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Pt 3 A Mountain Mother by Connie in 2002

Rubie is powerful as she lives out of the inner court.. She has fasted this world and their opinions ..she has done this by willingly taking on submittion to her husband.. She has walked willingly over to the cart and has hitched her own self up and has put blinders on her own eyes..This is true submittion ..Walking in a worldy fear of your husband is not …of God..Infact its dangerous to walk in any kind of fear..True submittion is for a woman to willingly decide to follow God and His word..She casts down her own flesh and bridles it herself..She is a woman of integrity..and strength and virtue.. She lets go of this world and submits to her husband ..and then the gifts of the spirit begin to flow like a river..She then has the freedom to cook and sew and bake her own bread…She becomes joyous in her homemaking..The gifts of inventions begin to flow..if her money has offended her then she casts it out.. if money has stopped her from flowing in her baking then she casts it out.. Maybe housewives you could tell your husbands that you want less money for groceries.. If money gets in your way and makes you too lazy to make your own bread then cast it out..The mothers of the old times were happy because they had work to do and the family depended on them ..Maybe we as mothers today need to create our own lack…We hear so much about fasting and not eating ..And yet we are so gutted with material things .so much more wicked than food… We need to fast the material things and the things of this world.and worldly opinions ..We are drowning in sea of food and money and “things”.We need to cast down this cloud over our heads of the many voices of this world..And turn to the wisdom of God…ConnieJ says often in her writings that she can hear her mothers voice so strongly at times..and her mothers voice condemns her and leaves her feeling helpless and forsaken..Well i know how she feels as i have faced this torment too as a young mom..Many of us have with the inflow of the feminist spirit.. This voice just cuts us to the quick .It is Jezabels voice…And yet the Lord tells us to listen to wisdoms voice in His word in Proverbs..But we think Well doesnt that prove i am nuts if i go around seeing an old fashioned lady who instructs me as a helper to God.?.Jezabel makes fun of us and we think nothing of it? But God sends us wisdom as the virtuous woman and we cast her out? Do we think we are in deception when we see in our minds eye Jezabel? I mean she trys to just come in and live at our house..and we let
her..But when wisdom comes we wonder about that and think it is strange..Jezabel is the strange woman ,,not wisdom….We have learned to accept the person of jezabel…We get so worried about looking ok to the world in all that we do..We worry about our reputation and are we a good testimony to others..Well Jesus never was a good testimony to the people who didnt love God.. Solomon ask God for wisdom and God gave it to him..Ya know why ? Because he wanted it above his reputation? And above the life of his enemies..He refused to hold unforgiveness in his heart ..he gave it up in order to receive wisdom..And he could care less what folks thought of him…And he became a great man because of wisdom..he built his temple with wisdom..and this is how we are to build our homes ..” with wisdom” With wisdom a house is built ..In the end Solomon became very rich materially..But he didnt put riches first..Wisdom came first..Love ConnieH

Being Domesticated

Dear Mothers at Home,

The Bible tells the older Christian woman to teach the younger women to be domesticated. Domestication is the womanly art of homekeeping. It is the inner voice of wisdom and instinct. The believer and unbeliever have this instinct. But the world beats it out of the unbelieving wife through feminism. Domestication is so easy to have that you need help from feminism to misunderstand it. It is that inner calling to go back to the land and make a place for the family. It is the calling to sew and cook and bake and have babies.

The Lord leads the birds through domestication to fly south for the winter. He speaks to the bears to hibernate and the bees to make a hive. He speaks to the ants to store food for the winter. It is that inner instinct to do what comes natural. The Bible speaks in Romans 1 about the natural knowledge of God through seeing creation. And when a person won’t receive the natural, then God gives them over to the unnatural. In other words when a woman refuses the natural place as keepers at home, she will go to the sinful place of feminism. And this is such a basic truth that Mother’s place is in the home. And when you need the discerning of spirits, you can always fall back on this basic truth.

Prov 14:1 Every wise woman builds her home and the foolish tear it down with her hands. Notice the word EVERY. That doesn’t mean that some women don’t have to go by this scripture because they are educated and the rest of us are dummies and stay home because we are stupid. But as a wife and mother who loves God this is how she grows in the reality of Christ. As she grows in God she becomes more and more domesticated. Just as a bird who stays behind for the winter isn’t more spiritual or smarter then the other birds who fly south. The foolish grasshoppers played all summer as the ants worked. The same as the feminists are playing now, while we keepers at home work and pray.

We all know that to save a nation we need good mothers.

And before I go on, “Thanks, Phillipa, for encouraging me on the phone yesterday about this computer.” Anyway, back to domestication.

To be at peace in the home is a sign of spiritual growth in Christ. To act quickly when the Lord calls you to do something out of obedience as keeper at home is a spiritual victory. To be at peace with your husband. To submit to him as your priest and lord on earth is a spiritual victory.

Feminism chases one god after the other. One idol after the next. She refuses to be domesticated and submit to her husband. So she runs out of the home and submits to all kinds of idols. She is submissive and a helper by nature. So she submits willingly to every kind of boss who is a man usually. He pays her, that’s why and her husband only gives her grocery money. These women are like prostitutes who will work for another man for money and leave their place of service to God for this world’s goods.

Now I realize some women are ignorant and not taught this stuff. They are growing in Christ and as they grow in love and dedication to Christ, they will see this. But some women see this and know better. They have walked in the meat of the Word but have decided to do their own thing. So they quit and then they use the excuse that can only come from the milk of the Word. But they can fool a few schnooks and that is what they want is the applause of man. But to our own selves we must tell the truth. Each of us must stand before God and His Word. And, of course, there is no example of feminism in the Word of God except Jezebel.

Discerning of Spirits

OK, the basic teaching of the Bible is that Adam sinned, and we are all sinners and we need a Savior and Jesus Christ is it. But the way we walk out our new life in Christ is the order of the home. The mother and father are to care for the children. We are to disciple them as parents and teach them how to be saved and after that the order of the home. For those who don’t want to marry, they should somehow help the failing Christian families about them.

We need to lead folks to Christ and then show them how to live a life that will glorify Christ. No one as a believer has that right to do their own thing. You are blood bought and saved for a reason. As you receive Christ, you have received His anointing. If you don’t use the anointing, He will take it off of you.

We as Christian wives and mothers are to multiply and replenish the earth with godly boys and girls. This command in the Bible is not to the unbelievers but to the believers. I have heard crackpots on TV speak this verse as it is only meaning spiritual fruitfulness. But they ain’t foolin’ anyone. We all know this means to have children for the Lord. And as long as they try to hoodwink us, they will continue to say offhanded to all of us that abortion is fine and birth control for the believer is fine. You can’t do more for God by not having any more children. This is all a lie of Satan as he is afraid of the godly seed.


