Sunday, December 17, 2017

pt 3 Housewifery Schedules

So about 7 or 7;30 we began our schooling.. But see the deal is you need to
have the house at least straightened up by the time the husband is up.. He
has his own work to think about..The Mother shud have her children under
control..They shud mind her whether the Dad is home or not..You cannot
homeschool if you cant get control of the children.. But do find a way to
control them so that you can educate them..i see Moms out running here and
there to Ladies Bible Studies and all that when the children are supposedly
being homeschooled..That wont work,,,But of course anything is better then
public school..So from 7;30 in the morning to about 11;30 we had
school..Then we had lunch and after lunch we had an hour that the children
did Science or whatever subject they didnt get done..Then an hour before
bed they had free reading and had to do book reports too..So while they
were doing school work in the mornings i did my homemaking and helped the
children with school…These schedules and all are good because it helped
me to stay on track ..Tomarrow i will write some more about schedules. Lets
write about grocery lists and menues for each week too .ok? Love connie

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