Sunday, December 17, 2017


Wisdom’s Fire

Dear Mothers,

That writing yesterday, Dear Rubie, just did me in to write it. See, I just write as the Lord gives me the words. And that writing came from deep in my soul. It was a teaching to me from the Lord.

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to write after the family had left the house, but I was afraid the anointing wouldn’t come back on me to write. I started to worry over the work I had to do. The front porch was a mess — I was worried about that. But the anointing came back upon me and the Holy Spirit took me back to the forest that I had been writing about. I felt caught up in His Spirit. All of a sudden, all I could do was write again. Sometimes the anointing comes so strong that my body wears out as I write. And yet the words won’t stop coming. I feel totally exhausted and yet more words flow in my heart.

This morning, I vowed I would stay in bed and not write. And the Lord got me up. Then I thought of some funny things to write about our Danny, age 19. But as I come to the email machine, I know it is to write Part 5. Again the anointing comes and instantly my eyes fill with tears.

I am again back at Wisdom’s cabin sitting beside Rubie’s fire. Again I am holding the baby and he is sleeping. Wisdom speaks. “Oh, daughters of Zion, Marys and Sarahs, Satan is after your wombs. It is just like when Mary had to protect baby Jesus. You, too, are called to have children for God. You are not the women of the world. Your children are not as other children. They are called and anointed to do a work for God. Your husbands are marked for His service.

“The devil has lied to you and told you that you were as the Egyptian women, the worldly women. That what you do doesn’t count. And you have left your little Samuels and little Jesuses in the hands of the world. The devil has used your own authority against you.

“Where would Elizabeth have been had she not known that her son would be the forerunner of Jesus Christ? If she had lost her vision and sent John out to the world. But she didn’t. She hid herself when she found out she was pregnant And she raised her son John in the wilderness. She taught him in secret. For one thing, she set him apart unto God. And also she raised him in secret to protect him from Satan’s men who would have killed him if they could have found him. Mary hid Jesus from the world. She taught Him the laws of God. But these women knew that God had called them to raise children for Jesus Christ.

“How has Satan gotten the women of today to think the fruit of their wombs is not blessed? Well, the worldly church has numbed you. Don’t you understand why we have 1.5 million abortions a year? Don’t you know why ungodly doctors are out there to tie your tubes and scoop your uterus out? Satan is still afraid of the Godly seeds. How many John the Baptists have been martyred and lie dead behind an abortion clinic today? How many Johns did the Lord send who were killed by Elisabeths? How many more will He send? How much longer will we murder the prophets and send them to their graves? How many Samuels, right now, are laying in unmarked graves, in piles of baby flesh? We mothers won’t know until we get to heaven, if we get there.

“A whole lot of repentance needs to begin in the temple of God. Among the women of God.”

Last night, Papa woke up and sat at the edge of the bed. I woke up. “What’s wrong, Papa?” “Oh, I thought I smelled a fire, but I guess it was nothing.” Well, Mama lit a spiritual fire last night and sent it to Jesus.

Our Danny, 19, has been out of hand. I got so upset with him and then began to chew on Jim. I asked the Lord to forgive me and asked Papa to forgive me. I knew I had stepped over the line. And that on my own, I was going to get in big trouble with the Lord and with Papa. Mama’s fear ain’t a good thing. So I went up to bed and Papa waited up for Dan. I prayed upstairs. I said, “God, I am at wits end with this kid. Do something to let me know that You are listening to my prayers.”

Well, earlier when Papa was awakened by the smell of fire, I asked him, “Well, Honey, did Dan get home?” “Yeah, he got home. The brakes went out of his car.”

The Holy Spirit spoke, “Well, Mama, there ya go. I know how to stop Dan.” Well, Mama was purrrrin then. Now Danny knows that Mama prayed for that one. When he gets up this morning, he will be watching me and knowing that God and Mama had something to do with the brakes going out of the car. Oh, Yeah. But I am going to keep a straight face. Well, I am gonna try.

