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pt 3 Angels Watching over me..

All Morning this morning i have been thinking of Sissy Joy and how she wud sing to me,,when she was about 5 yrs old.i remember one time in particular ..i was resting in my was afternoon i shud have been up..Well i was up to fix breakfast then went back up stairs to bed..Some days as Jim was missing or in prison.i just cud barely make it thru those days..Anway Sis was about 5 at the time…She sat beside my bed and sang to me,,In her lil bird like voice she sang,”All day all nite angels watchin over me my Lord..All day…all nite  Angels watchin over me,,Now i lay me down to sleep..Angels watchin over me my Lord..Pray the Lord my soul to keep Angels watchin over me..” And yes the angels were watching over my children and me..And God put a new spirit upon my husband..And he returned to his family…No not right that day but in a while..he came back home a new man in Christ..Mothers ..yes its so hard..but believe in God ..Trust in His Word..Trust in the Lord for  what you need..Divorce is not always the answer..Wait upon the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart..Read the Love chapter..1st cor 13 …Love connie

pt 2 How Long Lord,,,,How Long

Our Christiane Joy was the most beautiful baby  girl..Our little Jimmy was 7 yrs older then Chrissy..Jimmy loved her so much..they were very close growing up..Oh they were the JOY of my life,,Each of my children were so special.. i am not just saying that either,,i never thot of them as 6   children,,,Each if them to me were like only children,..Each child brot their own gifts to me..Like Angels bringing to me what i needed,,,Jimmy was born when i was 19 yrs old..He was like a playmate to me,,”Come on Mom lets go take the bus down town,,or lets go to the movies” Oh he loved the Walt Disney movies..He loved the plays at school and was in Show Choir in High School.. He went into the Navy at 18 yrs old..He took training to be in a flight crew..He read the computer in the plane when they went over enemy territory..Oh how  proud we were of him.He then got more schooling and is now a light designer in Australia…We called him Jimmy Mike…Later his sisters and brothers called him Jimmy Mack,,i guess that was more Up town hu?But some how  the children of your youth mean something that no one else cud understand,,All of my children are so set apart in my heart..Each one lives in a different part of my soul …and your soul never ages..Mary was born as Jimmy was heading off to the Navy..A cold wind seemed to blow over my heart as my son left home..i held my Baby Mary close as if to comfort my heart..But one child cant take the place of another one,.My son was my own and lived in a different chamber of  my heart.i remember one winter evening when it was just the oldest 3 and me..John was a baby.It was  dark outside..i told Jimmy “i am going to walk to the mail box,,i will be right back..” i wrote to Jim every day..i remember so clearly ..i had on my black leather gloves and my coat with the fur i walked in the snow up to the mail box..i felt so lonely and so full of depression,,i kept looking down at my gloved hand as the street lights shone on me,,in my hand was yet another letter to Jim,..i kept praying to Jesus,,,”When Lord,,,,oh when will Jim change?” When will things ever be right? How many more letters will it take ,,how  many more days until this Hell is over,? How long long Lord ?”i felt like my writing to Jim didnt mean anything,,But the letters did mean so much to Jim,,he loved my writings..But i never understood that until many yrs later..Some of my teachings on the Word of God that were not personal Jim gave to other prisoners to read as the letters spoke  of hoping and having faith in God..But so often even now   in these days i think about how i felt as i walked to the mailbox on that snowy evening ..And how i kept looking down at that letter held in my gloved hand,,crying “How Long Lord Long?

pt 1 Oh what a life

Ya know yrs ago i had the nuttiest experience with this Dr who was trying to deliver my 2nd child Christiane..Jim was somewhere i cant remember now..But my pooor saintly mother had to sit with me during the time i was in labor ..Well the Dr came in dressed in a army green uniform..He went over and turned the heat up when he came in,,,Mom thot he was a repair man or something..Well then he goes over and checks me to see if i was dialated and all..My Mother about croaked..”What was this repair man doing with my daughter?” Well that Dr was  crazy anyhow to begin with..So he leaves and comes back again and again checking me..Finally he stands at the foot of the bed and puts his hand over the top of his head..He says to me “I am sorry Mrs Hultquist but your baby is severly deformed”..He said that her hand was conected to her head..Also that she had several holes in her head…i am in the middle of hard labor..The nurses wanted to throw the Dr out of the room,The whole thing was so out rageous that i didnt even believe the Dr..So anyway,,Thank God they got a Specialist in there and he checked me..He anounced  that the baby was coming face first and the main Dr who thot she had holes in her head was feeling her mouth and her eyes and nose..The whole thing was hysterical..My Mother said that no one in our family was born with holes in their she was sure the Dr had made a mistake.Mom prolly thot that if the baby did have holes in her head that she got it from Jims side of the family..Welllll anyway thank the Lord for the Specialist ..He delivered Christiane and she was a healthy baby girl..And she has been a dear daughter to me for all of her life..Shes a NewYorker but she and i have a special relationship….She says “If my mom hadnt taught me to make cornbread i wud have starved when i first came to NYC..” My lil girl  came to me at Christmas so i was in the hospital Christmas eve and day and a day after..Back then only the father cud visit in the i was very much alone..But my mom brot me up a lil transister radio and i laid in my bed and listened to Christmas Carols,,i knew Jesus..and He was my Husband..i laid there in my bed alone thanking the Lord for my precious baby girl…Christiane Joy Hultquist…


