Sunday, December 17, 2017

pt 3 conclusion

There is alot in the first 2 writings i am not saying..But i had to write it all down to get a handle on it.. Well i feel better anyway..all is well..God is still on the throne..The other day when i wrote the Pioneer Stories  about women of faith Jill had asked me to write some more of them..i had gotten started and then i forget now  what happened..? But i got some how sent on another trail.. Some of these stories i have told before but i wanted to tell this one again for the new ladies…This story is about this Mother who became a widow and had to move her children to a home she cud afford.. Her husband had always made a nice home for his family..But then he died unexpectedly..Soon the savings was spent and Mother had to get a job taking in washings and they had to move into an old house where the rent was very low…Soon the  widow   understood why the rent was so low..The house was unfested with RATS..  At first she wud throw bread out in the yard and the rats wud swarm out of all their hiding places and Mother wud shoot the rats out in the yard as they ate the bread..But she wasnt a very good shot and ran out of bread too..When she wud see the rats in the house she cudnt scare them away as they had become very bold  against her..Later on as she prayed for answers the Lord impressed her to get a pistol and to put it in a holster so she wud have a fire arm right by her side when she saw a rat in the house..So here is this dear Mother with her dress on and an apron over it and a gun and holster on her waist.. Well to say the least she became a “sure shot” each day she took out her gun and shot rats on sight .Well the Lord was preparing her for the days ahead..One nite a drunken man came to her house and banged on the locked door ..he wanted his laundry that she had done for him…She told him to come back the next day as she and her children were in bed..She told him she had  her gun and she wud shoot him thru the door…Drunk or not this man remembered that she had a reputation for being a crack shot and he took off a runnin..Praise the Lord….The Lord used these rats to teach this mother to defend herself both spiritually and physically..One of Jills and my favorite shows is that show Jill with Sally Fields ..what was the name if it ? Matters of the Heart? or something like that.Where the widow wrestles threw life to save her home..and to keep a roof over their heads…i have thot if that show  many times and it has given me connie
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