Wednesday, January 17, 2018

pt 1 Snowing in Iowa

Good Morning Homestead Mothers, The word homestead is like the word bedstead..Bedstead just means a place for a bed..Homestead is a place for a home..So even if you live in a one room apt you can call your room a Homestead..i just call my house The Hultquist Homestead.. Home of the Happy Housewifery Newsletters  and H.H.N.  Radio…………Homemakers of America you are on the air..!!!!  “Cindy Miller what is the weather like on your Missouri  Farm this morning ?” Whats cookin in the oven for the day “? I am Connie ..and i have a big pan of Chilli from Christmas Eve ..i plan to put some big elbow macaroni in the chilli once it begins to boil good.i will add more onions and maybe some corn to it..The grandkids and Tiff will be over this afternoon to visit.. i think i have cornmeal i hope..i will make us some cornbread to eat with the Chilli..If i dont have cornmeal i will just make biscuits…They arent picky..we will have a good time..I told Tiff to be careful on the highway as it is snowing..So what is Jenn13 up to this morning and Jenn Mar ? and the rest of you girls..? Wendy are you on? Whats up for your day?…Gotta go check the soup…Just jump in and hang on,..Love connie Ps Aunt Toots are you still with us and Jill…?
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