Monday, December 18, 2017

Heart and Soul

PT 3 Wise Woman builds her House

I have had such a hard time writing for these past months..i want to write
but nothing comes to me..i want the anointing ..need that Holy Spirit
anointing..But it seems a cold wind blows on my writing..A wind that blows
so hard..Its like i feel peppered by rocks depression and fear..Wud i
want to write about this..well not hardly..But it seems Jim and i bounced
off of each other. But now there is no Jim to bounce off from..i have
wondered “What now Lord..what am i to do.”? i keep trying to accept the
fact that Jim is gone..and i try to forget him..But Jim is not forgetable
…Oh Mercy will this Love Story NEVER end?? well it never has ended and
probably never will.. And yet i cant just sit here and wait to go to
Heaven..i stopped just now to read my Bible..i think the Lord is saying
that Jim was far far more to me then just a husband..He and i some how
represented a new order or a new way of life..We represent a Godly
home,,,We have seen the Dr Dobsons message..and thank God for it but what
does it have to do with now? Our world has changed alot since Billy Graham
preached the Gospel..Oh yes i love Bill Graham… and his wifes writings
were some of my favorites.. But it seems there is a new world order
coming…And we Christians will have to begin a new life..At this point we
have to go back, to the land..We have become like John the Baptist..We cry
out to God in the wilderness.. And God calls back to us..And we get our
message from God alone..i think its like we will get our message by special
revelation.. In other words the Lord will speak to our hearts..more and
give us what we need from His hand.. There will be roots ..deep roots that
will teach us..i feel like Dixie was a root..She stayed on her farm and she
listened to the Holy Spirit..And yrs ago i had a vision ..The Lord spoke to
my heart that i was a writer..And i saw myself go over to Dixies
garden..And i laid upon it and the Lord filled me with the Words to
write..The Lord showed me to cry after WISDOM.. Every wise woman builds her
house but the foolish woman tears it down with her hands..Prov 14;1..

pt 3 Guess Who is coming for Dinner

Jim taught me alot as his wife..Life with Jim after he was saved was
hard…i mean it was easier in one way and yet it was hard..The men in
prison never got to see a Dr unless they were nearly dead,,Almost none of
their needs were ever met..i remember Jim invited Bill home for supper..i
ask Jim what Bill did time for and Jim said he was a paper hanger{wrote bad
checks}Jim didnt want me to be afraid..But Bill told me straight up that he
killed a man on purpose..But that the Gov, of our state gave him a he thot Bill didnt do it on purpose..Well Bill confesses this
just after Jim introduced me to him..i said “The blood of Jesus clenses us
from all sins..” i almost croaked ..i mean Jim knew the Lord but it took
some time for Jim to grow into the Lord…This Bill was quite the
character…But its night time and i have to go to bed ..i dont want to
talk about this when its dark connie

Pt 3 A Mountain Mother by Connie in 2002

Rubie is powerful as she lives out of the inner court.. She has fasted this world and their opinions ..she has done this by willingly taking on submittion to her husband.. She has walked willingly over to the cart and has hitched her own self up and has put blinders on her own eyes..This is true submittion ..Walking in a worldy fear of your husband is not …of God..Infact its dangerous to walk in any kind of fear..True submittion is for a woman to willingly decide to follow God and His word..She casts down her own flesh and bridles it herself..She is a woman of integrity..and strength and virtue.. She lets go of this world and submits to her husband ..and then the gifts of the spirit begin to flow like a river..She then has the freedom to cook and sew and bake her own bread…She becomes joyous in her homemaking..The gifts of inventions begin to flow..if her money has offended her then she casts it out.. if money has stopped her from flowing in her baking then she casts it out.. Maybe housewives you could tell your husbands that you want less money for groceries.. If money gets in your way and makes you too lazy to make your own bread then cast it out..The mothers of the old times were happy because they had work to do and the family depended on them ..Maybe we as mothers today need to create our own lack…We hear so much about fasting and not eating ..And yet we are so gutted with material things .so much more wicked than food… We need to fast the material things and the things of this world.and worldly opinions ..We are drowning in sea of food and money and “things”.We need to cast down this cloud over our heads of the many voices of this world..And turn to the wisdom of God…ConnieJ says often in her writings that she can hear her mothers voice so strongly at times..and her mothers voice condemns her and leaves her feeling helpless and forsaken..Well i know how she feels as i have faced this torment too as a young mom..Many of us have with the inflow of the feminist spirit.. This voice just cuts us to the quick .It is Jezabels voice…And yet the Lord tells us to listen to wisdoms voice in His word in Proverbs..But we think Well doesnt that prove i am nuts if i go around seeing an old fashioned lady who instructs me as a helper to God.?.Jezabel makes fun of us and we think nothing of it? But God sends us wisdom as the virtuous woman and we cast her out? Do we think we are in deception when we see in our minds eye Jezabel? I mean she trys to just come in and live at our house..and we let
her..But when wisdom comes we wonder about that and think it is strange..Jezabel is the strange woman ,,not wisdom….We have learned to accept the person of jezabel…We get so worried about looking ok to the world in all that we do..We worry about our reputation and are we a good testimony to others..Well Jesus never was a good testimony to the people who didnt love God.. Solomon ask God for wisdom and God gave it to him..Ya know why ? Because he wanted it above his reputation? And above the life of his enemies..He refused to hold unforgiveness in his heart ..he gave it up in order to receive wisdom..And he could care less what folks thought of him…And he became a great man because of wisdom..he built his temple with wisdom..and this is how we are to build our homes ..” with wisdom” With wisdom a house is built ..In the end Solomon became very rich materially..But he didnt put riches first..Wisdom came first..Love ConnieH