Teach Your Daughters to Wail

Dear Mothers,

This morning as I prayed, I cried and the wounds of hurt for Mary were again broken open and the blood of my broken heart seeped out as tears in my eyes and wailing unto the Lord. And the Holy Ghost came upon me and the Lord spoke in anger at the devil and Jesus said to me, “Connie, every prayer you have prayed and every tear you have cried is not forgotten. When your harvest comes it will be earth changing.” The Lord gave me a picture of Mary whole and complete and mighty for the Lord. And as I prayed, I heaved crying words out of my belly to God. He said, “Connie, if you didn’t weep like this for Mary, you would be no good to me. I call the wailing Mothers for my kingdom.”

And God reminded me of Ezekiel 8 and 9 where the Lord called the writer to mark the people of God who sighed and wept for the sins of His people. Some say it was a mark of the cross put upon the Believers who had God’s heart. But it was a mark of some kind put upon those who weep with God for the sins of the people. And the writer had an ink horn at his reins. Our reins is our conscience, or our inner court. But when God judged Jerusalem, He saved the ones who were heartbroken for the sins of the people of God. And God started with the church and had the deacons killed first.

We hear that when Judgment comes, we who are Christians will be saved. But, no, those who do not weep and wail in our country do not have the heart of God. This does not mean that we go around sad all the time. But when the spirit of mourning comes upon us for a family member or the sins of our people, we should go ahead and get before God and cry out to Him until the mourning has lifted. It is a call to prayer. Just pray and then go on. But the true People of God will be in much prayer and fasting.

Our Joy comes daily as we pray and seek God and feel a release in our Spirit. Each prayer and groaning in the Spirit is a labor pain. After each pain, there will be a time of joy and resting. We will rest and cook and sew and be happy. We will put up food for the winter. But when we hear Him in our garden, calling us as His handmaidens to pray, we should drop our buckets of vegetables and run unto the Holy Secret Place to hear His voice and pray. He may call us several times a day. Or He may call us in the night.

We must be instant to hear His voice and run to Him, our true Husband, to weep before Him and to wail for People of God who have no mark of the cross upon their foreheads. They have no heart for the marriage covenant. God is a covenant God. You who pray against your husbands outside the marriage covenant will never see answered prayers. You must obey God and honor your husbands and submit to them as unto the Lord. Jeremiah 9:20 says Teach your daughters to wail. We are in the days as of Noah. So many then were so calloused and never paid any mind to the thought that judgment was coming.

I watched Joyce M this morning. I am always tryin’ to figure her out. This morning she said that she knew she must have a gift or an anointing. Why? Because everyone obviously loved her and she made a lot of money. Well, yes, she has me there. Everyone seems to love her and she sells a lot of books. But the big and obvious problem for Joyce is that she is running cross ways to the Word of God. The Bible tells her to sit down and be quiet in the temple of God. And that if she is going to teach anything, it should be to teach mothers to be keepers at home. But ya know the women of God don’t want to put up with children or do the dishes. So Joyce leads her merry band of women along.

We live in such an age of deception. Oh, can you all hear me when I say this? While the Christian Mother is out having a hay day, patting each other on the back, who is minding the children? I see women chasing signs and wonders and leaving their nonspiritual husbands at home. That’s because he is too smart to go with ya. Oh, I could say a lot here but I won’t.

In the last days, the Bible says, seven women will want to be married to one man if they can just have his name. And it’s for protection. As women go on with their feminism, they are becoming reduced to sex objects. God knows they can’t keep house! And men don’t need them as they are taught that wifey ain’t good for nothin’ except sex. So, hey, now we have men who are trying to make sex slaves of women. These women won’t submit to God and to a good husband. They won’t do it God’s way and so God turns them over to their own lusts. And you know it won’t be long in our country before the men start treating the women as they do in the Middle East. And women will need the protection of one man and, if she marries him, she will have more rights.

You talk about abused women? The feminists in our country are the most abused women in the world and are out there in full force trying to teach all the young women how to be abused. A woman of God is not as submissive as these women. HELLO? Catch that last sentence? It’s not a mistake. I said the feminist is more submissive than the women of God. Because a woman of God will ONLY submit to her husband as unto the Lord. The Christian Feminist will submit to Pastor over husband any day of the dang week. She will submit to an ungodly boss and build his ungodly kingdom over her husband’s Christian household. The Christian Feminist will submit to other women in the church and what they think over the top of husband’s opinion. They say they are putting God first when they won’t submit to their husbands but to the preacher? No, they are simply putting preacher first over husband and over God. They not only do that as Christian women in the church but they teach by example the young women to do this, too.

Because the wise woman of Titus 2 won’t stand up and teach keepers at home, then the counterfeit comes in. It’s hard to be a Titus 2 Mother. It means you had to be faithful in your home with your own children and husband. And women ain’t bein’ faithful. And they aren’t only hurting their own families, they are hurting 60 or 70 other young Mothers who are watching them. These ungodly Christian Feminists are evangelizing the world with an unholy gospel. They are multiplying and depleting the earth instead of replenishing it with Godly boys and girls.

Oh, arise, oh, Daughters of Zion, and take back your home lands. Build back up your walls and fight with a weapon of homemaking in one hand and in the other hand a weapon of spiritual warfare. Get a whole lot of shakin’ goin on. Shake yourselves loose of feminism and rebellion and take on your aprons and rolling pins. Make a home, dear daughters of God. Get out in that kitchen and shake some pots and pans and make a meal. And when He calls you away to wail in your temple, be instant to obey Him.

Daughters of a New Revolution

Mercy! I feel such an anointing on this teaching that I don’t know if I even have enough energy to keep up with it. I feel like a 25-year-old woman in an old body. I feel like I am teaching about the vision of the dry bones of God’s people — I think it’s in Ezekiel — how God called the prophet to call the dry bones forth to dance? I want to speak this anointing into all who read this.

Come forth, oh, dear Daughters of a New Revolution. If we have to go out as martyrs, let’s go clad in aprons, and at least pregnant. But before we go, let’s leave a testimony that we were good and faithful Mothers of homemaking. Mz Violet is such a godsend to encourage me in my homemaking. Go, Mz Violet — keep feeding it to us. I am a bit slow on the draw lately.

But let’s get that lantern or candle lit on our dining table. This is to signify to us that Jesus is the light of our world. I try to keep my lantern lit and oil in it to be a symbol that I am ready for my groom Jesus Christ to come. The oil is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. And then I lay a Bible beside it, open to a scripture for the day. And then the rest of my homemaking runs around all of this.

But, oh, you would have loved to hear Dixie teach on this even the week before she died. “Connie, the weapons of your warfare are your cooking tools.” Dixie said this with cancer and her husband had married someone else. She taught this until she entered heaven. I hear her heart as I stand here writing. “Connie, stand up and be strong — you can do this. Don’t be afraid.”



