Wednesday, January 17, 2018

pt 1 Live Fast , Love Hard and Die Young

Dear Mothers, sorry i havent written…My life has been so upset.. i am upset..i have really never known what to do with “you know who”..If i put the name it ends up on the internet..i will call it Sam”..Ok Sam has made me so mad..i have spit bullets for 3 days now..Fire has come out of my eyes and if Sam cud read my mind he wud hide out for days..Heck i wud be glad to shoot him if i only had the time..the nerve and the patience..The Lord tells me “Love is is kind..Love suffers long..The Lord has put me in a vice i have never been in before..i have to trust in God..i am a long ways from loving Sam…i can be so peaceful here at home..i thank God for my home…My writing is so very important to me…i can get so peaceful when i write.. as i sit here writing i think of my friend Minny..She is so funny and so child like,,this is our conversation,,i am trying to tell her about Sam,,And she listens on the phone..Then she says “Connie, when is Jesus coming back?”..I say i dont know and i try to talk to her about Sam..I have one foot sinking in Hell and the other foot is slideing into Never Land..And then she tells me this long story about this guy who thinks the Lord is coming back in about 8 months on the 28th of the month ..and i amĀ  so hurt inside..But i feel so happy too..Happy that i have my home and wonderful memories of Jim and the children..My computer..Just lost some of the middle part of this writing,,,But i will send it as is anway..OOOooh connie
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