Sunday, December 17, 2017

pt 1 Oh what a life

Ya know yrs ago i had the nuttiest experience with this Dr who was trying to deliver my 2nd child Christiane..Jim was somewhere i cant remember now..But my pooor saintly mother had to sit with me during the time i was in labor ..Well the Dr came in dressed in a army green uniform..He went over and turned the heat up when he came in,,,Mom thot he was a repair man or something..Well then he goes over and checks me to see if i was dialated and all..My Mother about croaked..”What was this repair man doing with my daughter?” Well that Dr was  crazy anyhow to begin with..So he leaves and comes back again and again checking me..Finally he stands at the foot of the bed and puts his hand over the top of his head..He says to me “I am sorry Mrs Hultquist but your baby is severly deformed”..He said that her hand was conected to her head..Also that she had several holes in her head…i am in the middle of hard labor..The nurses wanted to throw the Dr out of the room,The whole thing was so out rageous that i didnt even believe the Dr..So anyway,,Thank God they got a Specialist in there and he checked me..He anounced  that the baby was coming face first and the main Dr who thot she had holes in her head was feeling her mouth and her eyes and nose..The whole thing was hysterical..My Mother said that no one in our family was born with holes in their she was sure the Dr had made a mistake.Mom prolly thot that if the baby did have holes in her head that she got it from Jims side of the family..Welllll anyway thank the Lord for the Specialist ..He delivered Christiane and she was a healthy baby girl..And she has been a dear daughter to me for all of her life..Shes a NewYorker but she and i have a special relationship….She says “If my mom hadnt taught me to make cornbread i wud have starved when i first came to NYC..” My lil girl  came to me at Christmas so i was in the hospital Christmas eve and day and a day after..Back then only the father cud visit in the i was very much alone..But my mom brot me up a lil transister radio and i laid in my bed and listened to Christmas Carols,,i knew Jesus..and He was my Husband..i laid there in my bed alone thanking the Lord for my precious baby girl…Christiane Joy Hultquist…


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