Saturday, February 24, 2018

Part 1 Gentle Spirit Magazine

This morning the Lord led me {i think it was Him}to look up the deal on the Gentle Spirit Magazine,,Ya know Wendy we talked about this before,,Do you still get that magazine? You know i didnt know Cheryle was that popular,,What i read was really an eye opener for me,,Well to some extent..For one thing it shows me how much trouble someone like her cud get into,,What i am happy about is that everyone has to know that i wish i was holier then Thou but with my kids all over the internet no one wud mistake me for being an example..And certainly no one like Dr Dobson wud have to throw me off of his list of people he wud endorse,,as i never wud get on his list to start with,,So i am pretty safe,,What you see is what you get on this grp..i aint proud of that,,i wish i had 11 children like Cheryle did,,She is hilarious,,! ! She raises 11 seemingly perfect children and instead of her kids going nuts,,its her !! How did that happen? Nothing makes sense anymore,,i wud give my right arm to have 11 children who were Christians ..And i wudnt care what my husband did short of being an ax murderer,,But what comes up to me in what i read about her is this,,Those who the Lord uses can get into ALOT OF TROUBLE..But atleast alot of people know that about me and i am pretty open about it,,Aunt Toot wud tell on me if i wasnt,,Toot dont read her replys only the original messages on the email,,So i tell secrets on replys,,Wendy i wish you wud comment on all of this as you have followed Cheryle thru the years,,Like how do you think she fell? what led up to it,? She is prolly back on the straight and narrow now ,,i mean from what i have read she is,,And like Toot says “You cant unscramble eggs..Does she have children now between her and her new husband? Well she fell and got back up and is trying evidently to make the best of it,,i dont condemn her,,i am just interested as it is all an eye opener for ME ..alot of people think i shud get out more,,And when i do get out there,,man alive,,its a wonder i am still ok,,i think we all have different callings,,As a writer i have that inner voice,,And without it i am almost lost when it comes to writing,,i cant get too busy with people..Too much noise and distractions take me off on a rabbit trail that goes to No Place,,i mean i think it depends on your gifts..Some women need to be out and about more then others,,and thank God for them.But for me i need the solitude,But Wendy i wud just love for you to write and give some insight that you have seen concerning women who write as Titus 2 mothers,,i see so many of them fall,,i wont name names ..But like scissors that get lost and you never find them,,{i have bot i am sure 100 or more pairs of scissors} in my life,,i have NEVER thrown any away,,so where are they?And what happens to Titus 2 mothers when they get old? Love connieh

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