But I know that Danny is a prophet of God. Not an obedient one. He is like Jonah. And right now Danny is supposedly sleeping but, actually, he is in the belly of the whale. When I got up early this morning, I heard him tossing and turning in his bed. God knows how to handle His young prophets. Lest any of you think that Danny is mild mannered and not a problem? He is covered in tattoos and earrings. And if I was a fearful mother, I would have committed Harry Karry by now. Papa says Danny will be OK, and I am in agreement with the priest of our home. “Danny will be OK.”

Mothers, we need to honor our men. If we are Sarahs and Marys, our husbands are Abrahams and Josephs. But Satan has again lied to us. “Well, your husband is so bad that you don’t have to submit to him” and “Your children are all bums because they are like your husband.” No, this is all a lie of Satan. Our husbands are Abrahams and we have Issacs in our wombs.

Well, I gotta get back home. I hear Papa calling me, and I must greet him and give him his coffee.


Baby is Sleeping

Dear Mothers,

It’s early in the morning and my heart spills forth with many words.

Last night, before I went to sleep, I could see myself alone in the forest with my little baby. I had gone there to pray and to be alone with Jesus. It was the summertime and I camped down deep in the forest. I could hear nothing except the flap of birds’ wings and the sounds of the night creatures and the wind. It was as though God had stood up in the forest and put His finger to His lips and said to the world, “Hush, baby is sleeping.” And it was as though a hush was dominating the forest. I brought my little baby with me, the baby that somehow I had gotten from the Lord. It was dusk and I had a small campfire and I tended it all night long. As I sat holding my little one, I had homemade quilts to rest upon. And I rested the whole night in Jesus’s arms. I was alone and solitary, listening for His voice and waiting upon Him.

When I woke up this morning, I just have so much longing to get back to my place deep in the quiet forest.

Mary Elizabeth, our daughter age 16, made me the most deeply spiritual picture. I am looking at it right now. She took a picture from a calendar and put it on cardboard. She sewed cloth around it to make a frame, no glue. The picture is of little girl angels. They are probably 5 years old and 7. The picture is very set apart unto God. The colors are just shades of brown and pale gold and ivory. She made a dotted brown cloth frame and she sewed it on there with white thread and used cross stitches. She made a braided cloth hanger for me to put it on a nail. The picture reminds me of a picture you would find in an antique store for a hundred dollars. The sewing on it is purposely primitive, the stitches hand sewn and uneven. The cloth she used was old. I have it hung in my window with dried herbs, rosemary and rose hips, hung above it.

When I look at Mary’s creation, the spirit of it reminds me of the older Titus woman of long ago. She was holy and set apart unto God. As I sit by my fire from last night’s vision, I see the younger Titus older woman with her baby. And when I look at Mary’s spirit upon her picture, I see the older mother deep in the forest.

Come with me this morning and let’s walk to her house. Bring the baby — wrap her up warm. I am bringing mine. But, hush, baby is sleeping.

Rubie’s Cabin

As we walk through the woods holding our little ones, I can see Rubie’s cabin just over the hill. Better make sure the baby’s head is covered. It’s sort of cold out here. Oh, Rubie is up. Oh, good! I can see her light in the window. But we will have to be quiet as we go up on her porch. She may be talking with the Lord.

We knock softly at her door and we hear her coming. “My land, what are you girls doing out here in the early morning, and with your little babies. Come in. Come in. Get yourselves in by the fire and get those babies out of that night air.”

Mother Rubie, we have risen early to seek you. Please let us come and sit by your firelight. Let us glean what we can before we have to use every bit of wisdom you can give us. We are so hungry for the spiritual food that will tell us HOW to be Mothers of the light in the blackness of the sin around us. We seek wisdom as silver. We call her our sister, and understanding our kinswoman. Please, don’t be mad at us for coming so early. But we must get back home soon and take care of our families. They will be awake soon.

An enemy is in our house and we can’t seem to get her out. Her name is Jezebel. All day long, she taunts us. She is the sister to selfishness and pride and her voice penetrates our hearts and she wounds us. We have wounds now, and they just seem to lay wide open and won’t heal. All day long, as we do our dishes and bake our bread, she continues to shove us and scrape our hearts.

