Saturday, February 24, 2018

pt 1 To Thine Ownself be True

Good Morning Wilderness Mothers, Yesterday i did alot of reading and thinking.Have you all seen the movie “Heartland”? its supposed to be about the life of  Elenor Pruitt..She was a widow and moved out West with her young daughter to Homestead..This was about the end of the last century ..i  enjoy reading about women who are daring enuf to do these things..As i was thinking yesterday and writing,,i think of the words “To thine ownself be true”.And i heard a voice down deep in my soul..”Connie,,just who are you ? Do you really  enjoy your own company enuf to be able to have only the sound of your own voice to listen to for months on end?..Just who are you? Cud you make everything from scratch and actually not let your imagination run away with itself when and if your snowy roof fell in in the middle of the night? ” Welll the deal is..i wud know what to do ,,,,but wud i have the guts to do it? and i think on some much smaller scale we as wives and mothers are in that place now..We are living in such uncertainty..What is our new wilderness going to look like? When i go to the grocery store lately i feel like i have entered the fun house..only .its not fun..It all seems so unfamiliar and scarey..Someone is laughing but ,its not the common man or woman.,..who do we trust in Washington? it seems no one..And all this talk  on TV about our food being poison..It sure tastes like it is…is it really..Well if you buy all organic food then you wont be poisoned supposedly..But who can afford that ?

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