Monday, December 18, 2017

pt 1 A Simple Evening Supper

Dear Mothers, Jim loved a simple quiet supper.. We wud be busy all day and
maybe upset about someting.. But by the end of the day Jim wud turn the
News on TV and i knew it was time to be quiet.. So i wud go out to the
kitchen and start Supper. One meal Jim loved in the evening was Baked
Beans with Weiners…I wud get out my big cast iron skillet and put a lil
oil in it …Then throw in the whole pkg of weiners and fry them.. You cud
use the turkey weiners if you like them better..After these are fried then
i wud get out a bowl and put in 3 cans of pork n beans.. drained..To this
i wud add about a forth cup of ketchup and a half cup of brown sugar and
a good squirt of mustard..sprinkle some salt on it and some black
pepper….Stir this up good .Then put all of this into the skillet with the
hot dogs..Stir this up..then put this in the oven to bake about 20 minutes
or until it bubbles..On the top of this i wud put a slice of green pepper
and onion before i put in the oven..Jim wudnt eat an onion or green pepper
but he liked them like this..Honestly Jim wud eat this meal for supper
and as a snack later in the evening..usually we had just bread and butter
with it..Just a Simple Supper..

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