Sunday, December 17, 2017

pt 2 Household Schedules

So you may say “When do i take the Baby to the Dr for his check ups? Well
you schedule your appoinments under special projects.. which wud be after
naps around 2;00 or 3;00 in the afternoon..This way you will have all of
your work done before you go to the Dr..And supper wont be late when Papa
gets off work and is home to eat supper..Also you as mother will have had
a short nap too,,And also schedule your grocery shopping on another day
between 2;00 and 3;00 also.. It wud be ideal to grocery shop on the same
day as you go to the Dr..But i wud be too tired for that if it was me with
my lil kids…But however you work this schedule just write it all down and
try to always make most of supper in the morning so that the evening family
meal wont be late…Also on your paper you cud make a list of 5 special
projects for each week.. Like maybe you have to go shopping for spring
clothes for the baby..Work out a day to go again between 2 and 3;00 pm..or
4;00..But this way you always have your work for the most part done..before
supper and supper is on time..Then you can just wash the supper dishes and
have the rest of the evening to be with the family ..Love connie

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