Sunday, December 17, 2017

pt 1 Old Writings

Dear Mothers , i think the Lord is leading me to get out my old writings and use them as like  outlines.. for my writing each day..Some of these i dont even know what the dates are as i didnt used to write that down..But i think the writings are from the middle 1980s to about 1999.. Jim was healed in 1979..So anyway  i have a pink notebook i will use ..And i will just take out of these writings what i think may be interesting to  you girls..i will use this notebook a while then,,go back to the vaults of dust and find another stack of writings..i was such a private writer..i rarely shared any of my writings..Now to think the writings i wrote are going around the world…These hidden writings..i held secret always..What the Lord told me in secret and in the hidden home..i now shout from the house tops..Love Connie

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