Saturday, February 24, 2018

Pt 1

Dear Mothers,,i just pine for my copy of Above Rubies to get here,,As you know my story is in it..Just thinking of the story makes me cry…i feel Jim so close today,,i cant wait to hold him again in Heaven…His children he left with me…Oh mercy they are so much Jim and i….Lately i have felt kinda bad,,as i  and my life gets put in with the punk rockers in facebook..Makes it look like half the time i am a Christian and the other half the time i am a punk rocker.,,,But Mamas babies ,,well are Mamas babies,,and Wildmans….i had wanted to give up lately…Of course slew foot is after me and has been since i said Above Rubies cud have my strory again,,Its getting close  for me to get my magazine  and i feel like i have been scraped to the bone with an old  board..But what you see is what you get, Jim and Connie  come in the whole pkg with their ornery kids..They are a product of he and i ,,,Sorry…They learn the hard way like Jim and i learned…..They cant be what they arent,,,i feel a new rush of inspiration coming up..A new fountain of blessing ..i  have to go do my dishes as i have to get them done before i get too tired,,But i will tell you about my presents i got in the mail from Mary and Christiane connie
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