Today I am answering Alaine’s email response. Alaine is a young wife and mom of four children. She has been delivered of feminism lately and from the spirit of Lady Preacher. She has given her OK for me to share her life a bit. And, Alaine, maybe you could write a testimony that we could send to the letters group? Anyway, I want to share her life as I think, to some degree, all of us women fight the spirit of Jezebel. We are not really fighting women in the flesh but we are fighting demons of witchcraft in the spirit realm. Everything starts out in the Spirit first.

Satan has always been after the godly seed. Satan comes after the Marys, the ones who carry seeds of Christ. In the Bible, in practically every book, the devil is trying to kill the believer and their seeds. We as godly mothers evangelize through spiritual seeds and through our bodies of flesh. So, of course, we know that God doesn’t want any true Godly mother to be on any form of birth control. The devil’s crowd don’t care how many seeds they plant. But it is so called “common sense” for the Christian mother to use birth control. Where would we be if Mary, Jesus’ mother, used birth control? Or Elisabeth or any of the great mothers in the Word of God? Satan wants us Christian mothers to think we have no place in God until we tie our tubes and begin to act like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. As if we have no place of power in our role as Marys.

Mary is our example. Mary didn’t care what anyone thought of her. She was a woman of prayer and knew that the Son of God would be born soon and to a virgin. And when the angel spoke to Mary she was ready to believe God for a miracle. She had confidence in God and confidence in herself as His child. She didn’t go back to church and have a deacons meeting to see what they thought about it. She just waited on the Lord and waited for her husband (to be) Joseph to have the dream from the Lord. Then, long story short, they ran outta town. Mary was a revolutionist — she was a very free thinker. She knew how to submit to her Joseph but no one owned her mind but God. She was a Joan of Arc on a mission.

I wish I had enough faith to believe for a supernatural birth as she did. She believed it when the Lord overshadowed her, and she conceived a supernatural seed from God. That’s beyond me! But I do believe that many of you will live to see the day that many women of God will conceive a baby supernaturally. This should be normal in the body of Christ. Sarah conceived supernaturally and so did Elisabeth and others in the Word. When Naomi’s daughters-in-law wanted to go with her? Naomi said that she had no more sons to give them. Naomi didn’t say she was too old to conceive a seed and bear a son … because Sarah was her mother of faith. But Naomi said she couldn’t bear anymore children as she had no husband. I think it was a normal thing in Bible times for women of God to bear children up to 60 years old. Because of the scriptures about the widows marrying again and bearing children if they are under 60.

See, our college of the Spirit is taught to us through childbearing. We are saved from the deceptions of this world through childbearing. We learn the gifts of the Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit through our place as Keepers at Home. And God knows (and I hope you all know) that I have learned everything I write THE HARD WAY! Well, I know you all know I didn’t learn it at church.

I understood the Covenant of Marriage. And I let this cover me and keep me in His will. I let this marriage promise lock me in a prison the first years of my marriage. But then later, as I was faithful, my marriage covenant took me to a joyful place where I was set on a pedestal by my dear husband. But in the prison, I learned how to be set free to enter the palace and to be a queen.

It is God who exalts us or publishes us.

Lady Preachers

And ya know, Alaine, I knew I had such a call on my life from God when I was a young mom. Out in the garden, I would preach to the trees. It would just come up out of me — then I would rebuke it in Jesus name. And I would tell Christians about it. That I rebuked the spirit of preaching in me. And they thought I was quenching the Holy Spirit wihin me. My own mentors would tell me that I was a lady preacher and there was nothing I could do about it. Many thought I would be free now to become a lady preacher since Jim died. No. Heck no. If God had wanted me to be a lady preacher, I would have been one, with or without Jim. But I could see early on that I could do a lot more damage to the devil by being a Titus 2 Mother.

The plan of Satan is to discourage, and to cause fear, to the Mother in her Home. Because Satan knows that God is raising up an army of children right now that will be mighty warriors for Him. I mean, we are in an all out war in our country. The heavenlies are ablaze right now with spiritual activity. It suffers violence and the violent take it by force. There is a part in the Bible where it tells the writer to mark the people who are not grieved and do not sigh while the temple is being torn down. And the ones who did not grieve and sigh were killed.

See, these lady preachers are a curse to the church and to God’s people. It’s not enough that the Mothers have left the home and the child predators have taken over. Now the Mother has left the body of Christ.

The Spirit of Christ cries with deep intercessions for the Mothers to come back home. He cries for them to quit killing their babies through abortion. How many John the Baptists are dead at the dump? Put there by Christian Mothers? The Holy Spirit bays and vomits grief for these children that are His. He knew them in their Mothers’ wombs. He knew them. He talked to them. He made them. They were not just flesh but they were His own. How can our hearts as Mothers not do something about this? Well, it’s because our hearts have become hardened.

Lady Preacher ain’t worried about abortion or your marriage covenant. Lady Preacher is up there being seen and flaunting her new clothes. I often think, had these women been wise, what wonderful Titus 2 mothers they would be. But, see, the hidden woman that God uses for His glory is a woman of dignity and honor. She doesn’t have to be seen. She is like Mary. She knows the times and the seasons of the earth. She knows the heart of God. She is the same on stage or alone in her house. Because Jesus is her confidence and not the applause of man.

Ya know, a lot of times, I write on here and I think it was good. And no one comments on it and I feel so lonely, needing a shoulder to lean on or to communicate with. But I know the Lord tests me. “Connie, will you write alone in your house with no one caring one way or the other. Or do you need to be petted all the time to write?” God don’t need me if all I do is write for applause. He has enough of those women. And ya know, Alaine, I really tested God on this writing I do. For the first four years, I wrote on the e-machine and never paid my internet bill. Finally, when Jim saw that this writing was from God, he started paying it. Someone kept paying for the bill. I called the company and told them it was a mistake but they wouldn’t listen to me. They would say, “Who is this?” I would say, “Connie.” And they would say, “Connie is paying the bill.” I really believe it was a mix up in their billing but they never figured it out. I tried to tell ’em. And I gave up this writing a half a hundred times. I wanted to take this e-machine and throw it out the window. I had finally learned how to be God’s hidden woman and what did God do? He calls me to write on the internet. That nearly killed me. Talk about crying. I cried my heart out but wanted to be in His will.

Prison to Palace

But ya know, Alaine, if Sharon White didn’t write my books for me I wouldn’t ever get one published. My goal in life isn’t to make some money. The push and shove of my life is to write the truth out for the wife and mother at home. If this writing makes me popular, or whatever, then fine. But it is more likely it will get me killed. But my heart wants to write out the truth.

I suffered like a dog as a young wife and mother. I had the Roman soldiers constantly about me, slashing my heart with a sword. One time an aunt of mine took me out for lunch. I was pregnant with David, my miracle child. She said to me, as I sat quietly waiting to be served, “Look a the shape you are in — it is a disgrace.” I was so hurt and I never forgot it. I had to hold back hot tears through the whole meal. And every time I got pregnant, the comments were so cruel from the older women around me. When I brought John home from the hospital, my aunt met me at the door with “What are you gonna do with it?” I had barley any pictures of Johnny. I was so poor and Jim was in prison. The neighbors hated me because Jim was always in the newspaper. They were afraid of me and tried to get me out of the neighborhood. The city sued us because our sidewalk wasn’t shoveled and a lady barely sprained her ankle. The fight went on for five years.

