on this for a minute. The Bible says this in Proverbs 14:1 — Every wise woman builds her house and the foolish woman tears it down with her hands. So this verse speaks of Every wise woman. This is speaking to a woman with a home or a wife and mother. A single woman has a choice to marry or not. But she, too, should have a ministry of home. Such as helping another mother with her children or housekeeping.

There are no lady preachers in the Bible who take authority in the church over men as Joyce Myers does. Jezebel did this and she was it. Deborah tried to get Barak to take authority himself. But Deborah was certainly the exception and not the rule in the Bible. She was called “Mother in Israel”. And this is a calling like the Titus 2 Mother has. I know I minister to some of the husbands on this group. I don’t write for them and never would take any authority over any man. But I know many of the husbands read my writings. But there are no lady preachers in the Word of God. Mothers find their place in the body of Christ through their ministry as keeper at home.

Alaine, you remind me of myself when I was young. I had to know the truth on so many things concerning wifely submission and Motherhood. God is going to use you as the Titus 2 Mother. I know you probably came to this group to get into some good discussions and some good thought provoking debates. But the ladies aren’t mavericks on here. I am, for sure, but I have had the soup kicked out of me lately and haven’t gotten back up yet. But I think I am arising slowly. Annie is still under the bed, I guess. But I hear your spirit, Alaine.

Many of the ladies on here are deep in the Lord but are under the gun. They don’t comment a lot. They are drive by shooters. What they say is powerful but in 10 words or less. And many don’t want to upset anyone so they seethe quietly. As you can tell, I would say about anything and duck and run like hell. I am used to it, unfortunately. You know, I love Mz Violet who is normal. But, Alaine, just give me some time here. I hope to get into some better writing.

The feminist Christians are your problem. They are worse them the regular worldly feminists because they have the power of religion behind them. They are DANGEROUS. And they deceive many. They live on the blood of the Mothers who are really powerful like Mary the Mother of Jesus. Mary was a truly powerful woman of God. Think of her faith and how brave she was to endure and to keep Jesus hidden as a child.

See, like you, Alaine, I had to rebuke the spirit of preaching in me, too, and fight it down until it had no voice in me. I have had many women try to get me to be a lady preacher. This world don’t have enough money in it to make me be a lady preacher. It is not the call of the hour — it has no power in it. The call of the hour is to the Titus 2 Mother who will take her place in the shadows for the good of her people. She loves God and hears the call of the mothers who are truly walking with Him by being a keeper at home. Like you, Alaine, I have stood up and preached before. I could do that again. And probably make some money at it. But I want to stand for truth.

This sorry world has enough trash and deception going on. Who would want to waste their time being a lady preacher? Ya can’t take that money with ya. No, if I can’t stand for truth, I would just as soon die.

Alaine, if it’s OK, we will send this letter to the letters group, too. I think many of the ladies are like you and need this writing. But I can see your frustrations mounting and we are usually a bit more Kick Butt. Sorry!

Hmmm, A Drivers License

Mercy, I wish I had all morning to write on feminism and lady preachers. Nothing makes my blood boil like Christian Feminism in the church. Like an old dog, I could chew that bone happily all day and the next. Just relaxing on the email and gnawing that gristle sounds like pure joy to me. But, alas, I must be gone today. So I have to go take my bath. I have to take a written drivers test. Yes, Miss Connie is going to get a valid Iowa Drivers license.

Aunt Toot said to Char, the other night when she was here, “Well, Connie knows a lot about driving so she won’t have too much trouble with the test.” That’s a loaded answer.

Well, I better get about my business.


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