Pt. 2

Well God was faithful and my wild man came to the Lord..He had come to the Lord about  3 months before he got out for the last 3 and a half yr sentence.,i didnt know that he had really come to the Lord..But he just kept recommiting his life to the Lord,…over and over again..Keeping up with him as i write this is as hard as keeping up with him as always..when he was alive..But yes he was a hard act to follow.,,And lately with times so hard as they are.i  am so glad to be able to give others hope..Honest hope..after living thru many impossible situations myself..i can tell Randy that i know the Lord  is healing him as he has inopperable cancer,,i believe the Lord ..i am not a new comer as i approach Randy with this hope…My  hope is real…i some how paid the price..i didnt give up..i am so comforted also ladies as i get so many emails  from ladies who tell me..”Connie your writings have changed my life..thank you for your faithfulness…” See i wasnt just waiting on Jim to change..but God was waiting on me to change,,”Wud i believe HIm that nothing was impossible with God”?? God saw you girls ,,,some  of you..He made me who i was in order to influence you for Jesus..So i wasnt just standing in order to save my own hide…but to be an influence ..Thats why it was so hard.Oooh i see now..i didnt know this 40 yrs ago.i  only looked at what i cud see..But this is why some of you suffer so much,.God is working a plan that you cannot connie

Pt. 1

Dear Sisters of a New Revolution..i was writing to a friend this morning,,,a dear friend..And i tried to inspire her to hope again,,,To hope in God one more time..Give it one more shot..just one more,,.i had to do that when i was a young wife waiting for my husband in prison,,i had prayed,,and hoped in God..But it seemed after 30 times of being desserted and another 3and a half yrs of prison time again,,after 3 other terms of prison before this..? Man i was so full of bullet holes i felt like i wud never be ok again,,i shook inside with Satans accusations and condemnations..Jill had given me a ride to the prison and i cudnt  even let her know that satan was screaming at me full blast that i was a fool and that Jim wud only leave me again once he got out …Satan had proven to me along with many of his followers that God didnt do  miracles in this day and age…Satan had said to me over and over again,,,that i didnt  know the Word of God..i had it mixed up…i saw  Jim in front of the Prison waiting on me to come,..i walked up to him and he kissed me and i embraced him.,.Oh how i loved him..and yet he had been the most impossible of men to deal with,,i felt so hopeless inside..And yet in my heart was a flicker of hope..God kept saying to me “Connie what if Gods Word is true? what if “All things are possibe to those who believe” was true?”Well satan had proven to me for 12 yrs that nothing wud what if i did believe the Word of wud nt work anyway? i felt like i was walking a tightrope over Niagra Falls in the dark ..i had nothing to hang onto.. i had no testimonies…i knew of no man who had left his family like Jim had so many times..that came to the Lord and went back home..The prison guards had promised me over and over that Jim wud never quit runnung,,So on my tight rope i walked with no hope to hang onto..i saw no hope ahead of me,,.i  just kept on walking i guess,,,with only a flicker of hope and lite in my heart..i hoped against all hope  that Jim wud be saved and set free..


pt 2 A wilderness of Truth

Are we going to believe in ourselves when all the world laughs at us…for  how long? Can we trust in ourselves that we will be strong as  long as we need to be,for as long as it takes,,? We as Believers often oscalate back and forth with Gods Word..Can we quit that and make a home strong  ..and stand strong…Even if we are being strong completly alone,,? Nehemiah had so many interuptions as he was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem..But he kept sending messages back to his enemies..”I cant come down to talk to  you,,i am doing a good work for the Lord”..Nehemiah knew what he was doing was a good work,,an important work for the Lord..He didnt let fear swing him one way or the other..he stayed steady on the Word of the Lord……………..i think as  Wilderness Wives and Mothers we will probably have to do more cooking from scratch …i think if we can just buy supplies and cook from what we buy we will have more of a fighting chance..i think the Wilderness Mother is a good example to us…We of course will be cooking from scratch for a different reason then the Women of the 1800s and before did,…….But we cant be at the mercy of this crazy economy we live in either.i think all  of these ideas are something to think be serious about..Maybe they are just ideas to pack away in a forgotten drawer for now..waiting for a time to use them..i dont know..But i do know things have to change in our government in a big way..and very soon…love connie