I had so little encouragement. At night, I slept with my Bible and with study books all around in my blankets. I put the Word of God upon my wall and woke up to it each morning. I was too grieved to eat much and weighed from 95 to 100 pounds and was 5 foot 8 inches tall. This was my Bible college days and this is how I learned what I write. I learned that God can bring you through anything as long as your confidence is not in the arm of flesh but in the heart of Jesus. I literally climbed out of my prison one Bible verse at a time and landed in the Lord’s palace. I learned to be the virtuous woman, the woman of power. I hung onto the hem of His garment and drew virtue out of Him.

What these lady preachers preach is pure poison. They have some truth and tell you how to get out of the mundane problems of the world. But a woman’s true place in the home where she learns the deeper truths will never be told to you by Lady Preacher. She knows not the deep things of God. She lives on the crust of the land. But the deep delivering power of God is taught by the experiences of the home. And only as the marriage covenant is not broken.

Jesus went willingly to the cross to die. And some of us as wives must take a key and lock our own selves away in a prison to learn of God. Some of you feel like you are already in a prison. Don’t fight this prison but wait upon God as Joseph did. If you will die with Jesus, you will also reign with Him. There is much to learn in the furnace of affliction. And even more to learn as VICTORY IN JESUS COMES.

God gave me more then double happy days for all that I suffered. He is true to His word. But, Alaine, I think it’s all a choice in where ya want to end up in God. Will we be like Mary and be poor revolutionist — or will we be like Joyce M who gets her glory here on earth?

I suffered enough, I guess, that money don’t mean much to me anymore. I ache so much in my soul for the life of the Christian Mother in her Home. I guess I just can’t stand to think that anyone would have to go through what I went through with no truth to uphold them. But you stand Lady Preacher up against the true virtuous woman and the virtuous woman’s power is so much greater. As the days come to a close, the lady preacher knows her day is short. Now she is attacking openly the virtuous woman from the pulpit. It’s sad, for sure.

Feminism is an unholy fire and only the truth will protect us. We must rebuke these spirits from our homes by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimonies. And most important is that we don’t love our own lives unto death.

Keepers At Home

Dear Mothers,

I was sorta busy yesterday so didn’t get to read all of the emails. And this morning I have to leave at about 8:15. So I will only be able to write a bit. But was it you, Alaine, yesterday that was saying that all women are not called to be Keepers at Home? I wanted to comment on this for a minute. The Bible says this in Proverbs 14:1 — Every wise woman builds her house and the foolish woman tears it down with her hands. So this verse speaks of Every wise woman. This is speaking to a woman with a home or a wife and mother. A single woman has a choice to marry or not. But she, too, should have a ministry of home. Such as helping another mother with her children or housekeeping.

There are no lady preachers in the Bible who take authority in the church over men as Joyce Myers does. Jezebel did this and she was it. Deborah tried to get Barak to take authority himself. But Deborah was certainly the exception and not the rule in the Bible. She was called “Mother in Israel”. And this is a calling like the Titus 2 Mother has. I know I minister to some of the husbands on this group. I don’t write for them and never would take any authority over any man. But I know many of the husbands read my writings. But there are no lady preachers in the Word of God. Mothers find their place in the body of Christ through their ministry as keeper at home.

Alaine, you remind me of myself when I was young. I had to know the truth on so many things concerning wifely submission and Motherhood. God is going to use you as the Titus 2 Mother. I know you probably came to this group to get into some good discussions and some good thought provoking debates. But the ladies aren’t mavericks on here. I am, for sure, but I have had the soup kicked out of me lately and haven’t gotten back up yet. But I think I am arising slowly. Annie is still under the bed, I guess. But I hear your spirit, Alaine.

Many of the ladies on here are deep in the Lord but are under the gun. They don’t comment a lot. They are drive by shooters. What they say is powerful but in 10 words or less. And many don’t want to upset anyone so they seethe quietly. As you can tell, I would say about anything and duck and run like hell. I am used to it, unfortunately. You know, I love Mz Violet who is normal. But, Alaine, just give me some time here. I hope to get into some better writing.

The feminist Christians are your problem. They are worse them the regular worldly feminists because they have the power of religion behind them. They are DANGEROUS. And they deceive many. They live on the blood of the Mothers who are really powerful like Mary the Mother of Jesus. Mary was a truly powerful woman of God. Think of her faith and how brave she was to endure and to keep Jesus hidden as a child.

See, like you, Alaine, I had to rebuke the spirit of preaching in me, too, and fight it down until it had no voice in me. I have had many women try to get me to be a lady preacher. This world don’t have enough money in it to make me be a lady preacher. It is not the call of the hour — it has no power in it. The call of the hour is to the Titus 2 Mother who will take her place in the shadows for the good of her people. She loves God and hears the call of the mothers who are truly walking with Him by being a keeper at home. Like you, Alaine, I have stood up and preached before. I could do that again. And probably make some money at it. But I want to stand for truth.

This sorry world has enough trash and deception going on. Who would want to waste their time being a lady preacher? Ya can’t take that money with ya. No, if I can’t stand for truth, I would just as soon die.

Alaine, if it’s OK, we will send this letter to the letters group, too. I think many of the ladies are like you and need this writing. But I can see your frustrations mounting and we are usually a bit more Kick Butt. Sorry!

Hmmm, A Drivers License

Mercy, I wish I had all morning to write on feminism and lady preachers. Nothing makes my blood boil like Christian Feminism in the church. Like an old dog, I could chew that bone happily all day and the next. Just relaxing on the email and gnawing that gristle sounds like pure joy to me. But, alas, I must be gone today. So I have to go take my bath. I have to take a written drivers test. Yes, Miss Connie is going to get a valid Iowa Drivers license.

Aunt Toot said to Char, the other night when she was here, “Well, Connie knows a lot about driving so she won’t have too much trouble with the test.” That’s a loaded answer.

Well, I better get about my business.


A Dopey Chick

Dear Mothers,

This morning I was back at it, watchin’ Christian TV. Well, I sorta like that show Ever Increasing Faith. But with any TV evangelism, ya gotta watch it. So at the beginning of the show, they had this dopey chick on there. And in a nutshell, this is what she said. Her church where her husband was a deacon believed in wifely submission. And this chicken’s girlfriend told her she didn’t have to submit to her husband. So she decided to go pray with Pastor Price and he got her straightened out. And she told her husband that they needed to go to Pastor Price’s church so they did. And she got her prayers answered because she put Jesus first.

