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pt 1 Give Wisdom a Place

To the the Keepers at Home…Get Wisdom and keep it..ponder it in your heart..Value it as a Hidden Treasure…And She will abide with you…She is very near to you all the time….Dont allow your spirit to fly all over ..retain it..Your spirit is not supposed to be erratic..You need the meek and quiet Spirit..Grave and temperate..We shud have thankful hearts,,,Keep your heart for out of it  are the issues of life….Wisdom dwells with prudence and finds knowlege of witty inventions..Sisters we must say good things about ourselves..such as “I am the virtuous woman and my price is far above rubies..My heart is safely trusting in  the Lord..i walk by faith and not by sight..i call Wisdom my Sister and Understanding my kinswoman…Our spirits are more important then anything in this world..Because the Virtuous womans spirit is the spirit of Wisdom.She guides you and she will fill your home with riches..God can supply what you need…with any work  you do..He can pay you for being a homemaker..because there is profit in all labor..

pt 1 Lean on the Son of God

Dear Mothers and Wives at home..Such hard trials  many of us have faced lately..But God is with  us..He is not a man that He shud lie to us..His promises are true…Our God is able to do exceeding and abundantly more then we can ask for or think…When Chance was so sick i cried out to the Lord..A scripture came to me that i had  memorized many yrs ago..”I had fainted lest i had believed to see the GOODNESS of the Lord HERE in the land of the living.” Thats in Psalms some place..I remember when God had given me this scripture..i was so hurt inside..i needed to know that i didnt have to wait until i got to Heaven to see my prayers answered..i needed to know that i wud be set free on this earth..So this is one of my favorite scriptures.And the Lord did answer my prayers and He did give me abundantly more then i cud think or ask..The promises of God are so precious…We need to just sit quietly and read our Bibles ..My neighbor Miss Charlotte loves to meditate on the Word of God,,She underlines scriptures and she says the scriptures out loud.. She says the words over and over again. We have to lean on Jesus..Not the world..not the arm of the flesh..we have to learn to lean on His Word…When i am hurting and needing the Lord..i just get out some oil..And i pray over the doors and windows ..i dip my finger in the oil and make a cross…above the doors .. Moses had his people to put the blood of the lamb over their door posts..And when the death angel went by he cudnt come in because of the blood of the lamb …This was to be a symbol of Jesus Christ..And when i anoint  my doors and windows  with reminds me that i am saved by the blood of the lamb..And nothing can hurt me …Nothing can separate me from Gods love..

In Memory of Chance

Good Morning Mothers, Well yesterday afternoon i had to  have Chance our family cat put to sleep..i held him in a little quilt and he  thot he was being held as he always had been..Then he drifted from  a peaceful sleep to a peaceful Heaven.. well ya know,,”All Good Cats go to Heaven”.. All the neighbors around here knew Chance..Ellen and Aron a house away and accrossed the street used to say “Chance just goes about visiting with the neighbors” Aaron said “Chance always walks on the side walk..And when he crosses the street he looks both ways”..Chance was afraid of cars thank the Lord.,,When our Mary was about 14 she got “Chance” from the Vets office..Mary had a job as a helper there..He was about 2 yrs old at the time..Chance sat in the secretarys  office chair..Mary told me the secretary always let him sit there even when she needed to sit there..The secretary  wud get another chair and let Chance sit in her chair..I often called Chance “Captain Jack” !!! Well he chased dogs and chased stray cats out of our yard.He thot he owned the neighborhood.. If one of my friends were coming for a visit he wud see them  up the street and walk them to our house.I am so glad that the “Captain” isnt suffering anymore..Mary worked at the vets office with her friend Tasha,,and Tasha is still working there..I loved seeing Tasha when i brot Chance in yesterday .. Her sweet smile made my heavy heart alot lighter..Well  i still have a Fat and Sassy female cat named Peggy Sue.. This  cat will out live me just  for the sake of bein ornery..She has yellow fur and  big  yellow eyes. i can always  hug her if i get to missin  my friend connie


