Wednesday, January 17, 2018

pt 1 The Lady of the House..

Dear Mothers, and Wives..Well i guess this is to be another busy summer.. I
am having the house insulated..i guess i told you that..Well i have to get
a new furnace and the state is paying for it..And they didnt think i had
enuf insulation so i gotta get some more..They started on it yesterday..I
am the Lady of the house ..supposedly..So when i talk to the carpenters i
try to be serious and not laugh..all i have to say is “The Lord must see
in me something i dont see” Because ya know i am like a fish out of water
in this place of authority..Also i have to go to the Hard Ware Store and
get some hedge clippers to prune the Apple trees..Oh yes and plant my
garden..Put my clothes line back up .. And a plummer is spose to be coming
this morning as i have leak in the basement pipes some place..And i hope i
dont die tonite as i want to stay alive to pray for Randy..Because i dont
want him to die…He called me last nite from the Emergency room at the
hospital.. He was doing ok but now he is having problems with his leg.. He
is still in Nevada..God is the God of Miracles ..and i am plannin on gettin
one for Randy..i am going to pray for him as i go about my day..Have a
Happy Day Dear Housewives.. And let the tail go with the hide..Love connie

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