Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ladies Home Companion 1800s pt 1

This old book is my favorite ..or one of my most favorite books..i just looked it up on the net..It is one of the first books  of the modern Ladies Home Journal that we  are familiar with today..i got this book in about 1988 or so..This book oh man alive …what a spirit it has on it..This book taught me so much..Well here is how i got it..I love Antique Stores..Well Wildman and i were out spending some time alone together and we were in this one  Antique Shop..Well i saw this book i am telling you about..I mean when i saw this book ?..inside i went balistic..i picked the book up and i prayed like a hound dog that i cud get this book..But it was 18 BUCKS..So i held the book and i tried to eat it with my eyes.. i tried to read it as fast as i cud..i mean the book is about 2 inches thick..Jim is watching me,,,from about 20 feet away..I saw him out of the corner of my eye..I knew he wud tell me its time to go..So i began reading even faster..Hoping that some how i cud get this book inside me..Jim comes up beside me…”Are you trying to read the whole book while we are here?” I said “Oh yes i am” …”How much is it”? i said “its 18 dollars”…Well we didnt even discuss it any further..But when i got home i tried to write down as much of it as i cud remember..
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