Sunday, December 17, 2017

Part 3 Personal Revolution

i think its time for many of us to do what we wish we had a long time ago,,Our dreams are to be a keeper at home,,But some think they can always do it next yr..or whenever,,i hear you say “And with the economy the way it is,,heck i am glad to have a job”..Well some women have to work i know,,But the game is not how much money can we accumulate.. the game is are we obeying God in our place that God has called us? It is the TRUTH in God that will bring our country back to civilization, ,YOu cant legislate morality..We each have to live it out and be sparks of light that will get a fire goin,,Each of us after we have been to the feet of Jesus will come out of the place of holiness with a message to share and to bring revival to those around us,,Not by taking authority over our husbands or the men around us,,And not by old religious ideas or ideas that our country has killed along time ago,,But we need a fresh word from the Holy Spirit,,As we live in obediance to God..and we dont give up? God is honor bound to deliver us in ways we cud never understand outside of our trials..He gives us ideas and plans as an answer to our prayers,,As we push on heaven and smack satans plans out of the way with His anointing He is able to lead us into new places ..We dont dream up new plans,,We find them as we seek to do His will and not give we battle for our place of Truth and to live honorably before God..we find the secret place of the most high God…i have peace because i know i am walking in obedience to God…i aint much but i know He will reward those who dilegently seek Him,,In this hell i walk thru i want to be found faithful to God,,As i walk in my furnace of affliction will the world see the Son of God walking with me? Isnt that what it is always all about?To show the world the Savior ? To show them His presence,,The churches in our country have pretty much maxed out..well for the most part,,And in these dark times we mothers can be faithful to shine as the stars in the night..We shine more brightly in the hardest of times.

love connieh

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