Monday, December 18, 2017

Connie’s Journal

pt 1 Another Busy Day

Good Morning Ladies, Well here comes another busy day..The carpenters said
they will be done probably tomarrow..Then the furnace guy and the
waterheater man is on next..Sooo on with the Show..Then Thursday i have to
be on this telephone thinggyy..This lady who is the head of it emailed me
after reading my testimony in Above Rubies..So they have this Conference
call where they all call at 9;00 in the evening,,and i guess they just talk
..Anyway this lady Savilla wants me to give my testimony on the phone to
these folks..some people are from another country..It wud be sort of like
Talk Radio.. It sounds like fun….yeah right i am scared to death..So
have any of you ladies done something like this? i will be going at this
thing “Cold Turkey” like i do everything else..Oh i forgot my phone beeps
the whole time i am on it..The battery is low..Oh Man i gotta go buy
another phone before thursday..Love connie

pt 4 Conclusion

So the Lord is calling us back to the land i think.. And i believe He is
saying They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength ,,they
shall mount up on wings as the eagle…They will run and not be weary and
walk and not faint.. i believe our homes shud be as little work shops ..
Well i guess i need to go to bed and pray.. it is 4;30 A.M. connie

A blunder visit with Connie

Ladies watch this that toot sent is the funniest thing..Toot kept
prayin “Lord help me” And i laughed so hard i about connie

… *From:* tootiepunkin
For you new members that may not have seen this video that Connie and I did several years ago…talk about a blooper…Love Aunt Toots

pt 2 Oh Sweet Jesus

Well it helped for me to write that first part..i can see i was looking at
myself to see if i was good enuf to be a writer..But what the Lord uses me
for is to show my weakness..And in my weakness He is made strong..When
Jimmy my oldest son was here we talked about my writing..This son of mine
loves getting new college degrees..He has a good job as a light designer..I
ask him if he read any of my writings and he said no..Then he turns around
to me and says “How do you spell ‘”WOULD?” He is full of dry humor..i said
“Well Jimmy i started out writing on an email machine..They are small and
you cant write much..So thats why i spell would as wud..i said sometimes i
spell would “wd”…..i forgot to tell him that Andrew Jackson said that he
didnt think very much of a person that cudnt think of more then one way to
spell a word..Jimmy has always said about me that i write for the common
person on the street.. i took this as a complement..But Jimmy is so funny
..he makes me laugh..He helped me with my computer when he was here..i
appreciated that..He took Computer Science in college..But anyway he lives
in i dont get to see him and his family that much..Then here
i spell like a hillbilly and Jimmys wife is an English professor..Oh
GLORIOUS JESUS come down sweet chariots and please take us to Heaven with
You….Love connie

My Dear Mother

Well I have to be funny..That first 2 writings i wrote this morning were
too sad for me..i have been sort of down today…There was so much
activity around here with the kids,,now its too quiet almost..i decided to
write about my Mom who is in Glory now,,Mom was like June Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver,,Mom loved house work..If she called me and i just had some sort of crazy thing happen,,She wud say “Whats wrong,,,,why are you so upset did your washer break down”? God knows if my washer broke down that wud nt upset me..My trials were always off the charts,,So if my washer
broke that wudnt even be worth mentioning..But to Mom the worst thing that
cud go wrong wud be the washer broke down..Sometimes as she came to the
front door to visit she wud say…”Oh your sweeper is broke?” No Mom i
just havent had time to run it yet..”Then i wud say come in and sit
down…do you want a cup of coffee…? She wud say ,,,,”Oh No you are
cleaning i dont want to bother you” I wud say its no bother..i am not
cleaning yet” “Well are you sure you want the kids under the table? ” They
are making a tent under there Mom.” Every few minutes she wud lift up the
table cloth and see if the children were alright.Then she wud say “Put that
dog out he belongs outside..”oh she was a hoot let me tell ya..When i told
her we were going to homeschool she ask me if it was because i cudnt afford
a pencil? When we homeschooled she thot the kids were too protected so she
thot they needed real life around them..So David stayed over nite with Mom
and Dad one nite..It was nice as Mom and Dad took the kids out to dinner
and all..they loved it..Well one day Mom took David with her to a funeral
home for was a man my Dad had worked with..Mom didnt even
know the guy..But i know Mom thot it was good to take David to visitation
to give him a real life experience..When David got home he ran to me and
whispered ,,”Mom …Grandma took me to this place to see a dead person” He
wasnt so quick to want to go with his Grandma after that…We have all
laughed about that for yrs..Poor David he was always so shy…and
quiet,,He did turn out well inspite of his connie

pt 2 To watch the lids fly off..

