Sunday, December 17, 2017

pt 2 The Wise Woman Builds her Home

Last Sunday when i spent the day with Emily we talked about Dixie alot,,i told Em,,”Emily your mother wud have loved these hard times right now,” Emily said “Oh yeah i know she wud” Dixie loved blizzards etc ,,She enjoyed prepareing for them,,She wud say “Now Emily we may be snowed in for a week or so..We cant get to the store so we will have to make up food “..She loved an excuse to do extra baking and cooking,,Having her husband snowed in with her was a fun day,,Dixie didnt have a phone until Em was grown,,Dixie wud cook down a few pieces of chicken to make a bowl of soup for Emily,,,She loved to work.. cook and make things,,She also sewed ..She adored anything that had to do with keeping house,,But with these hard times in our economy she wud be runnin like a race horse if she was alive today,,Any excuse to be more frugal and to work harder wud be her spiritual meat,,She wud say that when she was busy like that “Wisdom will show up”..”Connie are you into your homemaking?. .Wisdom will show up if you are”..i wud think to myself “Well yeah what to do ya think i am doin with 6 kids and a husband”? But i soon learned she was talking about a spiritual homemaking.. A homemaking that Wisdom led,,Doing housework because you have to is part of it,,Ya start out in the flesh and end up in the spirit of wisdom,,Some of us have more gifts in cooking then cleaning ,,So if i wanna get my spirit into my homemaking then i will start out by making corn bread or getting some homemade soup started on the stove,,As i get movin in that direction then i start cleaning and straightening things up,,doin the wash etc,,But i can just see Dixie right now if she was alive today,,She wud have soup on the stove and a candle lit in the kitchen,,And after lunch she wud sit down with her seed catalogs and her garden notebook..And she wud dream up a garden 3 times bigger then her already huge garden,,All the time tellin Emily all the ways she was going to grow more vegetables,, Sometimes Em wid roll her eyes at her mom,,Now days as Emily us 32 ..
she is ashamed of herself..Dixie trained Em constantly telling her about cooking and gardening,,i told Em,,”Your Mom gave you memories as a map to follow Emily.” Today Jill will spend the day with Emily ,,And Jill will tell Em the same things,,Mercy i miss our Dixie,,i cud tell her that Jim was being horrid or something,,and she wud turn around to me and with fire in her eyes and cast the demon of feminsm off of me,,”Dont bring that demon in my house ” she wud tell me..Or i wud be tellin her some sad tale that Jim did ,,And she wud say “So yur the boss now?” She was never one to mince words,,love connieh

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