Pt. 2

Well God was faithful and my wild man came to the Lord..He had come to the Lord about  3 months before he got out for the last 3 and a half yr sentence.,i didnt know that he had really come to the Lord..But he just kept recommiting his life to the Lord,…over and over again..Keeping up with him as i write this is as hard as keeping up with him as always..when he was alive..But yes he was a hard act to follow.,,And lately with times so hard as they are.i  am so glad to be able to give others hope..Honest hope..after living thru many impossible situations myself..i can tell Randy that i know the Lord  is healing him as he has inopperable cancer,,i believe the Lord ..i am not a new comer as i approach Randy with this hope…My  hope is real…i some how paid the price..i didnt give up..i am so comforted also ladies as i get so many emails  from ladies who tell me..”Connie your writings have changed my life..thank you for your faithfulness…” See i wasnt just waiting on Jim to change..but God was waiting on me to change,,”Wud i believe HIm that nothing was impossible with God”?? God saw you girls ,,,some  of you..He made me who i was in order to influence you for Jesus..So i wasnt just standing in order to save my own hide…but to be an influence ..Thats why it was so hard.Oooh i see now..i didnt know this 40 yrs ago.i  only looked at what i cud see..But this is why some of you suffer so much,.God is working a plan that you cannot connie

pt 1 Power in the Blood

Dear Mothers, Last nite when i went to bed i thot..”Lord i dont know if i will make it” i just felt so bad about Josh..This morning i felt the anxiety just pumping up in my body.. But …i  prayed and i did seek the Lord..i dont know how He does it..but He knows how to set the captive free..Jesus shed His blood for us..Someone had to shed their blood to pay for our sins..And the someone had to be sinless..and the Son of God..The Bible is a book of promises and Covenants..Jesus blood has to remind us that He shed His blood and made a Covenant with us..His promises are true..We pray and remind God that Jesus blood was shed for us..i do this when i pray..i pray and call out the blood of remind God of His promises..When we first homeschooled and folks ask us about it.We wud explain that the Constitution said that we had a right to privacy..the right to free speech..and freedom of religion..But the law of the land said we had to go to public school..But we always hoped that if we had to go to court that a good judge wud honor our rights in the Constitution..But we had to remind the judge of the rights ..And this is like what we do in prayer..We remind God the Father of the Covenants or promises He made with us…Isaiah 53;5 But He was wounded for our transgressions..He was bruised for our iniquites ; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and by His stripes we are healed..Many times when i just cant go on i pray the blood of Jesus..and i get set free..i just seem to fall asleep calling on the blood of Jesus..Satan was defeated at the cross where Jesus shed His blood and He gave His life for me,,,,for us..Revelations 12;11 And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony ; and they loved not their own life unto death..There is power in the blood..and life in the blood..When we call it out as we pray ..we are telling God that we are depending on nothing but the shed blood of Christ,,That we put no other Gods before the One who shed His blood for us..