And Rubie speaks. She says, “Well, if you read your Bibles, you will find out through Proverbs that Wisdom was with God when He made the foundations of the earth. She is the foundation of all of the things God makes. With wisdom a house is built. Every wise woman builds her house but the foolish tear it down with their own hands. Jezebel tears at your minds and tries to get you two leave the home, because Gods word says that the wicked woman’s feet abide not in her own home. She runs from house to house tattling, and speaking of things she shouldn’t speak of.

“Solomon needed her to build his temple and you need her to build your home. Solomon didn’t ask for riches. He asked for wisdom to build a temple for God. And you mothers need to build a temple for God with wisdom, not earthly treasures of gold and silver. For Solomon’s temple was first wisdom and then it was an earthly temple for God.

“You mothers are the spiritual home. Keep your hearts for out of it are the issues of life. You ARE the temple of the Holy Spirit. And your hands will react to what is in your heart. What is in your heart? Look at your homes. This is what first started in your hearts. Your hearts must be pure and holy if you want your homes to be pure and holy.

“You were trained wrong, some of you were. By unholy mothers of Jezebel. But don’t look at that — receive now the spirit of the virtuous woman. Cast down the spirit of Christian homosexuality. Quit trying to be like Christian men. Lay down that unholy covering and be shielded by the spirit of Mary and Elizabeth and Sarah. These are your examples, not the men in the Bible. The women, the women in the word. You are called Sarah’s daughters.

“Be obedient daughters of faith and of Sarah. Give your wombs to God. He can give you supernatural births. It doesn’t matter that your tubes are tied.”

Dear Rubie

Oh, I am sorry, dear wisdom, I heard Papa calling me and I had to run to him. Please don’t turn me away but let me back by your fire to hear your words of wisdom again. I had heard Papa calling. He was seeking me. In the mornings, he feels my spirit leave him, as I rise so early. So when he gets up hours later he longs for me, and I must go to him and comfort him. He searches my face and looks for a Good Morning smile, and he searches my eyes as a compass for his day. He wonders, “What is Mama writing on the email and why is her eyes filled with tears? Are they tears of joy or sadness?” And I must comfort my darling and let him know that all is well and that I have only been deep in the forest praying and seeking wisdom.

I comfort my darling Jim and let him know that all is well. And now, Mothers, I am back and it is late in the day. Papa is at work and the children are all off for their day, and Wisdom welcomes me back to her fire, and she speaks and picks up where we left off.

“Connie, you must not weep because a doctor tore your womb. God’s word is so clear on that. He wants you to multiply and replenish the earth. This command is to the believers. These doctors of death who stop life from happening with their swords will someday bow their knees to Jesus. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord. Not the almighty doctors.”

They are not Lord over Sarah’s womb. And we are her daughters.

Touch not God’s anointed, Satan, and do her no harm. We are as daughters of Mary. We also carry the word of God. We carry the sons of God in our wombs and they will replenish the earth. We mothers have a job to do. We must produce sons for Jesus and handmaidens to be their wives. We are as Hannahs with Samuels to birth. We are as Marys who will birth the word, too.

We are full of supernatural births. Fear has deceived us, but faith will save us. How many supernatural births were there in the word? Most of the mothers God used in the word were barren. Well, many of us are barren. Many because of Satan’s sword. But the word tells us that we can all be fruitful and multiply. Sarah was old, and Elizabeth. But God gave them wombs supernatural. Mary conceived a seed from God and she knew not a man. Rebekah and Rachel were barren. Solomon’s mother was barren. Many were cursed with barrenness. But God gave them supernatural births.

Oh, sing, oh daughters of Zion, and leap and dance for Joy. Put away your grieving and mourning and receive your baby boy. The world has given you suffering and guilt for the doctor’s sword. But leap, oh daughters of Zion! Oh, cry out, oh daughters of Zion! Oh, dance, oh Daughters of Zion, and give Him your womb again. Give Him your womb of faith and curse the demon of sin.

Oh, dance dear daughters, or leap, dear daughters! Come into joy again. Satan has tried to mark you with a curse of fear and sin. But cry out, dear daughters of Zion, and receive the Lord again. Repent, oh daughters of Zion, and give Him your wombs again.


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