Sunday, December 17, 2017


Well let me see..i have lost this writing about 3 times now.. Shall we try
for 4 times?? Anyway the Lord is showing me that i am still a keeper at
home..I am a Titus 2 Mother…And i have the time now to put books together and write ariticles and send them into magazines etc.. so all is well.. But what is on my heart lately that i want to write about is our homemaking schedules..Some of the young women who wrote to me about my article in Above Rubies said to me “Well what does this look like on paper..? How do you live this life??” So cud some of you stay at home Moms write down your homemaking schedules? i will write mine down too..Ok when i homeschooled it was different then when i didnt..But we always had a schedule esp when we homeschooled..Most mornings we were up at 6 in the morning.. From 6;00 until 7;00 the children got dressed and did some chores..My house was
 always a mess in the mornings ..Because i wud get so tired and i wud go to bed in the evenings..And often Jim was up with the kids ..But Jim didnt do housework except on accasions,,So i needed the house to look decent when i had devotions with the children the next morning..So i wud have one of the kids run the vacuum before school ..Also i wud have the kids make their beds and straighten their bedroom before school..Because often they sat on their beds to do school be continued..

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