Saturday, February 24, 2018

pt 5 thanks i needed that

Well i am just gettin set free all over the place..i needed to tell these stroies again,,”I am a little chicken sometimes”.Love Chicken Little..This next story is a favorite of mine too..Well this pioneer mother survived an Indian Massecre.. And  anyway   there was this man who was laying out in her yard or on her property.. He was bleeding to death from being scalped..The top of his head   or his forehead  rolled  into his   face ..Because when an Indian scalped someone they wud  cut the skin off their head along with the hair.. So this brave pioneer Mother  went out and got this man and drug him into her house,,,And she goes over to her sewing basket and she gets out her needle and thread and picks the skin up and puts it where it looks right..And then sews it back up where it belonged.. The guy lived if you can believe that ? But the Mothers in the home were the Drs and they did what had to be done.. And ya know with things as they are we all may have to do some things we arent used to doing…Aunt Toot and i are always joking about me giving her an operation on my dining room table from some old time Medical Book..Toot says the pages of my Medical Book wud probably stick together and i wud forget about half of what i was sposed to do..probably true..Well i better get goin..i needed to write all of this..i feel better now connie
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