Friday, February 23, 2018

pt 1 One More Funny Story

i forgot the funniest story of all about Clara..They told this story at the funeral too.. i cudnt get to another subject until i told this one..Anyway  “Chuck” Claras son in law had taken Clara to church one Sunday morning..Bonnie , Chucks wife was at home sick in bed so it was just Clara and Chuck in the car..Well it had rained and the parking lot  was muddy…So Chuck pulled up by the door to let Clara out ..But as she was getting out some how Chuck was messing with the gear shift and put it in a different gear.. with his foot on the break.  But  it jolted the Van and Clara fell out  of the Van   and into the mud..i think the van moved about a foot and drug Clara..Well everyone said to Clara as she got into the church..that they were glad she didnt accidently get run over by the van as she was being drug..So anyway she gets washed up and she is in the church seated waiting for the sermon..But first they have a time for the congregation to stand up and say what they are thankful for..Well Clara stands up and tells the congregation the she is thankful that Chuck didnt run over her after he drug her in the mud.These are all true stories…Also Chuck says that in all the time he knew Clara she has always enjoyed poor connie
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