Ya know, it’s not enough that these churches don’t teach about the order of the home. But now they are out there just takin’ potshots at us who do teach it. And what good is going to come of it? The homes are already in a mess. Mother leaving the home has brought on the encouragement of abortion and child neglect and you name it. Why is the church standing against the stability of the home? Anyone knows that if you get a wife in the home who is dictating spiritually, we have witchcraft going on. Rebellion is as witchcraft. The rebellious wife produces rebellious children. And these kind of mothers in the home then produce homosexual sons and daughters. Well, often it is just plain neglect that produces homosexual children. Again you gotta wonder if all some of the shepherds have in mind is to build their church and forget the needs of the sheep.

So this empty headed chick who got on TV and said her husband was not spiritual enough, in the end, submitted to a man, anyway, and it was Pastor Price. Had she thought her husband didn’t know as much as Pastor Price, she could have still watched Price on TV and gone to her husband’s church. She could have prayed for her husband to see the light. But, no, she probably told him she was gonna divorce him if he didn’t do what Pastor Price said. Because, by golly, she put Jesus first. ????? Help me, sweet Jesus! A lot of men will go along with their wives in order to keep peace in the home. But all this wife has done is maneuvered her husband’s will. She has made his flesh obey her. The true Christian wife who is maybe married to a man who is a believer, but not that steady yet, should encourage him in his God given authority. The true wife is after her husband’s heart to give to Jesus. She doesn’t care about herself or her own needs. Her goal is that her husband be saved, and that he be a son of the living God. She can get spiritually fed any place she needs to.

No husband can get into your mind. You are “God’s daughter.” But this woman should have reverenced her husband enough to stay in the church they were in and let her husband decide if they should leave. But to get on Pastor Price’s TV show and tell about how her girlfriend helped her to see the error of her ways was very disrespectful towards the priest of their home. I wonder what her children thought?

We in Christendom are very close to losing the truth on this about the order of the home. That woman getting on TV with that lie spoke to many women, not to mention men, and is going a long way in breaking down the Christian homes. And every time they say that stuff, they are pounding another nail in the coffin of the Christian home.

See, Joyce is loud and boisterous, flaunting her new outfits and earrings on TV. Her feet abide not in her home. We in Christendom haven’t seen a lady in so long, we have forgotten what one looks like. We have forgotten the scriptures that say that a woman is to learn in silence and submission to her husband. Or that she is to be chaste and discreet and a keeper at home. And just about everyone of these women preachers have a testimony of sexual abuse as children. They have never seen a virtuous woman before and they are preaching out from who they are.

Dopey Chick’s Husband

And, ya know, Dopey Chick’s husband probably thought, “Mercy! I can’t fight City Hall (or Pastor Price’s Ministry), so I guess I should be a good boy and go along with my wife.” Because, seriously, it is the age of the woman being in control. And women’s rights are a big deal right now. And most men know what side their bread is buttered on. And it’s either her way or the highway. Any man who does stand up for being a man is in real danger.

When I babysat that precious baby boy right after Jim died? Well, both parents were good and loved their little son. Well, the baby’s dad pushed the mother one day and she was outta there. The dad probably never saw his baby son again. I think of him often and that his heart must be broken. Now, had HE kidnapped the baby from HER, then they would have caught that guy and skinned him alive.

Women are in control in our country. And while her husband may be lookin’ fine and minding his wife as she dictates to him, he is rebelling in other ways. And I don’t need to count the ways he will rebel. If he looks good at church and stands up and sits down as he should, and as the pastor and his wife has ordered, then wife thinks all is well. And that’s all she cares about, anyway. But, Lady, you will never reach a man’s heart if you are just worried about what the world has to say about him.

The true woman will submit to her husband, and will win him to Christ through her behavior. You can’t win a man to Christ by laying down a set of rules. You win him through your work as keepers at home. As you care for the children. As you keep the home clean and the meals on the table. You must win his heart for Christ. Your husband has to fall in love with you before he will fall in love with your God.

Papa used to tell me, “Well, Connie, you are gifted.” I would say, “Oh, Honey, I am not.” But, ya know, the more the days go on that Papa is in heaven, I see more then ever that it was Papa who was gifted. Mary and I both say that we don’t have to miss Papa as he is always with us.

And, ya know, through all of these laws we are passing against the rights of men, we are taking all of the romance out of our marriages. Papa and me were passionate in every area. When we first got married, I would call him a name and go to run out the door and he would grab me and hold me down and threaten me. One time, as I prayed that I would put Jesus first and not my husband, he nearly killed me. He misunderstood that, as most men would. NOOOOO it wasn’t right. And NOOOO I am not sayin’ it was. It was a mistake on his part and he quit all of that, for sure, or I would be dead by now. But you get passionate people and they ain’t just passionate in the bedroom. And it is just life.

No, if a man makes a habit of beating his wife, this is very dangerous and has to stop.I mean, call the police if Husband is way out there. You don’t want to die, as who would take care of the innocent children? But, on the other hand, we can’t police our husbands. Men, every now and again, will act up (it’s the nature of the beast) and, no, you aren’t honor bound to divorce them.

A few days ago, as I drove into the hospital parking lot, I had the windows down — no air conditioning. And Papa always drove with the window down, even in the winter sometimes. Of course, he was smokin’ and blowing the smoke out the window. So I learned to drive from him. Anyway, as I drove in, I had the radio up full blast and the Righteous Brothers were singing,

“You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’
Woah, that lovin’ feelin'”

It starts out …

“You never close your eyes anymore
When I kiss your lips”

Well, anyway, I was prayin’ and I said, “Yes, Lord, that is what is missing in Christendom and the world. That lovin’ feelin’. That passion that comes from a submissive wife and a man who will support the family emotionally and spiritually. A real spiritual home is a very romantic home and has a sexual climate.


Well, I should get goin’. I need to get to the hospital to see Mary.

One DVD movie Mary and I watched yesterday at the hospital was Walk the Line. Johnny Cash got really crazy with his women. I told Mary, as I laughed, “Who is that like?” Mary says, “Brandon.” I said, “Well, Mary, look at Johnny Cash — the Lord healed him, didn’t he? And God healed your Dad, didn’t He?”

Mary is still wanting this old guy, age 40. I mean, this old guy is sorta fat. But, ya know, what can I say? I mean, things ain’t right. But God is makin’ it right.

Mary called this morning and said, “Mom, I have bad news. They found septic in my blood.” That leaves her in the hospital for about (I hope) 10 or so more days. She sure could have died in that jail. Thank God the Lord took her out. So my adventures continue.

In closing, I want to say to you who are keepers at home. Don’t lose that lovin’ feelin’ for your husband. Let him be a man. Close your eyes when he kisses your lips.

“And, Papa, I am doin’ the best I can with Mary. I can’t touch her without rubber gloves. But, oh, I love her so much and I love you, Papa.”


