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pt 3 conclusion

There is alot in the first 2 writings i am not saying..But i had to write it all down to get a handle on it.. Well i feel better anyway..all is well..God is still on the throne..The other day when i wrote the Pioneer Stories  about women of faith Jill had asked me to write some more of them..i had gotten started and then i forget now  what happened..? But i got some how sent on another trail.. Some of these stories i have told before but i wanted to tell this one again for the new ladies…This story is about this Mother who became a widow and had to move her children to a home she cud afford.. Her husband had always made a nice home for his family..But then he died unexpectedly..Soon the savings was spent and Mother had to get a job taking in washings and they had to move into an old house where the rent was very low…Soon the  widow   understood why the rent was so low..The house was unfested with RATS..  At first she wud throw bread out in the yard and the rats wud swarm out of all their hiding places and Mother wud shoot the rats out in the yard as they ate the bread..But she wasnt a very good shot and ran out of bread too..When she wud see the rats in the house she cudnt scare them away as they had become very bold  against her..Later on as she prayed for answers the Lord impressed her to get a pistol and to put it in a holster so she wud have a fire arm right by her side when she saw a rat in the house..So here is this dear Mother with her dress on and an apron over it and a gun and holster on her waist.. Well to say the least she became a “sure shot” each day she took out her gun and shot rats on sight .Well the Lord was preparing her for the days ahead..One nite a drunken man came to her house and banged on the locked door ..he wanted his laundry that she had done for him…She told him to come back the next day as she and her children were in bed..She told him she had  her gun and she wud shoot him thru the door…Drunk or not this man remembered that she had a reputation for being a crack shot and he took off a runnin..Praise the Lord….The Lord used these rats to teach this mother to defend herself both spiritually and physically..One of Jills and my favorite shows is that show Jill with Sally Fields ..what was the name if it ? Matters of the Heart? or something like that.Where the widow wrestles threw life to save her home..and to keep a roof over their heads…i have thot if that show  many times and it has given me connie

Fwd: pt 2 Neglect Not the Gifts that are within you

As i have written this morning  the Lord remindes me “Neglect not  the gifts the Lord has given me..” As i write i have some understanding.. i am always in way over my head.. thats how God does things with me..I am not organized..i think the Lord just some how comes up on my blinde side and does what He wants..While i am screaming bloody murder and chaseing shadows the Lord does what He wants..i am in enuf hot water all the time that Gods way is usually about the only way i have left..And deep in my heart i feel like i will be healed as i obey Him..As i put His Word before me and not look back..i believe He will work His plans ..He has been my healer for many yrs,, He will always heal me..He will never leave me or forsake me.. He never has.. Only God who is able to understand all things can understand me or understand you.. I believe that Randy will be ok..i have prayed and believed God for a miracle.. i can do all things threw Christ who strengthens connie

Fwd: pt 1 we can do all things thru Christ who STRENGTHENS US

Hi You all..Well Jimmy and his family from Australia are coming Friday..i
have to laugh as i sit here,,,Yours Truly is in the hottest of water..Well
Wed. this deal from the state ? Well i can get a new furnace? i need one
and its all tied up with Energy Assisitance.. So i have to jump threw
these hoops to get it..So i just paid to have the house sided and
insulated 2 summers ago…New windows and doors etc..My heat bill is only
about 60 bucks a month,,very low…So now they want to put this foam
insulation under the new siding..Mary said that Brad said it wud be a good
deal and it wud make the house even better insulated..i called my carpenter
that put the siding on and he said that it wud be a good deal too..Rod had
put all new plywood on the house before he put the siding over it..and did
some other things too i forget now..But the house is well insulated
already..i say i am in hot water and need prayer is that i dont see how i
can handle all of this..i will again have carpenters running in and out
again this summer..And really i need to have the house rewired..well it may
be a lil easier if i didnt have a disease{Hellllloooooo anybody in Heaven
there to kill this demon i got goin on here?} “JESUS please heal my body?”
The Lord is saying to read Nehemiah..oh i practicaly have it memorized..
And i am sure Gods people didnt have perfect health as they rebuilt the
walls of Jerusalem.. i am so tired spiritually speaking…i am tired of
fighting demons just to get up in the morning,,i am tired of walking as if
all is well when it isnt.,smileing when i wanna cry.. Last nite i was
prayin for Randy in the hospital…i got so deeply depressed ..And then i
cud understand,,This is the time when Jim was in the hospital exactly 7 yrs
ago.. and in 6 days he died..I cried out to the Lord to not let Randy
die..i thot to myself..”Randy looks like Jim and seems to be Jims
twin…and now will he die on the same day Jim died? ” i dont think he
will..i think the Lord will save him..i pray the Lord will save him..i want
to give up but i cant ..