pt 1 To Thine Ownself be True

Good Morning Wilderness Mothers, Yesterday i did alot of reading and thinking.Have you all seen the movie “Heartland”? its supposed to be about the life of  Elenor Pruitt..She was a widow and moved out West with her young daughter to Homestead..This was about the end of the last century ..i  enjoy reading about women who are daring enuf to do these things..As i was thinking yesterday and writing,,i think of the words “To thine ownself be true”.And i heard a voice down deep in my soul..”Connie,,just who are you ? Do you really  enjoy your own company enuf to be able to have only the sound of your own voice to listen to for months on end?..Just who are you? Cud you make everything from scratch and actually not let your imagination run away with itself when and if your snowy roof fell in in the middle of the night? ” Welll the deal is..i wud know what to do ,,,,but wud i have the guts to do it? and i think on some much smaller scale we as wives and mothers are in that place now..We are living in such uncertainty..What is our new wilderness going to look like? When i go to the grocery store lately i feel like i have entered the fun house..only .its not fun..It all seems so unfamiliar and scarey..Someone is laughing but ,its not the common man or woman.,..who do we trust in Washington? it seems no one..And all this talk  on TV about our food being poison..It sure tastes like it is…is it really..Well if you buy all organic food then you wont be poisoned supposedly..But who can afford that ?

pt 2 Our Mary

Our dear Mary who is on our grp ..has been so brave thru this whole thing with her brother in law Josh.. The whole family has been so strong.. This morning i felt like  i shud get out this picture album that Mary made for me 2 Christmases ago…i looked thru it and oh the pics made me laugh..My children are all such funny ducks..Christiane Joy called me about an hour ago from NYC…We laughed and cried on the  phone..     i told her i was looking thru the album  that Mary had made of the family..I read to her the words at the bottom of the last page.. They read   ” Everything around us looks so dark and dreary ..except for the stream that is so full of life ..Its a great representation of the Hultquist Family !!! When the world around us seems so dark , you will see the Hultquist clan surviving and thriving on the light and love that is our family” ..John  had a picture he gave to Mary of a field of dry hay..But a stream of lush green grass  grew up the center of it.. John sent it to Mary when she was making the album..The whole writing made me laugh and remember that these sad times will pass..they always do..On the front of the album it says..”Home is where  Our Story Begins”..And well it hasnt ended yet..God isnt dead and He is still on the connie

pt 1 Power in the Blood

Dear Mothers, Last nite when i went to bed i thot..”Lord i dont know if i will make it” i just felt so bad about Josh..This morning i felt the anxiety just pumping up in my body.. But …i  prayed and i did seek the Lord..i dont know how He does it..but He knows how to set the captive free..Jesus shed His blood for us..Someone had to shed their blood to pay for our sins..And the someone had to be sinless..and the Son of God..The Bible is a book of promises and Covenants..Jesus blood has to remind us that He shed His blood and made a Covenant with us..His promises are true..We pray and remind God that Jesus blood was shed for us..i do this when i pray..i pray and call out the blood of remind God of His promises..When we first homeschooled and folks ask us about it.We wud explain that the Constitution said that we had a right to privacy..the right to free speech..and freedom of religion..But the law of the land said we had to go to public school..But we always hoped that if we had to go to court that a good judge wud honor our rights in the Constitution..But we had to remind the judge of the rights ..And this is like what we do in prayer..We remind God the Father of the Covenants or promises He made with us…Isaiah 53;5 But He was wounded for our transgressions..He was bruised for our iniquites ; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and by His stripes we are healed..Many times when i just cant go on i pray the blood of Jesus..and i get set free..i just seem to fall asleep calling on the blood of Jesus..Satan was defeated at the cross where Jesus shed His blood and He gave His life for me,,,,for us..Revelations 12;11 And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony ; and they loved not their own life unto death..There is power in the blood..and life in the blood..When we call it out as we pray ..we are telling God that we are depending on nothing but the shed blood of Christ,,That we put no other Gods before the One who shed His blood for us..

pt 1 Just a Visit

Good Morning Mothers,  It rained all nite here in Iowa..i hope it wont freeze now.. i like to get up early in the morning to write..Each morning my lil yellow cat Peggy Sue goes to the door and wants me to let Chance in..i tell her  “Peggy Sue ..Chance died ..I’m  sorry Peggy Sue” .. Chance was in the house part of the time and  outside too..But he was always here for breakfast..but not anymore..Peggy wants me to open the front door so she can look out the screen door and see for herself ..So i open it and let her see each morning that Chance isnt there..Miss Charlottes grandaughter Mckayla  at 14 yrs old is worried that  Peggy is loseing weight…Mckayla wants to be a Vet when  she graduates high school.. She has such a heart for  animals ..she will be a good Vet..But no me…Peggy{Piggy} isnt loseing weight..She does pull the hair out of her tail tho..and she started that when Chance got sick. ..i dont know if its dry skin or what..i do put vaseline on it and that makes her quit chewing on it..for a while anyway……………………………..Well today i am going to make Hamburgar  Vegetable Soup..i have some V8 juice that i want to use up..and some odds and ends of other vegetables ..But mainly for the vegetables i will use brocolli , carrots, potatoes , and onions.. i  may add some noodles to it also..Jill and Emily came to visit on Thursday..i ask them to pray for me as i was having such a hard time with not wanting to even go to the grocery store or eat either..And since they prayed for me i feel better,,For some reason i get eating disorders..Odd not wanting to buy connie
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