pt 2 The Visioneries and the Dreamers

i was watching Iowa Public Broadcasting on tv this morning,..They were talking about how when the economy is bad there is more money spent on the Arts..i have always felt that too…We need the music to inspire us and to feed our tired and thristy souls..We sense as people a need for more then what money can buy,,We need human contact..we need to have some  human soul speak to our souls..And as we are inspired by the artists and designers..we inspire them ..And then they begin to truely create ,,and they give us new visions ..Artists are visioneries and trail blazers…They listen to another sound…. a voice in the wind…They become maps for us to follow…Their songs hold our minds on what we have already chosen to do..We are inspired by them everytime we sing their song…And yes The Lord Jesus inspires us.,,But we also need the sound of  human voice at times..We need to understand the gut wrenching horror the neighbor  Mothers feel lately about sending their children to public school..There is a humaness in us that can only be understood by another flesh and blood person..Its as tho suffering squeezes out the song in the  banjo player..The artists brush seems to  pour out his heart thru  color and design..And certainly the writers words are mightier then the sword..Our country of America so grieves us..And i hate the sin  yes i do..But i listen to country songs on TV..And alot of these songs are calling ….calling a man back to his  place of home and family..Home and Family seems to finally be in style again..It was worth all the suffering..wudnt you say?..I am excited to see what will happen next..I am not afraid of the future,,,i dont know what is  going to happen,,But the Lord is giving me peace about alot of things..i am not afraid..i am not anxious about anything..i know we will be ok..Love connie

pt 3 Every Wise Woman Builds Her Home is some more of the writing.. its about when we first met Frans wife.We entered the shed{kitchen}  thru a grape arbor..The arbor brot alot of shade and the vines of the grapes went all over the front of the shed and kept things cool in the kitchen..As  you entered this kitchen it was as tho worldiness just fell off  of you and you were entering the hallow of Gods Hands..When i saw Mother working in her kitchen i felt so peaceful..Fran introduced her as his bride of many yrs..Mother was quiet and reserved..i felt like i had entered her sanctuary and interupted her prayers..This wife had moral dignity and strength..Thru her domestication she brot out the natural ways of  her husband..She was discreet and chaste..i was a young wife seeking the older Titus mother…That day the Lord showed me a part of  what all of this meant..Mother didnt need to preach to me..her life showed me what being domesticated meant..To close this up i will  tell you one more thing Fran said about his bride..He said that he bot a herd of cows to care for just so he cud give his pretty wife fresh cream for her coffee every morning..Later i was to find out that Mother taught classes on Housewifery..i didnt get to go to them as i was so busy with my big family..But i was thankful i got to meet this precious family. When i first started the Happy Housewifery Newsletter this was the first story i wrote..i didnt get this one sent out..But i think this mother had alot of influence on me as a young mother with alot to learn..Love connie

pt 2 Mothers Summer Kitchen

So Fran tells us to follow him and we went to the Summer Kitchen,,The puppies were in a box waiting for the  children to come and get them just inside the door of this lovely old kitchen,,Ok i will tell you what it looked like..You walked thru a grape arbor that was shaped like a hallway to the front door of the kitchen..The kitchen was a long old out building that was not insulated and had a dirt floor in most of it,,,This precious wife and mother was cookin up a storm in there..She had a big old wood burning stove..But then she had other stoves in the building too,..One she was making cheese on,..and it had to be kept at a certain temp..Then she had another stove too ..i dont remember what that one was for..In a corner of  her kitchen was a huge pile of  bright orange  pumpkins and gourds that she had grown in her garden.Also she had piles of fall flowers that she wud dry..Mainly the  Giant  Marigolds and Zinnias ..Over our heads was the wooden beams..Mother tied her flowers upside down so that they wud retain their colors and wud dry out ..The kitchen ceiling was awash with  colors of Fall..It was gorgeous.. She also had dried herbs  tied to the beams.. Then she had shelves of Mason jars and baskets of tomatos waiting to be canned. Also  baskets of cucumbers to be made into pickles..Well Fran introduced his lovely wife to us..And the children played with the puppies for a while.,,After Mother met us and all she told us that she was a Christian.. They had 2 teenagers a boy about 14 and his sister was about 16..The children came out of the house to see what Puppy our children was taking,..And  the teenagers so admired their mother…and their dad,,But especially their Mother.. That sure touched my heart..  

pt 1 The Virtuous Sisters

This old story took place many yrs ago..Well i was pregnant with the Rock Star “Dan  ” and he will be 31 this Spring..My memory takes me  back to a special day in the fall..i can hear my precious children in the car playing in the backseat..No car seats then ,,so they jumped all over the car,,Papa didnt care..David wud swing on Jims neck from  the back seat,,”Hey thats my neck you are pullin on..” ..Me and Papa had promised the children a puppy for an early Christmas present,,We were chasing down an Address in the newspaper…”Free Puppies”..Finally Jim found the house …It was a lovely old white farm house nestled in a cluster of Autumn maple trees….The husband came out and we all visited a while..i was to find out that we had come for more then a puppy..i was about to meet a Virtuous woman that i was never to forget,,i dont even remember their names..i will just call the husband Fran as he looked French and his lovely wife i will call her Mother..As we visited with Fran he kept mentioning his wife…This couple was in their late 40s..i was about 31 and Jim was about 38.,,Fran told us about Mother and all the things she made especially in the fall..He showed us her garden …It was done for the summer and put away till next spring time…But then Fran wanted to show us Mothers Summer Kitchen …Oh Mercy , was a feast  for the eyes to behold..Jim had only been saved for about 3 yrs..i was seeking hard after the virtuous woman,,”Who is she i kept asking the Lord” .?.Well the Lord was about to show me one of the virtuous sisters that was to hold me in place for alot of yrs..