pt 1 Submissive wives

Christian wives shud submit to their husbands..A wife who is truely submissive will be the example to their children to show them     how  to obey their parents..There  are  many blessings for a woman who lives under the authority of her husband..Where do we get the idea that Jesus wasnt a door mat ? Jesus left us the example of obedience…1 Peter 2;21 For even hereunto were you called ;because Christ also suffered for us.leaveing us an example that we shud follow in His steps..22 who did no sin neither was gilde found in His mouth..{deceit} 23 who when He was reviled He reviled not again..When he suffered , He threatened not; but commited Himself to Him  that judges righteously…24 who His own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree  ..that we being dead to sins, shud live unto righteousness …By whose stripes ye were healed..1Peter 3;1 LIKEWISE  YE WIVES BE IN SUBMISSION TO YOUR OWN HUSBANDS,,That if any obey not the Word ..they will without the Word be won    by the coversation of the wives…{ or the actions of the wife.}So      the    wife becomes a picture of the suffering Christ dying for the unbelievers as she lays down her life for her unbelieving connie

pt 2

i write in parts too as i did useing the email machine,,i cud quit that ….But now my computer pops off every now and again and i lose the writing,..So i write in parts hoping to dodge the bullet before it gets here.Sometimes i dodge it sometimes i dont,,thats life right?  i write   from quite a cast of helpers..who are about up for anything..i cant figure out computers,,they make me kinda crazy..So i have a band of Gypsys that help me  ..and keep me from   giving up and  jumping in the river….Jim and i had 6 children..and all of my helpers remind me of the children …who are now grown with children of their own,,,Well i better quit for now…love connie

pt 1 Nice to meet ya..

Good Morning Ladies, Well i cant really finish up the old writing i was doing as i have lost my  place…i will finish that up maybe next week…It seems we are getting alot of new ladies on here so i will sort of  introduce myself ..and we can visit …i need to settle my feathers from yesterday….My writings lately have been on a Womans Place in the Home..i have kept them private because i didnt want a bunch of trouble from anyone…I dont wanna sit here and fight with people..i just want to teach ..I so needed the Titus 2 Mother  when i was a young wife and mother..Jim and i didnt know the Lord.. and mercy sakes alive we needed to know the Lord..for sure…Well finally i met the Lord and Jim did too.Hurrraaay..But ya know we were such characters,..Well yrs ago i sent my testimony to Above Rubies magazine and it was published,,it went around the world..It is issue 53..and it was the yr 2000..You can read my testimony on the Above Rubies websight.Its in the section of articles and in the marriage part.. Its called “Bring Him Home” ..So anyway lately Nancy Campell who is the editoress of Above Rubies  said she thot  this testimony shud go around the world again,,So the magazine will come out again soon…i hope you all can get it..It has an update at the end,,In 2006 my dear Jim died at 65 yrs old..We had been married nearly 40 yrs.i  told him as he lay  dying,,”Wildman i will miss you every day for the rest of my life..” i called him Wildman as he was  so spirited ..i am too tho…And i really know how to spell..But i side with Andrew Jackson who said ” I dont think much of a person who cant figure out more then one way. to spell a word..”So yes i am a creative speller..Not proud  of it ,,its just the way i am..Well i started out using an email machine and it had such a short place to write…So i abreviated alot..Love connie

pt 3 Every Wise Woman Builds Her Home is some more of the writing.. its about when we first met Frans wife.We entered the shed{kitchen}  thru a grape arbor..The arbor brot alot of shade and the vines of the grapes went all over the front of the shed and kept things cool in the kitchen..As  you entered this kitchen it was as tho worldiness just fell off  of you and you were entering the hallow of Gods Hands..When i saw Mother working in her kitchen i felt so peaceful..Fran introduced her as his bride of many yrs..Mother was quiet and reserved..i felt like i had entered her sanctuary and interupted her prayers..This wife had moral dignity and strength..Thru her domestication she brot out the natural ways of  her husband..She was discreet and chaste..i was a young wife seeking the older Titus mother…That day the Lord showed me a part of  what all of this meant..Mother didnt need to preach to me..her life showed me what being domesticated meant..To close this up i will  tell you one more thing Fran said about his bride..He said that he bot a herd of cows to care for just so he cud give his pretty wife fresh cream for her coffee every morning..Later i was to find out that Mother taught classes on Housewifery..i didnt get to go to them as i was so busy with my big family..But i was thankful i got to meet this precious family. When i first started the Happy Housewifery Newsletter this was the first story i wrote..i didnt get this one sent out..But i think this mother had alot of influence on me as a young mother with alot to learn..Love connie

