Wednesday, January 17, 2018

pt 1 Another Busy Day

Good Morning Ladies, Well here comes another busy day..The carpenters said
they will be done probably tomarrow..Then the furnace guy and the
waterheater man is on next..Sooo on with the Show..Then Thursday i have to
be on this telephone thinggyy..This lady who is the head of it emailed me
after reading my testimony in Above Rubies..So they have this Conference
call where they all call at 9;00 in the evening,,and i guess they just talk
..Anyway this lady Savilla wants me to give my testimony on the phone to
these folks..some people are from another country..It wud be sort of like
Talk Radio.. It sounds like fun….yeah right i am scared to death..So
have any of you ladies done something like this? i will be going at this
thing “Cold Turkey” like i do everything else..Oh i forgot my phone beeps
the whole time i am on it..The battery is low..Oh Man i gotta go buy
another phone before thursday..Love connie

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