Sunday, December 17, 2017

pt 1 Household schedules

Dear Mothers,,Thanks so much for sending in your home schedules..These are
just suggestions to give you ideas.. One schedule i went by when my
children were young and not in school yet was this one,,Get up early like
by 7;00 am. and get dressed..Eat breakfast and feed the children and get
them dressed for the day.. If husband has to go to work early pay close
attention to him…Make his lunch if he wants you too…Be sure to have
your face washed and a lil lipstick on so he will want to give you a kiss
Good-Bye..Ok so try to start your work around 8;00 in the morning..Try to
straighten up the house by spending about 10 min in each room…Dont do the
dishes yet ..Just clear the table and put dishes in to soak ..Just
straighten up the house top clean each room..dont vacuum yet..just
put things away..Then around 10;00 start the family evening meal..If you
plan on having meatloaf then now is the time to make this up and put it in
the frig all ready for when 5;00 comes for supper…Also make your dessert
and put this in the frig too..maybe make a salad and refrigerate this..Then
when you want to put supper on by 5;00..its almost all done..Like maybe
around 4;00 you cud make mashed potatoes or some kind of potatoe dish…and
you will be ready for supper at 5;00.. So now it is around 11;00 in the
morning ..So now do the dishes and sweep the kitchen floor..Then vacum and
make the beds..and tidy up for lunch.. Try to get this done by noon and
just have something simple like leftovers or a sandwich for lunch.. Then
take a nap with the children,,lay down and read to the little ones..and you
take a nap too …Or just rest and pray and read your Bible..Then around
2;00 in the afternoon do a project..such as some deeper cleaning…Make a
list of 5 things you want to do for a special cooking or cleaning
job…Something special that will take a few hours to do..For example
Monday clean out your closet and get rid of the clothes you dont wear..Then
Tues do all the baking for the week.. Wed, start your garden,,Thursday and
Friday do extra cleaning for the weekend.. But this is to be done in the
afternoon between about 2;00 and 4;00..Then about 4;00 get ready for Papa
to get home from work..Get supper on by 5;00..after supper sit with Papa
and enjoy him and the little ones..Then around 8;00 start putting the
little children to bed..Give them their bath etc..And then spend the
evening with your husband…Now these are just suggestions for a young
mother..i know you older moms dont need connie

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