Sunday, December 17, 2017

Simple Meals

Dear Mothers, one of the simplest meals i fixed for my family when they were all home was “Goolash” ..Long after my son Dan was out on his own he wud come home for a minute to get something and he wud say “Mom do you have any leftover Goolash in the refrigerator?” He missed his Goolash..Well its really simple to make..Just fry up a pound of hamburgar and drain it..Then put a few cups of cooked macaroni in with the hamburgar..and put in a tall can of tomato sauce and its done..There are alot of variations in making this..You cud add a can of already made chilli..Or you cud add a bunch of onions and peppers and cook these in with the frying hamburgar..Maybe add cheese at the end when it is all cooked.. Sometimes i wud add a can of mixed vegetables or tomaote soup rather then tomato sauce..Or you cud even add a can of speghetti sauce instead of the tomatoe sauce..If you had any left over Goolash you cud spread it in an oiled baking pan..And just think of the goolash as a Pizza and pour tomatoe sauce on top and add some toppings like onions and mushrooms and lay a bunch of cheese on the top…. and bake it at about 350 degrees …for about 15 minutes………Love connie

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