False Prophets

Well, I have been prayin’ and studying my Bible. I read about the transfiguration of Christ in front of His desciples. Wouldn’t that be a riot? To look up and see Moses and Elias or Elijah casually talking to each other after they had been dead for many years? Don’t tell me that the saints can’t come down out of heaven and talk to others. If ya go to hell, that is a prison you can’t come out of … ya gotta stay there and burn forever. But the believers never die.

Well, anyway, I was reading about Elijah and Elisha. Now some of you all get ticked if I step on the toes of the false prophets. But Elijah murdered ’em. Baal had 450 false prophets and Jezabel fed at her table another 400 and Elisha killed all of ’em, down by the brook. (II Kings: 39) Seems the false prophets were keeping the land in a drought. But after the false prophets died, the Lord let it rain. Jezabel had, before this, killed many of the prophets of the true God. And when she found out that Elijah had killed her huntin’ dogs, the false prophets, then she vowed to kill Elijah. Elijah at least got the clouds to bring down the rain through his prayers before he took off runnin’. Not bad, huh? Go Elijah! And the Lord says to me, “Connie, you are afraid to even reveal a false prophet in your writings.” I looked at the Lord and said, “Very funny. Don’t I look like I am in enough trouble already?” Well, anyway, Elijah fought the false prophets and Jezabel to get them out of Israel so that God could bless the land.

Then in Luke, the Bible speaks of John the Baptist that he had the spirit of Elijah. His ministry was to bring the Fathers’ hearts back to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just. He had a heart of reconciliation. John was raised in the wilderness and came out of the wilderness with the spirit of Elijah. And John the Baptist was just the one to speak to King Herod, and he (John) lost his head. But the spirit of Jezabel is in the land through feminism and brings a curse to our country.

Many are out there exposing the false prophets in the churches. And ya know, my dear Jim, by his life, exposed so many false teachings. He would have been so proud of our Jimmy, as he is such a good father to his little baby girl, and a good husband. But ya know, when all Jimmy had was a Masters degree and later the equivalent of a PhD in light design, Jim asked me, “When is Jimmy gonna quit going to school and get a job and grow up?” What a mouthful! Jim came out of the wilderness to say that. Not a popular opinion of the day. The sons that live closer around here understood Jim. Jim was proud of Jimmy and his education. But a real man, to Jim, was a man who worked and had children and made a home. Paid his way and put his money where his mouth was. He had a low opinion of any guy who wouldn’t work or made their wife work if she didn’t have to. And how could I have prayed that into Jim, had he not left me over 30 times? This is how ya bring a priest of God to the throne of God.

Wendy and some of you mothers who mourn? Don’t despise small beginnings. Pray for your husbands and children. Some men must go through the wilderness to come out shouting “Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” But these gods of education and money power? These powers ain’t nothing compared to the power of wisdom.

Ya know, I can’t say much about the false prophets anymore. It seems the Jezabels are takin’ over the preaching these days. That’s the way Satan’s kingdom is … it divides against itself … and it will not stand. But I asked the Lord what this is all to say to me. And He is saying to just keep writing about Jim and what he would say to this world today. He certainly came from the wilderness.

A lot of folks would love to shut me up.


Dear Mothers,

I have been around the most insane women lately. Jim always kept me under his wing. But I have gotten out lately and “Whoa Nellie.” Let me tell ya, the feminists are alive and well. They are like demon possessed rats that panic after food they are forbidden to have. I quietly come along and get in their way and they run over me like I am a blade of grass. My spirit is an open book and they mow me down like a riding lawn mower. In God’s defense, I give them my testimony. Each word I say is like trying to fit DEAD dry bones together and to make them walk. Like trying to make a rock rise like a happy loaf of bread. As I talked to this wild eyed woman, I felt like, “Mercy, what is wrong with this bat out of hell?”

Some of these women who are in the church are crazier then I thought. I mean, they talk all about worship and they sing and worship the Lord? When they get back up off the floor from praying, the first thing out of their mouth is, “My daughter has no identity because of her husband.” Where is these women’s foundation? What is it built on? Not on the family.

The skeleton of a married woman’s faith has to be her connection to her husband. The older married woman is to be the example to her married daughters and sons. She isn’t supposed to be trying to get her daughters to be out of submission to their husbands. Man, if your own mother is trying to get you to stay out of submission to your husband, then you don’t need the feminist rats in the world to do it.

See, as married women, we must come to Christ and give him our life. But we need a guard and covering in this life. And our husbands are the Lord’s helpers to guide us and protect us. Jim is gone now. For those who just came on, my husband died April 1st. But I still stay under his memory of what I know he would want. But our husbands are who the Lord has given us to direct us on this earth. Some men are not good priests of the home but they are still who God gave you to answer to. God told the children of Israel to follow Moses. Well, Moses was never perfect but he was who God chose. If the people went against Moses, then it was as though they went against God.

Women are not to take authority in the body of Christ over men. No woman has the right to come in your home and take over. Any friend who comes to your house should recognize right away that your husband is the head if the house. When Jim and I were separated many years ago, I didn’t allow anyone in my house who didn’t recognize Jim as head of my home. I taught my children to honor Jim, even though he wasn’t there. This was before Jim was saved. I had decided to walk by faith and I didn’t let up.

But, see, God leads us in righteousness for His sake and for our sake. A married woman cannot just be uncovered. She is not independent like a man is. She is the weaker vessel. She is to be covered and to blend with her nest. Wild Man gave me this house and it is such a comfort to me. I am so glad I don’t have to go out and work, as the Lord is taking care of me. Jim became a good man and so many folks have honored him by caring for me. Jim’s children have honored him and me. Our children are here for us.

Emily stopped yesterday and gave me enough chicken to last me the rest of my life. I am fixing some today, as I think Dan and Mary will come sometime today. Our kids’ friends have been so precious and if I ever needed anything, I know they would get it for me.

This young man next door has insisted on mowing my lawn and he does an excellent job. He mows twice a week. He is amazing. But, yes, I must report that I am well cared for. As soon as it warms up, we will be out planting the gardens that my boys plowed up. It was almost down to freezing last night.

The last words Jim said to his boys was, “Take care of your mother.” Somehow, Mama won Wild Man’s heart in the end.

The Foolish Women

Some of you women are so foolish. Life don’t have to be as hard as you make it.

Some men are rascals! Jim was the worst rascal. Oh, mercy. Just read my testimony. But, oh, that Wild Man of mine. What can I say? But, ya know, some men have had mothers they couldn’t trust any further than they could throw them over their shoulder. And when they marry, the wife seems to get the punishment. See, the wife cares and the mother never did. So the husband wants to hurt the wife. No, it isn’t right! But we have a society now days that is mentally sick. But where sin abounds grace much more abounds.

Darlin’, just dig your heels in and decide that you will have a home for Jesus Christ and don’t let up, no matter who tries to throw you off. Yeah, I know it’s hard –. hard for us, anyway, huh? God knows it’s hard. But just make a decision that you are going to go God’s way. That you are going to believe God for your husband and family.