But on the funny side of my testimony…i think i love sending my testimony its like the firecrackers in the cans ,,i like to watch the lids fly off..Let me tell ya ..the lids fly off when i send my testimony out…So John i think gets his desire for adventures from his mother..The poor connie

Connie’s Testimony

pt. 1 My Testimony

Whenever i write my testimony i think of our son Johnny.. When he had his Paper Route he got in all kinds of trouble..One morning in the summer all the garbage cans were out by the curb as it was “Garbage Pick up” Day..Well John had some firecrackers..So while delivering papers he put a firecracker in each garbage can..Well the neighbors were hysterical when they called to
tell …me what he did.. I cud have dropped Johnny off the Empire State Building on his head,,i was so mad at him..Jim probably grounded him for a year i cant remember..But after all the hoopla was over i said to John..”Johnny why did you do that ” And John replied…”i put the firecrackers in the garbage cans to watch the lids fly off” ..Well i told my mentor Mary about this and we laughed and laughed..It wasnt funny at the time believe me..but it got funnier as the days went by..


i am just up hangin around.. in the middle of the nite..My Easter was hectic to say the least..and i loved it.. i talked to Randy for a bit..Heis still in the hospital in Nevada… Please pray he will get stablized enuff to go back to his daughters house..i felt awfully sorry for him..he sounded like he was in alot of pain..This is about the time Jim died 7 yrs ago.. i cried today as our son Jimmy got out alot of pics i had of Jim ..He took pictures of the pictures with his phone..My kids laugh and laugh about
Jims and my life..They call us Bonnie and Clyde. ..And i can tell ya right now i am glad they laugh because alot of kids wud need a therapast by now.. Talk about laughin it off..!!! Jimmy and his family live in Australia..Later after we were all done eating dinner my brother got out his banjo and played some old songs…Jimmys lil girl Anastasia danced to the songs..only 6 yrs old but cud she cut a rug..!!! i hadnt seen her in about 3 yrs..Oh how i enjoyed her..She is a lovely girl…All of the grandchildren are well behaved..Kambree and her brother David and Anastasia
played quietly the whole day.. Jimmys wife brot her sewing and she sewed at the table most of the day..She is making a quilt..her 2nd one..Jimmy cudnt ask for a sweeter wife..And Peggy Sue pretty much acted up the whole day..yeah pretty much..i wont tell all that she did..When we were listening to music in the livingroom Peggy thot she was sposed to have the
best chair to take her nap in..And she tried to bite anyone who tried to move her,,i put her out on the porch several times..She looks at me like ” i am not the outside cat…i am the inside cat..” Peggy is the cat…Sometimes we call her Piggy instead of Peggy because she is sooo fat.. love connie

Fwd: pt 1 we can do all things thru Christ who STRENGTHENS US

Hi You all..Well Jimmy and his family from Australia are coming Friday..i
have to laugh as i sit here,,,Yours Truly is in the hottest of water..Well
Wed. this deal from the state ? Well i can get a new furnace? i need one
and its all tied up with Energy Assisitance.. So i have to jump threw
these hoops to get it..So i just paid to have the house sided and
insulated 2 summers ago…New windows and doors etc..My heat bill is only
about 60 bucks a month,,very low…So now they want to put this foam
insulation under the new siding..Mary said that Brad said it wud be a good
deal and it wud make the house even better insulated..i called my carpenter
that put the siding on and he said that it wud be a good deal too..Rod had
put all new plywood on the house before he put the siding over it..and did
some other things too i forget now..But the house is well insulated
already..i say i am in hot water and need prayer is that i dont see how i
can handle all of this..i will again have carpenters running in and out
again this summer..And really i need to have the house rewired..well it may
be a lil easier if i didnt have a disease{Hellllloooooo anybody in Heaven
there to kill this demon i got goin on here?} “JESUS please heal my body?”
The Lord is saying to read Nehemiah..oh i practicaly have it memorized..
And i am sure Gods people didnt have perfect health as they rebuilt the
walls of Jerusalem.. i am so tired spiritually speaking…i am tired of
fighting demons just to get up in the morning,,i am tired of walking as if
all is well when it isnt.,smileing when i wanna cry.. Last nite i was
prayin for Randy in the hospital…i got so deeply depressed ..And then i
cud understand,,This is the time when Jim was in the hospital exactly 7 yrs
ago.. and in 6 days he died..I cried out to the Lord to not let Randy
die..i thot to myself..”Randy looks like Jim and seems to be Jims
twin…and now will he die on the same day Jim died? ” i dont think he
will..i think the Lord will save him..i pray the Lord will save him..i want
to give up but i cant ..

pt 1 The Salvation Army

Good Morning Ladies, Boy do i have alot of work this morning to do..Marys family will try to come early before Easter to help me with some of the work..i hope i hope!!! i hope to vacuum today and dust. i will save all the dust to put it on the compost pile…Well no i dont have THAT MUCH dust.just kidding,,A few of you ladies have said that you just dont have the clothes to go to church esp on Easter Sunday..Well our Sissy Joy is a clothes designer in NYC..and she always shops at the Salvation Army..And she tells everyone that she has furnished her whole apt with stuff found on the street..the “Do it yourself ” ideas are really in .. And about any style is in..In my day when i was in highschool we wore the same things ..If it was the style to wear your skirts to the bend of the knee..then all of we girls wore our skirts to the bend of the knee.. If it was an inch longer then we said it was way too long..In the 1970s styles really changed and you cud wear about anything..We had the mini skirts and the maxie long skirts..i loved the winter maxie coats and the Go Go Boots..The Maxie coats were rather simple in style..The top was fitted or tailored..Then the coat at the waist was fitted for the waist,,But then the bottom part was like a skirt that went down to your ankles..i think the style now seems to be very individual..If you like it then it is in..Love connie

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