Sunday, December 17, 2017

Times Have Changed

And ya know some people you pray like hound dogs and nothing happens,,Its like howlin at the moon,,nothing works,,And at that point if its been yrs you gotta think ,,”Somethin aint workin here “i think this is when ya gotta suspect demon possession and strong holds of satan,,But dont think it is God holding you in this torment,,It isnt that the loved one is impossible its just and only the devil..He dont wanna let go but he has to..He has no right to lord it over you,,YOU AINT HIS PROPERTY,,NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER..The Word says that your ememies will come at you one way but God will get them back 7 ways,,We as prayer warriors have to learn to rest in God,,We need patience,,We have to deal with problems as they come,,We cant borrow trouble,,and let our vain imaginations dictate to us how life is gonna be for us,,God is the one in charge of our lives,,We must learn to trust in Him..And our children will make mistakes,,some big ones sometimes,,i know i knew some Gays in highschool.. And one of them as a joke called my mother and told her i was Gay,,She believed them and accused me for many yrs of being Gay..Lord have mercy,,talk about a curse over my head..Then a Dr wanted to take my womb out after i gave birth to Mary,,And my poor mother thot it was because i had cancer,,i told her i didnt,,but she wudnt believe me,,i had a blood transfusion in 1985 right after Mary was born,,The blood had never been checked for Aids..My mother thot for yrs i was dying of Aids,.My brother thot i had lock jaw for yrs because i got a nail in my foot and just pulled it out and threw it away,,i never had a tetnus shot ,,i scared my relatives to pieces because i wud never go to a Dr..But my mother accused me of everything you cud think of,,And it was a hard burden to bare for me,,She thot i had all the kids to get more food stamps,,Well i am not going to go thru all of the pain of childbirth for 50 bucks more food stamps a month,,Me and Aunt Toot were never left alone to have a baby,,Someone was always accuseing us of something,,We cudnt afford to even get up in the morning or die,Toot worried all the time as a young mom about her funeral and that she didnt have any life ins,,i had bigger fish to fry and figured i wudnt die as i was too poor..Toot said yesterday about Mary bringin folks in for me to pray for,,”Cant ya see what our moms wud have done if we had done that? “..My mom wud have said “Who are these people and get em outta here”..But well girlfriends times have changed,,love connieh

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