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pt 1 The Depression Era

Good Morning Mothers, i was thinking this morning about the Depression Era wives and mothers ..i was thinking of how Jim got saved ..After he came to the  Lord he told me that we wudnt  be getting anymore Food Stamps or any government food comodities…I remember thinking “No More Government Cheese ?” My oldest son Jimmy loves to tease me about that cheese..He says “Mom remember you had to bring that lil red wagon and walk  it 6 blocks to the Community Center  to get free cheese and butter..You had more kids then anyone else so you had to bring a wagon to get free food” Well if i only had a Billy goat i cud have hitched it up to a bigger wagon…Well we needed this free food to get by..   and i was glad to get it.. But anyway one day Jim said that we were just going to trust in the Lord for food and we did..We made a bigger garden and prayed over all the blessings we had…It was an adventure for me..i learned to live on alot less..But ya know i sure learned alot from stories of mothers during the Depression era.. And i used to think too ” Ya know Lord i  still have alot more then what the Mothers had in the Depression era..” But ya know i think its alot more then recipes that kept those Sisters of Courage on their feet..These Mothers  knew God and when the children got sick and they cudnt afford a Dr..then they wud search in prayer for an answer..The Good Old Days magazines have alot of stories in there about Mothers who hung on during the hard times..And some how i always found enuf money to get this magazine every other month..These old time saints of God.. Mothers of the Homestead used the herbs and  home remedies and prayer to keep their children healthy..The Wisdom of God was passed down from their grandmothers…Grandmother was there in the home where she was needed…She helped her young to take care of their little ones..As a young mom i had to read alot and really get back to the land..So when folks wud ask me what i wanted for my Birthday or Anniversary i wud always say a book about Herbs or Depression Era cooking.. i learned alot from reading Back to the Land books.. One friend of mine wud ask me about how to grow this or that..And i wud tell her..And she always said  i was like talking to a Garden Encyclopedia.. But dear Mothers Knowlege is power..And especially now in these hard times in our country and around the world..Love connie

pt 1 Snowing in Iowa

Good Morning Homestead Mothers, The word homestead is like the word bedstead..Bedstead just means a place for a bed..Homestead is a place for a home..So even if you live in a one room apt you can call your room a Homestead..i just call my house The Hultquist Homestead.. Home of the Happy Housewifery Newsletters  and H.H.N.  Radio…………Homemakers of America you are on the air..!!!!  “Cindy Miller what is the weather like on your Missouri  Farm this morning ?” Whats cookin in the oven for the day “? I am Connie ..and i have a big pan of Chilli from Christmas Eve ..i plan to put some big elbow macaroni in the chilli once it begins to boil good.i will add more onions and maybe some corn to it..The grandkids and Tiff will be over this afternoon to visit.. i think i have cornmeal i hope..i will make us some cornbread to eat with the Chilli..If i dont have cornmeal i will just make biscuits…They arent picky..we will have a good time..I told Tiff to be careful on the highway as it is snowing..So what is Jenn13 up to this morning and Jenn Mar ? and the rest of you girls..? Wendy are you on? Whats up for your day?…Gotta go check the soup…Just jump in and hang on,..Love connie Ps Aunt Toots are you still with us and Jill…?

pt 2 Believe and Recieve

What i just wrote in the first part is what we all need to get a prayer answered..He is reteaching me this stuff. The world is so full of crap and we need so much to renew our minds to the Word of God,,Teachings on religion brings nothing but confusion and death and more distruction,,But the pure Word of God brings direction to our lives,,it brings peace and rest..We can know God and His voice..and His will…Again it is not His will that any perish but that all wud come to the knowlege of Christ..Some of you need to just sit and pray and read the Bible until you Believe..Until you see the answer,,until peace comes and you know that you know that God is on your side..My friend Randy now lives out of state..When he calls we pray for his healing from cancer,,i fully expect him to be healed…Please pray for him…..Love connie