pt 2 Mothers Summer Kitchen

So Fran tells us to follow him and we went to the Summer Kitchen,,The puppies were in a box waiting for the  children to come and get them just inside the door of this lovely old kitchen,,Ok i will tell you what it looked like..You walked thru a grape arbor that was shaped like a hallway to the front door of the kitchen..The kitchen was a long old out building that was not insulated and had a dirt floor in most of it,,,This precious wife and mother was cookin up a storm in there..She had a big old wood burning stove..But then she had other stoves in the building too,..One she was making cheese on,..and it had to be kept at a certain temp..Then she had another stove too ..i dont remember what that one was for..In a corner of  her kitchen was a huge pile of  bright orange  pumpkins and gourds that she had grown in her garden.Also she had piles of fall flowers that she wud dry..Mainly the  Giant  Marigolds and Zinnias ..Over our heads was the wooden beams..Mother tied her flowers upside down so that they wud retain their colors and wud dry out ..The kitchen ceiling was awash with  colors of Fall..It was gorgeous.. She also had dried herbs  tied to the beams.. Then she had shelves of Mason jars and baskets of tomatos waiting to be canned. Also  baskets of cucumbers to be made into pickles..Well Fran introduced his lovely wife to us..And the children played with the puppies for a while.,,After Mother met us and all she told us that she was a Christian.. They had 2 teenagers a boy about 14 and his sister was about 16..The children came out of the house to see what Puppy our children was taking,..And  the teenagers so admired their mother…and their dad,,But especially their Mother.. That sure touched my heart..  

pt 1 The Virtuous Sisters

This old story took place many yrs ago..Well i was pregnant with the Rock Star “Dan  ” and he will be 31 this Spring..My memory takes me  back to a special day in the fall..i can hear my precious children in the car playing in the backseat..No car seats then ,,so they jumped all over the car,,Papa didnt care..David wud swing on Jims neck from  the back seat,,”Hey thats my neck you are pullin on..” ..Me and Papa had promised the children a puppy for an early Christmas present,,We were chasing down an Address in the newspaper…”Free Puppies”..Finally Jim found the house …It was a lovely old white farm house nestled in a cluster of Autumn maple trees….The husband came out and we all visited a while..i was to find out that we had come for more then a puppy..i was about to meet a Virtuous woman that i was never to forget,,i dont even remember their names..i will just call the husband Fran as he looked French and his lovely wife i will call her Mother..As we visited with Fran he kept mentioning his wife…This couple was in their late 40s..i was about 31 and Jim was about 38.,,Fran told us about Mother and all the things she made especially in the fall..He showed us her garden …It was done for the summer and put away till next spring time…But then Fran wanted to show us Mothers Summer Kitchen …Oh Mercy , was a feast  for the eyes to behold..Jim had only been saved for about 3 yrs..i was seeking hard after the virtuous woman,,”Who is she i kept asking the Lord” .?.Well the Lord was about to show me one of the virtuous sisters that was to hold me in place for alot of yrs..

pt 4 The Meek and Quiet Spirit

ok ,,i need to explain something,,The writing is my writing inspired by this old book from the Antique store..See this book is very spiritual..and all the books were in that time..It has Home Remedies etc in the book..Most people knew basic rules of health..All mothers knew how to deal with childhood diseases..As a child i had German measles and 3 day measles..i had mumps and chicken Pox…all of we kids had them..The Mothers just kept the children in the house and took care of them..Home Remedies were passed down from generation to generation..Anyway  a true Dr will always bounce off the teachings of Christianity..So this book is like that…Ok  i will continue with these old writings that are inspired by the book from the 1800s called Ladies Home Companion..”You must keep you inner man with all  diligence,,{inner man or the reborn spirit} The meek and quiet spirit that submits to husband ..It is your gift to God..for it is precious in His sight…1 Peter :3 it is of great price to the Lord..The women of old adorned themselves with submission to  their husbands..Dont  be taken with the clothes of this world or the outward adorning..Be enthusiastic  or zealous about the inward adorning..Let the fresh manna from Jesus fashion your inner man,,Dont wear  yesterdays  adorning …Be adorned with fresh manna each day..and a fresh anointing,,Dont draw attention to yourselves with a worldly adorning.But let the Lord draw out of you the inward clothing of the Spirit.Be consious at all times of the inward meek and quiet Spirit..Put on submission daily as you wud put on your most precious  jewels..Let your long hair be your glory …Forsake worldliness content to be quiet …to live and work in silence and submission..Holiness is separation..Pray and talk to God more then you talk to anyone else ..Dont spend an hour on the phone ..unless you have an hour to talk to Jesus,.love connie

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