Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Part 2 A Personal Revolution

Ya know we want our children to have good minds and to be creative..But we expect them in our homes to obey us..Well this is the same as submissive wives are,,We have our own minds and we have alot to offer and to bring to the table as Christians.. We have submissive hearts and we want to please our husbands,,to honor them,,But we can feel free to pray and to to have our own secrets in God,,The Lord made us like that,,And if you start making a god of your husband then the Lord will cause him to fail in order to bring you back to Jesus as Lord of your life,,We have ideas as keepers at home that are important..? We can come up with ideas that no one has ever thot of? We are valuable in our homes..This is our ministry and God will speak to you concerning your homes,,But ya know we are lving in dangerous times,,And many of our leaders are waggin back and forth from pillar to post..Obviously they dont know anymore about what is goin on then we do,,So its time to take a “time out”?And think about what YOU really believe and who are you listening to and are they right?God can tell you,,Ya know i have read articles speaking big companies that will pay some people to stay home and think of ideas,,Ideas to make a company run better..If you are so busy all the time,,And if you make yourself go from one Bible study or prayer meeting after another ..Always avoiding a time to be alone then whats goin to happen to you when trouble comes?Ya know i get a kick out of Medical Drs,,They make you think they will always be there to care for you,,But when you get old ..and they get sick of ya.. you go to the nurseing home whether ya wanna or not,,And in there most people aint gonna feel sorry for ya.And especially if you have no ins or money to pay the piper..Esp in this time of hard times,,But i think we do have to take some personal responsibility for our health..i mean this health care system on our country stinks..i mean dont we know it,..i mean dont look now but ya better be takin care of your own health and living a more close to the earth life while you can,,This summer i have a married couple that will help me with my garden,We will make it twice as big as usual..Now i dont need to do that for my own needs,,But i long to be an example to my children,,i am not worried for myself and the Nation,,Heck i will make it,,as i always have,,But i want o leave a memory of gutsy-ness that my children will remember,,Last nite Mary called and ask me to pray for her friend,,She put me on the speaker phone,,”Mom pray in tongues for this lady” i did ..and i heard the lady tell Mary,,”Shes for Real”..Man that means alot to me,,If i can live my life to be an inspiration of courage and character ..then i will have won no matter what,,How many people do we know of who have lived honest lives and didnt give up on their principals when the goin got tuff? i hope i will not give up ..i hope i will always pray and live a personal relationship with Christ,,Time will tell hu? To thine own self be true..Who are we and where are we going in Christ ? Not where are we going as a Nation but where are we going as wife and mother and keeper at home,,???

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