pt 1 Believe to Receive

“What things you desire when you pray…believe you receive them, and you shall have them..Mark 11;24..Then the next verses talk about how unforgiveness will keep your prayers from being answered..”We have to cast down vain imaginations and every thot that exalts itself above the Lord Jesus Christ.. Vain imaginations are  worldly imaginations..Fleshly vain imaginations..wicked imaginations..We are to cast these imaginations down,,Any thots that exalts itself above the knowlege of Christ…so if satan comes along and says “Your marriage will never work out” Then you begin to see a hopeless marriage..But no this is a thot from satan.. and you need to cast this thot out..The Word says that it is not Gods will for any to perish but all shud come to the Lord… to the knowlege of Christ ..No man is made fuel for Hell..It is Gods will that every unsaved husband  be saved..So you need to  cast down these thots that satan tells you that your husband won’t be saved..God is on your side.Believe that you have what you ask for…How do you Believe ? You believe with your mind,,,You take into your mind the pure Word of God..Not religion.. but the truth of the Word of God..The Word says ” All things are possible to those who can BELIEVE..Can you believe ? If we are Believers in a virgin birth of Christ then yes we are Believers…If we are believeing that Jesus Christ can save us and take us to Heaven..then yes we  Can Believe…Can you believe today that God can save your marriage??,,,Then yes He can save your marriage..Praying and praying for your husband and then saying its doubtful that he will be saved is not going to work.. Because your mind is still imagining thots that exalt itself above the knowlege of Christ..We have to renew our minds to the Lord Jesus Christ.. We are to cast down imaginations and every high thot that exalts itself above the knowlege of Christ..Religion will tell you.”.Well we never know what God is gonna do.”..Well yes we can know what God is gonna do..His Word tells us what He is gonna do..He is the same yesterday today and forever..In the Word if  someone runs up to Jesus and says “Will you heal me”? How many times does Jesus say “No i wont heal you as you need to keep your sickness”?No the Lord healed them all…If Jesus walked by your house and you stopped Him and said “Jesus i am so broken in heart over my husband,,,Will you heal him..he is addicted to drugs and alcohol”? What wud Jesus say? He wud say according to the Word “Yes i  will heal him” ..Jesus came to binde up the broken heart and to set the captive free…Jesus died for every sin and every sickness ..If He died for us to go to Heaven? If He took our sins  He took our sicknesses the Cross..If He died for them and suffered for us so that Hell wudnt be our final home, then He also died for our sicknesses,,,

pt 1 Christmas Eve

Dear Christmas Mothers, Oh what a fun evening i had last nite on Christmas Eve..i fixed Chilli Soup and macaroni salad, and Chocolate Cherry Cake for desert..I made coffee and we had soda pop.. My Brother Kirk brot Oyster stew and deer jerky and sausage. Scott brot sandwich fixings for ham and cheese sandwiches..Anyay we had alot of fun.. and everything tasted so good.. Kambree Kay. 9 and David James 6 were so comical.. They are my Davids children and Tiffanyes..Anyway David J.was at the table eating and Kam next to him..Their mother had fixed them a nice lil bowl of soup and they had a sandwich,,Well lil David was lookin at the chocolate cake..He was tryin to eat in a hurry to get some cake..So i didnt hear his Mom say he had to eat first before the cake.So i put a piece of cake on his plate away from his other food..Tiff saw it and told David to eat and then have the cake..But when David was talking to me Kambree snuck Davids cake and ate it..And so David ask for more cake..i cut some more and went to put it on Davids plate..Tiff thot he had eaten the first piece and she ask me why i was giving David a 2nd piece of cake before he ate his supper? So then i waited and David was eating pretty fast and i gave him his cake..So now his mother thinks i had given David 3 pieces of cake..Well i just thot it was a grandmas privelege to give her grandson a piece of cake before he ate his dinner..Of course David is laughing his head off and Kam is happy because she gets alot more cake ..We all laugh about the time when Kam was about 3 yrs old..i gave her Cherry Chocolate cake to eat with her dinner..Like it was green beans or something..i never did this with my own kids but its fun to do it with the grandkids..i told Tiff my daughter in law,”Well Mother its Christmas”!! Tiff will get me back believe me…Love connie

A Hultquist Christmas Story

This story takes place on the last Christmas we had with Papa..Christine and John and Baby Romeo had just moved here to Iowa from Missouri…They had a sweet lil house right by a park i used to play at as a child.It was a few weeks before Christmas..Christine and John were going to put their Christmas tree up that evening..They invited Jim and i over for supper and then we wud all trim the tree ..But then John called the day before and said they wudnt have the money to buy the tree but they didnt mind going without one this yr as they had just moved in and had all of those expenses ..Jim overheard the conversation i had with John on the phone..”What kind of tree does he want”? i said to John ..”Dad wants to know what kind of tree do you want?”John didnt know what to say..Jim said he wud pick John up from work and they wud go get a real tree..So they did and then they went to the Salvation Army and got lights and decorations.Oh what a joyous evening we had playing with Romeo and decorating the tree…i had brot Christmas cookies and Christine made coffee.. we had so much fun,,And i looked out the kitchen window and the snow flakes were coming down presenting like a message to me..i said in the silence of a winters evening,,”What Lord..what are you saying ?” I looked out the window at the park where i played as a looked so familiar..”what are you saying Lord ? “..i know the Lord was speaking to me of times and seasons of life..Of being a child playing at the park to being a wife ,mother and a grandmother…He was trying to tell me that Papas season of time was almost up…It was very eery..It scared me..i will never forget it..Of course i cudnt receive this message..i had felt cheated anyway as Jim and i had such a short time together after he knew the Lord..I didnt want to let him go..And i hung onto Jim like my life depended on it..But that spring the Lord called my husband home.. The Lord has a time and a season for everything that happens in our lives..