Being Domesticated

Dear Mothers at Home,

The Bible tells the older Christian woman to teach the younger women to be domesticated. Domestication is the womanly art of homekeeping. It is the inner voice of wisdom and instinct. The believer and unbeliever have this instinct. But the world beats it out of the unbelieving wife through feminism. Domestication is so easy to have that you need help from feminism to misunderstand it. It is that inner calling to go back to the land and make a place for the family. It is the calling to sew and cook and bake and have babies.

The Lord leads the birds through domestication to fly south for the winter. He speaks to the bears to hibernate and the bees to make a hive. He speaks to the ants to store food for the winter. It is that inner instinct to do what comes natural. The Bible speaks in Romans 1 about the natural knowledge of God through seeing creation. And when a person won’t receive the natural, then God gives them over to the unnatural. In other words when a woman refuses the natural place as keepers at home, she will go to the sinful place of feminism. And this is such a basic truth that Mother’s place is in the home. And when you need the discerning of spirits, you can always fall back on this basic truth.

Prov 14:1 Every wise woman builds her home and the foolish tear it down with her hands. Notice the word EVERY. That doesn’t mean that some women don’t have to go by this scripture because they are educated and the rest of us are dummies and stay home because we are stupid. But as a wife and mother who loves God this is how she grows in the reality of Christ. As she grows in God she becomes more and more domesticated. Just as a bird who stays behind for the winter isn’t more spiritual or smarter then the other birds who fly south. The foolish grasshoppers played all summer as the ants worked. The same as the feminists are playing now, while we keepers at home work and pray.

We all know that to save a nation we need good mothers.

And before I go on, “Thanks, Phillipa, for encouraging me on the phone yesterday about this computer.” Anyway, back to domestication.

To be at peace in the home is a sign of spiritual growth in Christ. To act quickly when the Lord calls you to do something out of obedience as keeper at home is a spiritual victory. To be at peace with your husband. To submit to him as your priest and lord on earth is a spiritual victory.

Feminism chases one god after the other. One idol after the next. She refuses to be domesticated and submit to her husband. So she runs out of the home and submits to all kinds of idols. She is submissive and a helper by nature. So she submits willingly to every kind of boss who is a man usually. He pays her, that’s why and her husband only gives her grocery money. These women are like prostitutes who will work for another man for money and leave their place of service to God for this world’s goods.

Now I realize some women are ignorant and not taught this stuff. They are growing in Christ and as they grow in love and dedication to Christ, they will see this. But some women see this and know better. They have walked in the meat of the Word but have decided to do their own thing. So they quit and then they use the excuse that can only come from the milk of the Word. But they can fool a few schnooks and that is what they want is the applause of man. But to our own selves we must tell the truth. Each of us must stand before God and His Word. And, of course, there is no example of feminism in the Word of God except Jezebel.

Discerning of Spirits

OK, the basic teaching of the Bible is that Adam sinned, and we are all sinners and we need a Savior and Jesus Christ is it. But the way we walk out our new life in Christ is the order of the home. The mother and father are to care for the children. We are to disciple them as parents and teach them how to be saved and after that the order of the home. For those who don’t want to marry, they should somehow help the failing Christian families about them.

We need to lead folks to Christ and then show them how to live a life that will glorify Christ. No one as a believer has that right to do their own thing. You are blood bought and saved for a reason. As you receive Christ, you have received His anointing. If you don’t use the anointing, He will take it off of you.

We as Christian wives and mothers are to multiply and replenish the earth with godly boys and girls. This command in the Bible is not to the unbelievers but to the believers. I have heard crackpots on TV speak this verse as it is only meaning spiritual fruitfulness. But they ain’t foolin’ anyone. We all know this means to have children for the Lord. And as long as they try to hoodwink us, they will continue to say offhanded to all of us that abortion is fine and birth control for the believer is fine. You can’t do more for God by not having any more children. This is all a lie of Satan as he is afraid of the godly seed.


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