God’s word says that it is not God’s will that any should perish but that all should come to knowledge of Christ. So you know it is God’s will that your husband know the Lord. And God tells you how to win an unsaved husband. Read 1 Peter 2 and 3. Likewise ye wives submit to your husbands. The word “likewise” is referring to Jesus Christ on the cross. When He was reviled, He reviled not again. Christ’s obedience to the cross saved us from sin. Can you lay down your own life for your family? If you will lay down your life in obedience to God, then you, too, will share in Christ’s glory.

See, there is so much talk in the religious world about His Glory. Women with hard hearts and unclean hands lift up their hands to Jesus and call for His glory? It ain’t gonna happen. You have to submit to the cross to see His glory. God is not stupid and He is not going to pour down His glory upon hearts who are proud and arrogant. His glory will come as you stay upon the cross. Pride and a love for success and money will not bring His glory. We don’t deserve His glory, anyway. If we get mercy from Him, we should be happy. We were miserable sinners on our way to hell. And Jesus came and walked willingly to the cross and died for us. Had He not died for us, we would go to Hell. But He willingly died a horrid death at Calvary’s cross to wipe away our sins. He died in our place. And this is preached in the church. But what isn’t preached is that Christ is our example.

We ain’t here to get 10 steps to success. Our success as believers is to be His servants. Our success is to die daily and to take up our own cross for Christ. As we give up our desires and we lay down our lives, then He can give us the desires of our hearts. If we seek Him first, then we will see His glory. But it ain’t gonna come out of the air and onto your head just because you came to church and prayed for it. It comes on the servants of God who act like Him. The ones who are willing to suffer for the truth.

He shares His glory with no man. Even our desire to serve Him is God given. No man comes to the Father except the Spirit draw Him. So we, as servants of Christ, can’t take any credit. But, no, you won’t share in His glory until you have shared in His sufferings. Until you have laid down your life as He did. Then you won’t have to cry out for His glory as it will come, anyway.

And, also, the silly things I see, too, is that these Christians think they all have to get together and call Christ back. If you can find one skinny preacher with the truth, that is enough to call the Lord back. Jesus Christ ain’t gonna do nothing outside of His word. And Jesus responds to the truth. One man of God with the truth can move mountains.

It’s not how loud these church people can yell or supposedly praise God. If my kids are livin’ like Hell and praising me at the same time, then I would call that blasphemy.

Love Connie

It’s a WAR

Good Morning! Aunty Toot called me last night and she made me laugh. God knows, I needed to laugh. Anyway, she also told me to leave Joyce M alone. Toot is on the letters group. Toot always tells me how much trouble I am goin’ to get in for judging Joyce M.

Well, it ain’t just Joyce I am judging. It’s the whole lot of feminazis in the church I am judging. The Bible says that we are not to judge the unbelievers as they are already judged. But as Christians we are to judge the believers.

Why does God give us the gifts of discerning of spirits if we ain’t supposed to use it? Why does God tell us to judge if He doesn’t want us to? 1 Corinthians 6:1 tells us to judge. As it goes on in the chapter, it says in verse 3 “Know ye not that we shall judge the angels? how much more things that pertain to this life.”

I mean, if we as believers are putting down a true believer, then, yes, we will get in trouble. But if the true Titus Mother don’t have enough guts to blow the horn on someone like Joyce and the other women like her, then they ain’t worth much. We as women are called of God and can have the discerning of spirits. We don’t have to stand there and nod yes to everything.

See, many women are passive in the wrong direction. This is why God tells us specifically to submit to our own husbands. And women don’t want to do that, so they submit to anyone who comes down the pike. Not that Toot does that –no, absolutely not. But her and me go round and round. But I love Toot and I know she loves me.

Toot tells me that Joyce is with her husband all the time and is in submission to him. Aw, yes, “Smiley George.” He just smiles and quotes scripture like “All things work together for good.” Well, he is either smart and doesn’t want to lose all the treasures Joyce got for him. Or he is as deceived as she is. I dunno.

But, yes, as believers, we are to judge, and the reason I blow the horn on Joyce is because she is handy. She represents so many women out there that have left the home and taken to the streets to preach. It’s sick and it’s out there. And these women are taking over the church. And we as believers had better judge this stuff.

Verse 9 says “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? BE NOT DECEIVED: neither fornicators nor idolaters, nor adulterers nor effeminate” etc. Ah, yes, the effeminate men who act like girls. They won’t go to heaven. And I don’t say all of this to bad mouth, for the sake of bad mouthing. I say all of this because we are in a war?

HELLOOOOO LADIES? Toot and I do agree that a spiritual war is goin’ on that is much worse than it ever has been in our area. I had heard preachers say years ago that in the coming years, the spiritual wars would be much worse then any physical wars. Like in some other countries, Christians are being killed for their faith. But in our country, the devil himself is trying to pluck the word of God right out from under us.

The unholy smoke of feminism is blowing right into our homes to take us captive. And we worry over cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke ain’t anything, but the unholy smoke of feminism is surely the smoldering gun that you should worry a lot about. Don’t be fearful of what will kill the body over what will kill the soul. NO, I don’t smoke — only when I am on fire. But, ya know, quit straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. We are in a spiritual war and the devil is after our minds.

1 Corinthians 6:2 “Do you not know the saints will judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?” We must be bold in this hour to stand in confidence in God and judge the matters set before us. If our conscience is weak, then we become afraid to judge what goes on around us. But we should ask the Lord to forgive us for our sins so that our own conscience is clear so that we can discern the spirits around us by the word of God.

Our Men Need To Rule

And all of my friends, for the most part, are church goin’ ladies. But they still love me and I love them. I am like Roger Williams who never got along with the Pilgrims because of their communal living and he never got along with the church of England, either. England wanted to send him to the Pilgrims and the Pilgrims wanted to chase him back on a ship to England. When the Pilgrims were chasin’ him, he ran into the woods to live with the Indians that let him believe as he wanted to.

Actually, I am getting too old for this stuff and running to the woods to live with the Indians is getting harder and harder. But Roger Williams was a friend to the Pilgrims, even though they hated him because he would never go along with the rules. But because he lived with the Indians, he knew when they were about to attack. So he would warn the Pilgrims so they could arm themselves to fight. So, in the end, the Pilgrims loved him but wouldn’t allow him back in the settlement, as he caused too much trouble.

Someone on the group told me that if I start a Revolution and get thrown in jail, she wouldn’t bail me out. You can only imagine who told me that. Well, seriously, I would never break the law of the land. But I do plan on breakin’ some of Satan’s laws that he is tryin’ to pass off as the truth. Laws like “Women make better preachers than men.”