pt 2 Letters to Papa

After Jim had by pass surgery he told the nurses he didnt want any pain pills ..I ask him about it and he said he didnt want any pain pills because it didnt hurt..I am thinkin “By pass surgery doesnt hurt? ” Dear Jim..Oh i am so glad you dont hurt anymore..i am so glad you are safe in Heaven…Our sweet daughter Mary is doing so well now..We are all ok..we miss you..but we are ok,, Well i need to get back to bed..Your Loving Wife , Connie

pt 1 Letters to Papa

There is a mysterious healing that comes on me as i write about my Beloved husband..Writing is my gift to share ..but also to be healed by..As i wrote to Papa yesterday i felt a feeling of new beginnings… So i am staying under the spout where the glory is comin out..i will write today about him too.”.Dear Jim..writing to you like this reminds me of the letters i sent to you when you were in prison..i am so glad now that you live in Heaven on Golden Street ..I remember when you were waiting in your hospital bed for our Christiane Joy and her husband to fly in from NYC..You cudnt go to Glory until your baby girl got there.. So many misunderstandings ..But we saw your face when you heard she was in the room..You cudn’t open your eyes but your face lit up with a lite of Heaven,,You let go of Johns hand to hold your daughter Christiane Joy.. Your Baby.. !! As we visited you held each of their hands..The Dr said i had called the ambulance right on time..You had your heart attack right on the examination table..As they were putting the oxigen mask on you you were telling your children thru the mask..”You kids take care of your Mother”.. Jim,,i looked back at you with my usual “Everything will be alright face”..Thats the only face i had .. You know we never gave up on anything,, We were Gamblers to the end..It didnt matter if we had nothing at all.. we wudn’t have admitted it.. We spoke a different language.. we lived a different life..The pain in your chest we said was heart burn..or your hyenal hernia acting up again..We went to the Chiropractor..The Dr said to you..”Jim your chest is so tight ..what are you worried about.. ?’ Papa was worried.. he knew Mary was in trouble but he didnt want me to know.. Papa had told me for 2 weeks before this that he was dying.. i wud tell him “No are not dying” i never talked to him like that..!! What was i doing? And yet Jim loved me..he knew i loved him…And so he wud just look at me and not say anything..But as the time got closer he wud tell me again..”Connie i am dying”..He wud say it softly and tenderly ..And i knew inside my heart that maybe i cudnt bluff our way out of this one..He had Social Security but he knew it wudnt pay all of the hosp bill..He worried that i wudnt make it on my own..what wud happen to his family ? We wud cheat death again and again while raising the children..We continually lived by faith..and we were Gamblers anyway always keeping a straight face when we shud have been screamin bloody murder..Johnny always said “Mom thats just how we lived”..

pt 2 You are my Only Sunshine

That afternoon Papa when you left for work ..i cried out to God to help me.. The house was quiet and i went over to the piano and played it a bit..And for some reason i decided to play “You are My Sunshine” i really hadnt played it before..i just thot i cud pick it up by ear..Anyway i started to play it and i knew it was a song to you my darling husband..And i played it many times after that day and i thot of you and our lives together as husband and Wife..And after i played the song i cud feel the sunshine again in my soul..As i played “You are my Sunshine…MY ONLY sunshine..You make me happy when skys are gray ….Yull never know Dear how much i love you..Please dont take my sunshine away.” i played that song many times for you my Darling..And one day my Sunshine was taken away.. .And the song was true.. you were my only Sunshine..The song continues…”The other nite Dear while i was sleeping ..i dreamed i held you in my arms..But when i woke Dear i was mistaken and i hung my head and i cried”,,”Jesus knew Jim how much time we had left at that time..i never thot i wud lose you ,,i thot we had many more years together…But we didnt …We did learn to forgive each other..because of Christ..and the bigger lesson was “No matter how hard the situation is can be forgiven.”.

Pt 1 Only Jesus Can

Its almost Christmas Papa… I remember back when we didnt know the took yrs for us to learn to walk out our faith.. But finally we learned and the Lord some how taught us His Wisdom and how to spiritually make a home..We some how learned to rest in His Hands.. Our ministry was our home and family..Our souls found rest in this home God gave us..It was here that we taught our children to know the Lord.. Jim you were a hard act to follow for me at times..i can safely say i hated you sometimes..Yes even after we were walking with the Lord..I felt so guilty if i was really mad at you..I wud get so confused i thot true love wud never feel a hatred towards their mate.. i wudnt even admit it..i wud have died with this hidden hatred..But then God wud some how speak to me ..i cudnt even talk to Jesus about it…i thot it was an unbearable .sin…. i remember one particular time when were so upset with each other.. i had hidden my feelings..i just didnt even want to talk to you..i thot there was no solution to the problem..And i just thot i had to hide my feelings as if hideing them was “a necessary evil.” I thot God Himself had no answers,, Well you were getting ready to go to work was about 2;00 in the afternoon.. The house was quiet..the children were playing outside in the yard…. i kissed you good-bye..I felt so horrible ..i felt our marriage was a shame to the Lord.. i prayed “Oh Let us be a testimony for You Lord”..i knew only Jesus cud heal us…

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