Wednesday, January 17, 2018

pt 1 The Vigilanty of Truth

Dear Sisters of a New Revolution, latey i have been reading some of  my old writings out of my bedroom? If i wrote like this now  days i wud be arrested by the church vigilanties and burned at the stake..I am glad i didnt lose  these old writings in my secret vaults of dust..In one writing i wrote about how broken hearted i was for the older Titus 2 mother to teach me how to be a wife and mother that the Word of God wud not be blasphemed..Oooh Blasphemed?  Well when i wrote about it in the 1980s things were not as bad as they are now..But now in this age we see up close what happens when the older woman  deserts the home..Our beloved country..what has happened to us? Where is the wisdom we once had? i used to worry about vigilanties coming after me for what i wrote on the internet..Now i see with my spiritual eyes .who the real vigilanties are..The spiritual vigilanties are the groups who fight against the Truth in Gods  Word..The Word is as it always has been,,The Mothers place is in the Home.The older Mother is to teach the younger mother to be a keeper at home..that the Word be not blasphemed..The Word has been Blasphemed again and again and again..Our Holy God JESUS has been drug out of the Holy Church..And our Jesus has been thrown in the streets..How? His name has been disrespected and dishonored  by His own children.. We have dishonored his babies in the womb all the way to adults..But the children especially bare our sins…Latch Key children? i remember thinking back yrs ago that Latch Key Children were the worst thing of all..Now i am glad if the children can get in the house at all? i only wish they had a key..When i was raising my children in the 70s i was very poor..And so were my friends who were single moms..But none of us had our children taken from us..We were decent moms who put our children first..We didnt care if someone called us lazy because we didnt work..We thot since the dad left our home that we had to work twice as hard to make up for it..We didnt cry for oursleves we cried for our children..Now days…the children are taken away from their mothers..i mean crowds of children are carted away.. But anyway i have felt like an out law telling the truth about the church and the bad influence it has been on our society.. But i am not the Vigilanty who is calling the faithful out of the church,,i am the FAITHFUL who calls the Soldiers of Truth to take up their armor..and fight for the Truth..i am here to tell the Truth about what is falling down around our ankels ..Mostly lies and decptions.. I am not here to try to see how many members i can get on my email the expence of telling half truths.. If i have no truth then i want to be kicked off  my own   grp..i wud rather have 10 faithful followers then a million ” Yes  women”..And yes i know  some of you have to work as in submission to your husbands but you still believe a womans place is in the home…Love connie
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