pt 1 The Salvation Army

Good Morning Ladies, Boy do i have alot of work this morning to do..Marys family will try to come early before Easter to help me with some of the work..i hope i hope!!! i hope to vacuum today and dust. i will save all the dust to put it on the compost pile…Well no i dont have THAT MUCH dust.just kidding,,A few of you ladies have said that you just dont have the clothes to go to church esp on Easter Sunday..Well our Sissy Joy is a clothes designer in NYC..and she always shops at the Salvation Army..And she tells everyone that she has furnished her whole apt with stuff found on the street..the “Do it yourself ” ideas are really in .. And about any style is in..In my day when i was in highschool we wore the same things ..If it was the style to wear your skirts to the bend of the knee..then all of we girls wore our skirts to the bend of the knee.. If it was an inch longer then we said it was way too long..In the 1970s styles really changed and you cud wear about anything..We had the mini skirts and the maxie long skirts..i loved the winter maxie coats and the Go Go Boots..The Maxie coats were rather simple in style..The top was fitted or tailored..Then the coat at the waist was fitted for the waist,,But then the bottom part was like a skirt that went down to your ankles..i think the style now seems to be very individual..If you like it then it is in..Love connie

pt 1 What a Day

Tuesday was the nuttiest day of my life..Well Monday the furnace went out..So i called the was very windy.Well he goes down the basement and he fixes the furnace..But while he is down there the wind is blowing and it blows the pilot lite out on the water heater..and then on the stove upstairs.. So in the evening of Monday i decided to fry a hamburgar before i went to bed..i was a bit hungry..Then i noticed the pilot lite had gone out on the stove.. So i lit the pilot lite..but i forgot to lite the oven pilot lite.. Then late morning on Tues i get in the bathtub of cold water as the water heaters pilot lite was i had to call the gas company and they came out and lit the lite on the water heater ..But first they turned all the gas in the house off as they had to move the gas meter as the carpenter who put the siding on the house,,put the meter under where the rain falls off the house..and it screws alot of stuff up..So i have had some wild days lately.. i really felt like i was under a curse or something..i thot “This many things cant all go wrong at once..” Its hilarious as all of my lady friends all find out and they all try to boss me around,,i especially love to tease Toots. She got so mad she called Miss Charlotte on the phone as Char lives close just a few blocks away,, and Toot lives acrossed town,,But they are all good ol gals.Ya gotta love em..My friend Terry on Monday called every government agency to try to get me a free furnace and she found one… So one of these days i will get a new furnace..This furnace is 33 yrs old…And my life goes on and on and on and on..But now it is 1;30 Wednesday morning…Dear Lord please let this be a peaceful day..!!!! Well PTL..the furnace is fixed for now and soon i will get a new furnace.. Love connie

pt Irish Soda Breads

Yesterday Miss Charlotte my neigbor ask me over for supper with her family.. She made Cornbeef and Cabbage..with boiled potatoes..oh it was deeelicious..And i made soda bread it turned out good..everyone liked it..Earlier Aunt Toots called and i told her i was going to Chars for supper and that i was bringing Irish Soda Bread,,,Loooong Pause……Aunt Toot….. says “Are you going to use a recipe?” i told her i was just to make her happy..Well i looked the recipe up on the internet..It called for 4 cups pf white flour but i only had 3 cups..Recipe didnt call for any oil..but i poured some in as i thot it needed it.Recipe called for a half a cup of sugar and i thot it shud just be a forth cup of sugar..Recipe said 2 cups of buttermilk and one cup of sour cream..But i didnt have any sour cream and i used one cup of buttermilk..i just used a sprinkle of salt and it called for a forth tsp.. It was a lil gooshey and i needed to shape it and knead it a little..But i didnt have any more flour so i used a cornbread mix to knead it in.The oven temp was 350 but i thot that wud be too low..But later i thot this temp was about right..oh and raisens i think recipe said about a cup of raisens but i put in about um ….a half cup.dont tell Aunt connie

pt 5 thanks i needed that

Well i am just gettin set free all over the place..i needed to tell these stroies again,,”I am a little chicken sometimes”.Love Chicken Little..This next story is a favorite of mine too..Well this pioneer mother survived an Indian Massecre.. And  anyway   there was this man who was laying out in her yard or on her property.. He was bleeding to death from being scalped..The top of his head   or his forehead  rolled  into his   face ..Because when an Indian scalped someone they wud  cut the skin off their head along with the hair.. So this brave pioneer Mother  went out and got this man and drug him into her house,,,And she goes over to her sewing basket and she gets out her needle and thread and picks the skin up and puts it where it looks right..And then sews it back up where it belonged.. The guy lived if you can believe that ? But the Mothers in the home were the Drs and they did what had to be done.. And ya know with things as they are we all may have to do some things we arent used to doing…Aunt Toot and i are always joking about me giving her an operation on my dining room table from some old time Medical Book..Toot says the pages of my Medical Book wud probably stick together and i wud forget about half of what i was sposed to do..probably true..Well i better get goin..i needed to write all of this..i feel better now connie