Well, ya know, if ya listen to women preachers, they do seem to have some pizazz that the men don’t have. But that doesn’t mean we should be led by these women. Satan can anoint a woman to preach. Satan, many years ago, tried to anoint me to preach the gospel. I was out in my garden and I was so full of preachin’. I was ready to tell the trees how to get saved. But, see, I knew it wasn’t God talkin’ to me. And right out there in my garden, I rebuked the devil and told him I would never be a lady preacher. I have spoken before audiences before and it doesn’t scare me a bit. But I will never stand up and take spiritual authority over a man.

One time at a Full Gospel Business Men’s dinner, I was asked to speak after Jim gave his testimony. I said right away that I was not going to take any authority concerning the men there. Oh, the Christian men there just loved it when I said that and they laughed and enjoyed what I said. The man who was the head of it said, “Well, Connie, I can see you will never be a woman preacher.” There were a few women preachers in the crowd — it was quite the evening, let me tell ya. But just as I won’t take spiritual authority in my home over Jim, I won’t take it in the Christian world, either.

I could go on the road and make $$ as a lady preacher but I won’t. And sometimes men will try to come to me to counsel them but I won’t.

We women need to get outta the way and let our men be men and to guide the home and the Christian spiritual realm. Each wife needs to submit to her own husband as unto the Lord. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have your own thoughts before God. But, in general, you should esteem others higher than yourself.

For the most part, we need to honor those around us and be kind and loving. We need to bow to the feelings of others. But inside our hearts, we had better have our ideas right with God. We are daughters of God and we need to have the truth in our hearts. We need to pray and have a sharpness of discernment. Keep your heart, for out of it is the issues of life. Who you are inside will be what you teach by your actions.

Don’t just submit to anyone — submit to YOUR own husband. Jesus Christ didn’t agree with the soldiers who hung Him on the cross. But He stayed there and died for our sins. Submitting doesn’t mean always that you agree. But the way you express your opinion is through your good works as a keeper at home.

We need for the most part to be silent and dutiful in our places as wives and mothers. We need to quiet our hearts and minds and hide away to do our works of righteousness.

My Book and Feminism

Dear Christmas Mothers,

Well, my book is out and it rides high against feminism. Talk about David with his little sling against the giant. I don’t stand here writing in my own strength but in the strength of the Lord. In my wildest dream, I wouldn’t think of standing up to the world and feminism. But “Hello.” See, I told you the Lord throws me out of airplanes and somehow He plans on me landing on my feet. Or is this a test to see if I will land on my feet? I will tell ya one thing — if God doesn’t stand on the ground to catch me I won’t land at all. I will end up going straight to glory.

And, ya know, the feminists weren’t too worried about me before. But now that I have written a book, they are a bit more worried. And don’t think feminism isn’t a religion. It is witchcraft. It’s rebellion against God. And it will nail you to a wall and kill you with fear if you let it. It hits a mother’s heart with violence and you have to hit feminism with a war like violence. You must take on the whole armor of God and swing the sword of the spirit at Satan and show him the shield of faith. The sword is the word of God. And His word calls us mothers to be keepers at home. Christian feminism is the worst of all demonic spirits in the world today. We as wives and Mothers need to arm ourselves as strong soldiers of the cross.

Satan knows the times and seasons. He knows the Lord will be raising up children to fight in these last days. Satan is trying to kill all the babies he can, like when Jesus was to be born. Satan senses that many children will grow up to be strong for Jesus because of all the home schoolers. Because of the mothers who act like Mary did. He hated Mary and her ministry in the home. She was hunted and accused of being immoral, and still is to this day. This world hates Christ and His anointing. The truth sets us free. You Mothers who are raising your children for Christ won’t be popular in this world. But the Lord will show you the true silver and gold of wisdom.

Cast down the voice of the strange woman in Proverbs and exalt the voice of wisdom. The wise woman builds her house and the foolish tear it down with her hands. We must cast down vain imaginations and the Christian feminism in the world.

Most of the time, we mothers will stay hidden in order to be free to raise our children. But then, once in a while, the Lord will call us out for a moment. But we must not be afraid, as He will give us the words to speak. He will put words in our mouths when we are brought before the world. We must obey Him as we stand before the unholy winds of feminism. And our light affliction will be but for a moment but will yield the fruits of an eternal righteousness. And, as Mary was chased at Christmas, many of us will be chased, too.

So many of you will be getting together with relatives that don’t know the Lord. And they will come against your families. But stand for Christ. I mean, as women, we won’t be saying much, but in our spirits, we must stand for Christ. We must pray and trust in Him. We must arm ourselves with the word of God that calls us as keepers at home.

The feminists hate the word submission. They hate stay at home mothers. And they won’t like my book and I would hate it if they did? I mean, God forbid that the Christian feminists would like it? And don’t kid yourself that these feminists just don’t know any better. They have a satanic agenda. And when they do their witchcraft, then the devil takes over and does a few tricks that even the feminist didn’t know about. They unleash the devils because of their own rebellion against God. They go against the Word of God and they set Satan free to work. And this is why we must only obey God and let Him fight our battles for us.

We are no match for a world full of feminism. But greater is He who is in us then he who is in the world. Satan cannot win in the fight with God.


And, ya know, the straight up feminist — heck, they ain’t nothin’ to worry over. You can smell one of them a mile away. They have been suckered good and they have Sucker written across their heads. You know who they are — no big deal. But the Christian feminist is the one to run from. They are spiritual and know the move of the spirit because they have learned it at church. Those tongue talkin’ Christian feminists? Hell is all about them. They know just enough of the move of the spirit to get it going and then bring it around to a satanic rebellion.

Some of these women started out in God and then divorced their husbands? Look out for them — they are lethal. If they sense you don’t know what you are doing or you are wishy washy? Girl, they will have your hide? See, the woman who is called of God and is spiritual, and then turns to rebellion or against her husband — wow, they are the ones to run from. Because when they were with God, they learned of spiritual things. They can bend that sword either way.

Before I knew the Lord, I knew the devil. I talked with him and followed him. So when I came to Jesus, it was easy for me to understand God and His miracles. I understood spiritual things. Well, you get some of these women who are Christian feminists. They are powerful old birds, let me tell ya. If one of ’em starts prayin’ in tongues, run like hell. No tellin’ what they are praying. It could be curses or whatever.

I speak in tongues myself. The Lord gave me this gift in my bedroom when I was praying about 35 years ago. I speak in tongues in prayer every day. But these gifts of the Holy Spirit are powerful and must come out of a woman who follows the truth.

The gift is subject to the person. We as women must gird our loins with truth. Truth must guard our wombs. As it does, we learn the truth as keepers at home in submission to our husbands.

The word doesn’t teach feminism. As women we must wait upon Jesus and grab the hem of His garment. We must draw virtue out of Him. It is our strength our place as women called as Marys for Him. Don’t try to fight the devil on your own. Wait upon the anointing and power of God. When you get it, then shoot the rock at the giant devil. But don’t shoot the devil without the full armor of God in Ephesians 6.

Go out in the mighty power of Christ and never in your own strength. With God, all things are possible. An angel told Mary that. And I am telling you Marys that, too.

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