Monday, December 18, 2017

pt 1 The Depression Era

Good Morning Mothers, i was thinking this morning about the Depression Era wives and mothers ..i was thinking of how Jim got saved ..After he came to the  Lord he told me that we wudnt  be getting anymore Food Stamps or any government food comodities…I remember thinking “No More Government Cheese ?” My oldest son Jimmy loves to tease me about that cheese..He says “Mom remember you had to bring that lil red wagon and walk  it 6 blocks to the Community Center  to get free cheese and butter..You had more kids then anyone else so you had to bring a wagon to get free food” Well if i only had a Billy goat i cud have hitched it up to a bigger wagon…Well we needed this free food to get by..   and i was glad to get it.. But anyway one day Jim said that we were just going to trust in the Lord for food and we did..We made a bigger garden and prayed over all the blessings we had…It was an adventure for me..i learned to live on alot less..But ya know i sure learned alot from stories of mothers during the Depression era.. And i used to think too ” Ya know Lord i  still have alot more then what the Mothers had in the Depression era..” But ya know i think its alot more then recipes that kept those Sisters of Courage on their feet..These Mothers  knew God and when the children got sick and they cudnt afford a Dr..then they wud search in prayer for an answer..The Good Old Days magazines have alot of stories in there about Mothers who hung on during the hard times..And some how i always found enuf money to get this magazine every other month..These old time saints of God.. Mothers of the Homestead used the herbs and  home remedies and prayer to keep their children healthy..The Wisdom of God was passed down from their grandmothers…Grandmother was there in the home where she was needed…She helped her young to take care of their little ones..As a young mom i had to read alot and really get back to the land..So when folks wud ask me what i wanted for my Birthday or Anniversary i wud always say a book about Herbs or Depression Era cooking.. i learned alot from reading Back to the Land books.. One friend of mine wud ask me about how to grow this or that..And i wud tell her..And she always said  i was like talking to a Garden Encyclopedia.. But dear Mothers Knowlege is power..And especially now in these hard times in our country and around the world..Love connie
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