Monday, December 18, 2017

pt 1 Nice to meet ya..

Good Morning Ladies, Well i cant really finish up the old writing i was doing as i have lost my  place…i will finish that up maybe next week…It seems we are getting alot of new ladies on here so i will sort of  introduce myself ..and we can visit …i need to settle my feathers from yesterday….My writings lately have been on a Womans Place in the Home..i have kept them private because i didnt want a bunch of trouble from anyone…I dont wanna sit here and fight with people..i just want to teach ..I so needed the Titus 2 Mother  when i was a young wife and mother..Jim and i didnt know the Lord.. and mercy sakes alive we needed to know the Lord..for sure…Well finally i met the Lord and Jim did too.Hurrraaay..But ya know we were such characters,..Well yrs ago i sent my testimony to Above Rubies magazine and it was published,,it went around the world..It is issue 53..and it was the yr 2000..You can read my testimony on the Above Rubies websight.Its in the section of articles and in the marriage part.. Its called “Bring Him Home” ..So anyway lately Nancy Campell who is the editoress of Above Rubies  said she thot  this testimony shud go around the world again,,So the magazine will come out again soon…i hope you all can get it..It has an update at the end,,In 2006 my dear Jim died at 65 yrs old..We had been married nearly 40 yrs.i  told him as he lay  dying,,”Wildman i will miss you every day for the rest of my life..” i called him Wildman as he was  so spirited ..i am too tho…And i really know how to spell..But i side with Andrew Jackson who said ” I dont think much of a person who cant figure out more then one way. to spell a word..”So yes i am a creative speller..Not proud  of it ,,its just the way i am..Well i started out using an email machine and it had such a short place to write…So i abreviated alot..Love connie
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