pt 4 Pioneer Mothers

Oh i have needed to write..i am feeling so much better..thank you all  for putting up with me..ladies i have gotten such heart breaking emails in response to my article in Above Rubies..  I mean  some of  these young moms …? God help us!! In the first place many dont even know what a Christian man is,,except that he goes to church.. And ….church…….it gets more rediculous by the day.. But anyway i wanted to tell that one story i have told a 100 times on here.. But we have many new ladies coming in and i want to share this story with them..i  think this story tells about the courage the Christians had in the Pioneer days.. Well this woman was in her 40s and she thot she was having twins..So the Dr thot he wud have to  do a C section..So when she thot the babies were coming she road her horse like 50 miles to town to have the Dr deliver the babies..But the Dr checked her and he cud tell she wasnt pregnant but she had a  huge tumor in her stomach..   Well this was before the use of pain medicine..So  the Dr went to his church to pray..The Lord led him to ask the church  to     come  to his   office and pray while he operated on this Mother…{She had like 9 children still at home to care for..So the Dr wanted to save her life.}Anyway it was Christmas Eve and the believers came and they sang Christmas Carols and they  prayed   for this woman..And the Dr operated on her and it took like a couple hrs.. And all the while this dear mother was awake? She had a knife stuck in her stomach and a tumor taken out without anything for pain..this story said that when the tumor rolled out of her it was like i think 13 or 15 pounds.. So anyway the Dr told her to stay at his home and recuporate for a week in bed then she cud  ride her horse back home..So thats what she did..And the story said this woman  lived past 80 yrs old.. she was 40 when the tumor was taken out..mercy she lived 40 yrs past that operation.. And actually it seems as i remember it she had  other babies.. Well that was one brave connie

pt 3 Our Worst Enemy is Fear

The Bible says we are to be violent in our faith.And the Bible calls us soldiers..”No soldier when she warreth concerns herself with the cares of this world..”In other words when a Mother is warring against satan for her husband or children then she doesnt care what anyone else thinks….Danny my son who is soon 30 tried to keep his friend from dying and jumped a known murderer..And the Murderer  killed Dans friend and tried to slit Dans  kill him…This all happended in NYC…The kids tried to hide it all from me,,,But i found out…Later ….a month later i was checkin up on Dan and he said “Mom that was a whole month ago..why are you still thinking of it..?”  Well duh? i will probably always think of it.But still i cant care what anyone thinks about it,..i have to be about my Fathers buisness…i am proud of Dan that his heart was soft enuf that he was ready to give his life for his friend…i am tellin you that boy takes the cake..And i think of the pioneer moms out on the praire with Indians carrying their children away etc..i mean what did those Mothers do? They hung into God..They did what was  in front of them to do..They didnt care what folks thot of them.. How any of those Mothers ever lived to be 80 or 90 yrs old is beyond me….But they were brot up to know that life just went on,,They did what needed to be done.. But when the family was asleep at nite you can bet your last dollar that Mama cried herself to sleep without anyone even knowing her pain.. She was brave and full of courage.. She didnt want fear in her home.. and she just went about her buisness showing the children that she was not afraid the Indians wud be back ..or whatever catastrophy had happened to her family it wudnt happen again..! We have to stand with our kids and try to understand what is in their minds..

pt 2 Are you a Fighther

Are you a fighter? or will you just passively sit there and let Satan take your family..Satan wants to take me down..but guess what he aint gonna get to..He has tried to burn us out twice and take my husband 30 some times and end my marriage..But he didnt get to…He tried to take my daughter and kill her with  Cocaine    But the  Lord saved her and now she is a witness for the Lord..And some of the ones she did drugs with are now walking with the Lord..Even when she was on drugs she wud  call me from the Drug house and put me on the speaker phone and i prayed for the people there ..and some came to the Lord..Our daughter is now free from drugs since 2010..Do you think it was hard for me to  walk and believe God and war for her life? My husband had just 2006 then i found out she was on drugs… But God kept me ,,,i dont know how but he did,,,Just before Jim died Marys baby died of crib death,,God has kept me threw it all..My mom died also and i am her only daughter and i was with her when she died..But ya know around this time Chrissy sent me those high top black tennis shoes from NYC..And as i sat with my mom i looked at my crazy jeans and high tops and i told the nurses and all who  wud listen.,”These shoes make me remember i have moxie and i am gonna make it..”i may be batterd and half here but i can still stand up and walk..And i am going to make it…and so are you..All things are possible to those who can believe..Oh and did i mention i have Parkinsons..? And the drugs make me get kinda nuts? Well Parkinsons aint nothin,.,,God is gonna heal me …He always does..!!! i dont have any right to think He wont this time!!!!  i always come out on top..With folks scratchin their heads and wondering what the heck happened? Well i got a miracle like i  always do..Not because of my faithfulness but because He is faithful..LOve connie
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